Monday, Feb 8th, PAULIE LIPMAN on tour from DENVER! Plus! New game for ya, this election season!

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POETRY FEATURE: PAULIE LIPMAN slid screaming into this reality paulie on September 24th, 1975 and hasn’t shut up since. After an, let’s say, auspicious academic career, his resume has included positions such as: Bartender, Bouncer, Traveling Ren Faire Employee, Contributor and Touring Member of industrial group Velvet Acid Christ, Clerk at 9 different records stores, (photo by Rich Beaubien) and Poet Laureate for a now defunct gaming company. After discovering Poetry Slam and all that entailed, he has: Been a part of 9 Denver Mercury Slam Teams (including ’04 and ’06 finalists) Been published in Borderline, Radius, Legendary, Super Sunday Times, Sparrow Ghost Collective Anthology Vol 2,  and the Write Bloody anthology, The Good Things About America, Released several EP albums and 2 full length albums of poetry w/music, Toured the U.S. and Canada extensively performing poetry. He is available for all types of performances, from workshops to college shows. He is a Libra, enjoys windy walks and can’t wait to meet you.

townhallBONUS RUCKUS: THE GREAT POETIC TOWNHALL DEBATE: It’s election season. Tuesday, our neighbors to the north will have wayyyyy more say in who our next president is gonna be than we will. Let’s send them some poetic karmic energy their way, but letting the great poets comment on the issues of the day. We’ll take 4-5 competitors who can think quick on their feet. We’ll give you all 5-6 classic lines of poetry, then the debate begins. We’ll introduce a subject question, your job? Deliver one of the poetic lines as commentary! Best poetic debater wins!


First time guest visual artist JOHN LOUGHLIN is gonna wow us with loughlinsomething incredible we’re sure! Thanks to all who came through last week and helped where help was needed! Miss DG CATHE ARNELL hosting 2nd half, yummy trats from KYLE HARGROVE! Band men THORSEN, ROBINSON & CARRAO (sounds like a law firm representing stoners) showing up early to set up! and of course NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS for holding the entire thing down! Can’t wait to hear some stories. YOSH & MIKEY can’t wait to collect all them super bowl winnings!

Monday! Feb 1st! Indie Rap Legend from CT, CESCHI! Plus, FBW presents “Poem or Wrestling Promo” Guess Challenge!

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FEATUED PERFORMER: CESCHI RAMOS is a rapper and singer fromceschi New Haven, Connecticut who has been hopping genres and spilling guts for the better part of two decades. He has been seen outside venues at 3am in Germany playing an acoustic guitar and singing to people that didn’t want the show to end. He has written poems to fans from behind bars whilst locked up on bogus marijuana charges. He has suffered a spiral fracture of the humerus while arm wrestling a marine in Hawaii. He has recorded with and toured alongside some of independent rap music’s most influential figures, including Sage Francis, Busdriver and Astronautalis. He has been in bands described as hardcore, crunk rap, lo-fi synth pop, Latin progressive and psych-jazz-rap.
Ceschi was born with four fingers on his right hand, which served as partial inspiration for the name of his DIY record label, Fake Four, Inc. Those who ceschi2have worked with him describe Ceschi as one of the most artist-friendly labelheads out there, a rare breed who values art over profit almost to a fault. Since 2008, he has curated a roster of wildly original and critically praised talent and put out albums from the likes of Open Mike Eagle, Buck 65, Sister Crayon and Dark Time Sunshine in addition to his solo records The One Man Band Broke Up and Broken Bone Ballads. He pours everything he has into his craft, and on any given night you can find him tracking vocals at his cousin’s New Haven studio, warmly greeting fans and friends at a dive bar merch booth or rapping double-time in Japan or Europe for audiences that often don’t speak his language, but are able to see the giant heart at the core of it all.
fbwBONUS RUCKUS: F.B.W. presents “POEM or WRESTLING PROMO” Super Guess Challenge! In celebration of the season opener for the Federation of Belligerent Writers (Ralphs Upstairs, Saturday Feb 6th!) Some of your favorite characters are gonna show up constumed and ready to help NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS with one of his favorite games! Nick stands by the poetry of professional wrestling (his biggest artistic influence) and bets you can’t guess between a classic line of poetry and a line from a classic wrestling promo! If you can guess correctly, you might find yourself the winner of a free beverage, and avoid the crushing drop kick of failure!
I’ll be outta town on business, so best rest assured, the Dirty Gerund is setkyle up to bring you the best kinda business this Monday! YOU’VE BEEN SAVED FROM RICE CAKE ALERT HELL! as KYLE HARGROVE (pictured right, gather round him and celebrate!) has graciously stepped in to provide snacks this week!  MATT, ALEX & ANDREW will serve up the jams! YOSH & MIKEY will serve up the best in burger, chili and drinks! DORIAN will serve up some justice if you get outta hand. We’ll probably have some visual arts too! All hail Mondays!

Monday, Jan 25th! RUDY RUDACIOUS Returns! Plus “Shatner-Ize” Celebrity Impression Challenge!

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POETRY FEATURE: RUDY RUDACIOUS Born & raised in Providence,rudy Rhode Island, Rudy is a poet, actor, host, barber, author and radio personality who is horrible at writing bios. Referring to himself as a “Spoken Word MC” Rudy Rudacious is known to travel solo and get lost EVERYWHERE! Rudy has performed on many stages and has hugged a lot of people. He keeps his bio short because he believes his past accomplishments mean nothing. “It’s all about the current moment, my resume is not going to perform for me. Regardless of what I’ve done I still have to do, so let’s just do it!” NOTE: Rudy Rudacious is fine with photography BUT prohibits any video recording (besides instagram videos) that hasn’t been agreed to ahead of time. Respect his brand and subscribe to his youtube channel! DG note: Rudy’s repped slam teams and is on a performing tear right now! He’s featured for us before, so you know he’s destroyed our stage!

BONUS RUCKUS: The Return of the “Shatner-ize My Cummings” rocketthis is always fun! We’ll bring classic poems from E.E. CUMMINGS. Your job? Bring your best celebrity impersonation and deliver a classic piece like Shatner delivers it every time he rocks Rocket Man! Special prize for the gerunder who makes the best impression on us! Like we’re closing our eyes and going “damn Keanu is in the house! or wait is that Drake?” Either way, damn, that sounds different!” Special prize for the winner!

DEANNA MARIE DEGON will be handling, or more to the point, moredeanna than handling our visial arts this Monday! We think we’re in a pre-RICE CAKE alert for snack time! If nobody steps up and says they’re gonna snack us on Feb 1st, well Feb 1st will bring rice cakes. Talk to Emilee this Monday! Matt, Alex & Andrew from the band don’t give a bleep about the snow, they’re planning on bringing the post-pats-in-the-superbowl celebratory jams this Monday! YOSH & MIKEY think your wool coat, scarf and hat are working! Folks from Northampton are mezmerized by the rumors of how awesome our show is, think of how their minds will bend when they visit soon! Soon they say! Cool, I say!


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POETRY FEATURE: AMANDA TORRES is a loud laughing Mexican­American writer, singer, teacher, and organizer who loves avocados. torresOriginally from Chicago, Amanda has been teaching and performing spoken word for over 12 years in schools, juvenile detention centers, libraries, community centers and museums. She is a graduating alumni of Young Chicago Authors and co­founder of L@s Eloter@s, a socially engaged Latino/a writing teachers collective. Most recently, she served as the poetry artist in residence at the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) Boston. Upon arriving in Boston, Amanda co­founded the Massachusetts Literary Education and Performance Collective (MassLEAP) and Louder Than A Bomb Massachusetts, the largest youth poetry slam festival in the state where she currently serves as Artistic Director.

BONUS RUCKUS: IRON POET CHAMPIONSHIPS: “MAPLE vs. FRAZIER” WHUUUUTTTT?????!!!! This, as the kids (most of the kids at least) I think, say, is gonnna be LIT! Current champ RAINY MAPLE SUGAR CANDY faces perhaps her toughest test as 2015 Seven Hills Slam rainyTeam Member RUSHELLE FRAZIER gets her shot at the title! Both of these ladies are fire and we expect a match-up for the ages! Three poetic concoctions, 3 judges scoring on 3 criteria, one manic host and one diabolical secret ingredient from our chairman YOSH SHARTIN! Do the math! This is gonna be crazy! Can our champ continue her reign into a new year? Come down Monday & find out!

Speaking of Rainy, her band VIVA GINA is playing Ralph’s upstairs tomorrow! Word has it Factory of Terror artist LOS CRETIN is gonna jump on some visual arts this week! YOSH & MIKEY are busy handi-cappin this weekend’s football action but will be ready to serve you Monday! NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS is expected to return from his yearly sick day allowance (wow, you burned that one EARLY dude)! Open Mic’s have been superb lately! House Band RUCKUS killing notes! Help us continue the winter of our contentment! Take that classic literature!

Monday, April 11th! NPS CHAMP from Boston, JONATHAN MENDOZA! Plus! The “All-Business” Writing Challenge!

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POETRY FEATURE: JONATHAN MENDOZA is a Boston-based mendozaactivist, spoken word artist, educator and musician. He is a Louder Than A Bomb Massachusetts alumni and is currently a member of slam teams representing Berklee College of Music and The House Slam of the Haley House Bakery and Café in Roxbury. Jonathan was a ‘Best of the Rest’ finals stage showcase at the 2015 College Union Poetry Slam International and, as of this past August, is a National Poetry Slam Champion, making him a member of the first national team to ever officially represent Boston and thus the first Boston team to ever win the tournament. Jonathan is currently pursuing a self-designed bachelor’s degree, Arts for Social Advocacy, at Berklee College of Music, with the mission of fusing arts and education with social and political activism to support equitable change in marginalized communities. Please talk to him about social justice, art, Kendrick Lamar and yogurt, as those are all things he is very much into.

BONUS RUCKUS: The “WE’RE ABOUT BUSINESS (cards)” cardWRITING CHALLENGE. A different sort of “prompt and circumstance” on the spot writing challenge game. NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS makes the rounds around this city of ours and engages new and interesting acquaintances during these journeys. Many of them pursue curious careers and we have the cards to prove it. Choose one from the stack, write a (very) short poem about the career, or from the perspective of the card holder. The poem has to be short, because, well, you have to write it on the back of the business card. Winner get’s the business, and by that we mean, we’ll purchase you a drink to help with that next job interview you got coming up!

Thanks all who came out last week for a the dancinest party of a show we’ve 7hillshad in a while! Expect new noms from your snack time queen! Visual artist TBA! YOSH & MIKEY keep looking up artist TBA online and not finding any of their work, perplexing. Has anyone seen out Dirty Gerund Banner? It’s gone missing. If you just can’t wait till Monday to catch some awesome words, don’t forget this Sunday, one time only special second show at 7 HILLS SLAM AS THEY SELECT THEIR WOMEN OF THE WORLD POETRY SLAM REPRESENTATIVE. Ladies, want to rep the 5-0-8 in Brooklyn? Get three poems dusted off and prepare to slam! Hurrah!

Monday, Jan 4th! C.R. AVERY from Vancouver BC!!! Plus “Resolve this!” Haiklu Guess Challenge!

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“DUDE!” That’s what you’re gonna say after this show!

FEATURED ARTIST: C.R. AVERY is an Outlaw Hip-Hop Harmonica Player, cr averyBeatbox Poet, Punk Piano Player, String Quartet Raconteur, Rock & Roll Matador & Playwright from Vancouver British Columbia. Whether performing to thousands at the Royal Albert Hall or the lucky few who made it inside the packed past capacity speakeasy, C.R. Avery is a unique, raw and dynamic performer. His genius lies in many genres – blues, hip-hop, spoken word and rock & roll. He is a one-man band, but one for this generation; with the rare ability to sing poetic verse while beatboxing simultaneously while pounding the piano and adding harmonica like a plot twist. A multi-talented front man for his Legal Tender String Quartet; a crazed lead singer/harp player for his rock & roll band The Special Interest Group; a lyrical dynamo & the musical backbone of the spoken word trio Tons of Fun University. From musical beginnings in his late teens, C.R. Avery has recorded over fifteen albums as well as writingcravery & directing six hip-hop operas, which were mounted and performed from New York’s Bowery to L.A.’s South Central.  He has toured throughout Canada (including almost every major folk festival) the USA and Europe (headlining or opening for Billy Bragg, Buck 65, and Sage Francis) and garnered the attention of music peers the likes of Tom Waits (“…he’s blowin’ my mind”); blues harp trail blazer Charlie Musselwhite (“…no one plays harmonica like him… no one…”); and folk legend Utah Phillips (“…raw talent”). His incredible live performances have been described as Bob Dylan in the body of Iggy Pop; colliding with Little Walter, the Beastie Boys and Allen Ginsberg.  Every show is all or nothing and his fearless approach to all genres of music both on stage and in the studio proves the longevity of this talented, astonishing creator has so much more to come. honestly, you find out!

BONUS RUCKUS: The “RESOLVE THIS!” Haiklu Guess Challengereolve 2015 am I right? Bad decisions? Mis-steps? Wanna make it right? We get it. We got you. NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS & ALEX CHARALAMBIDES know a few things about taking a less than travelled turn or two around this watery sphere. We’ll take some hard learned wisdom nuggets, turn them into catchy hai-kues and deliver them to you in our most earnest, “this time I’m changing for me….” bravado. Your job? Buzz in, tell us what resolution we’ve resolved to solve. First to three get’s a frosty pint of bad decision on us! Please don’t pour it on us!

Congrats to our first ever RUCKUSY award winners! Special shout out to anasolJEFF CANNON on his life time achievement award, and MALT SCHLITZMAN for his “Rucketeer of the Year” honor! (I’m sure we got those trophies, uhm, somewhere) You know what’s a great decision, starting off the new year by volunteering Snack Time! That’s what current Miss Dirty Gerund CATHE ARNELL is doing this Monday! Guest visual artist ANA SOL PEREZ, one of our very favorites is coming back for the oil paint win! Bring them auction dollars. YOSH & MIKEY think this winter is progressing along quite nicely. Hopefully we’ll thaw out a bit for the Monday Night Commute! Also, don’t forget, first open slam of the year this Sunday at 7 HILLS with special guests DUENDE PROJECT (original line up), featuring great DG friend TONY BROWN. Don’t mess up!

Monday! Dec 28th! Last Gerund of 2015 w/ Comedian DARIK SANTOS! Plus 2015 Awards Ceremony!

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Last Dirty Gerund of the year! We’re changing a few things up for the evening, so hear us out, then come down Monday and see, hear and cheer us out of 2015!

GUEST COMEDY FEATURE: DARIK SANTOS was born in Providence,darik Rhode Island and has been performing his own brand of stand-up “comedy” for a little over three years. One-liners and an awkward personality make up this enigma wrapped in a conundrum. Darik has performed all over the east coast including Massachusetts, Maine, Connecticut and New Hampshire. Darik also performed on the street for two months in Antwerp, Belgium (saving up for ice cream money). He’s never won any contests or awards and probably never will, but his jokes are hugs for your ears and that is a magical award within itself! Darik made it to quarterfinals of NBC’s “Americas Got Talent” and made Howard Stern laugh a bunch. What? Full half hour set from this new friend of the show!

BONUS RUCKUS: THE RUCKUSIES! The 2015 Dirty Gerund awardsAwards! “and the Ruckusy goes to…..” We got our hands on some crazy ass trophies at a yard sale, we took those plates off, took the sharpies out and thought long and hard (for about 17 minutes) about the magic that everyone’s brought to our stage this year! Who will be named “smoothest poem deliverer”? “most improved attitude”? who will get their hands on “best dressed stanza maker”? and “poet who should definitely, maybe sorta should think about quitting their day job”? We’re bringing hella awards, and we’re gonna bestow all sorts of crazy honor on you, because everyone should walk down that red carpet at least once. Who are you gonna wear Monday night?

AARON WHITE is rocking the paints last Monday of the year! YOSH & MIKEY will be displaying their hottest holiday gift gear. We’ll have at least a combined $7 on our dunks gift cards left by Monday, so you know we’ll be caffeinated and ready to flow! If you only go to one more show this year…. haha, you know? Get ready for those awkward, non-committal “so uhm, what are you doing for New Year’s Eve” conversations! Snacks!






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