Monday! Nov 24th! Cowboy MATT HOPEWELL & The Thanks?Giving Hai-klue Guess Quiz!

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hopewell-future-recordPOETRY (& Music) FEATURE: COWBOY MATTHEW HOPEWELL is a Worcester Area Music & Poetry Veteran returning home after a relocating to Salem. The Dirty Gerund is proud to welcome him to our stage as we celebrate the recent release of his second Low-Z Records Studion Production called “Welcome to the Future.” He “weds blues, rock, psychedelia and surrealism into a disorienting cocktail, utterly unpredictable and hopped up on Frank Zappa and an “Ancient Astronauts” marathon. And on his most recent cowboymattalbum, “Welcome to the Future” from the locally based LoZ records, Hopewell puts all the complicated and self-contradictory pieces of his artistic perspective together in one place. And it works. The surrealism might make your head hurt at a few points, but it works nonetheless. ” Victor Infante, Worcester T& G. Whether he’s strumming guitar, hosting the little “a” reading, or regaling us with his surreal poetry, Cowboy is an artist & Dirty Gerund friend not to be missed!

turkeycartoonBONUS RUCKUS: The THANKS(?) GIVING Haik-lue Guess Quiz Challenge! Your undaunted co-hosts will write all sorts of hai-klues’s describing holiday elements we may (or may not) be super thankful for. Stuffing? Yay! Black Friday Shopping? Boooo!!!! We’ll read our hai-klues, you buzz in and guess just what it is you think we’re talking about and win a beverage on us! We can all thank our lucky stars for that! TWO WEEK BONUS RUCKUS ALERT: Wanted to give all of you in DG land a heads up on this. December 1st, we will offer a one round, one poem, Multiple Voice “Duet” Performance Challenge. We got two mics! Let’s use ‘em. Write a poem with someone else, sign up and win $50! We wish to encourage more collaborative work to our stage, so grab a partner and get editing!

Congrats to RAINY MAPLE on her win last week in the rainymaple“Sock Puppetry in Motion” Challenge! COWBOY‘s bringing his own band to the party Monday, but we’ll still have the BASTARDS available and grinning wide for you on the open mic! We fully expect to have a visual artist this Monday, so bring them auction dollars! Next instalment of the SEVEN HILLS POETRY SLAM is happening on Sunday Night December 6th. Snacks, open mic, YOSH & MIKEY making your burger & beverage dreams come true! Don’t act like you’re gonna work hard for your shortened Holiday Week. Get down & get at us!

Monday 11/17!!! SAM CHA from Boston! Plus the “PUPPETRY IN MOTION” Performance Challenge!

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sam-chaFEATURED POET: Editor, poet SAM CHA received his MFA from UMass Boston, where he was the 2011 and 2012 recipient of the Academy of American Poets Prize. His work has appeared in or is forthcoming from apt, Anderbo, Better, decomP, Cleaver, Printer’s Devil Review, and Memorious. He’s a poetry editor at Radius. He lives and writes in Cambridge, MA. This is Sam’s first feature at the Gerund, so let’s give thanks this November and welcome him, that is after we check out some of his fine work at CleaverMagazine Online!

BONUS RUCKUS: Second ever, “SOCK PUPPETRY IN MOTION” sockpuppetPerformance Challenge! So yeah, we’ve been inspired by a recent return appearance of Dave the Puppet Guy, so we thought we’d go back to the well on this ruckus. Here’s the deal. $20 on the line for the poet who comes to the Gerund with their own sock puppet and performs a piece of their own writing, well who’s puppet best performs a piece of their own writing. We’ll have a make shift curtain or box (box? ya, that’s probably more our speed) to hide behind while your puppet gets all the glory! Best performance get’s cold hard cash dollar bills! Keep the poems under 4 minutes. Dress your sock up and win! Bonus points if your poem references your pupet ;)

ironpoettrophyAll hail new IRON POET CHAMPION BOBBY GIBBS who bested NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS in 3 rounds of gritty competition in “Battle Lysol Disinfectant Spray!” MATT & THE BASTARDS continue to receive props from features! This past Monday was national tuesday holiday bonkers good! Packed house! New performers! All that! We’ve had back to back snack time volunteers the past two weeks, so the rice cake alert is officially off! Super thanks to Monday Doorman & Vemplore Studios Sound Wizard DORIAN GATEJ who gave us the incredible heads up on amazing cheap deal on a new PA system. High 5 him! We’ll take that for a sound spin this Monday and sound better! No more jury rigged equipment that fell off the Doobie Brothers 1987 tour van! WIN! Dirty Gerund is in the market for a new flier campaign. Get at us and get $50 if we choose your design!

Monday 11/10! Poet, Emcee, Comic BARAKA NOEL! Plus! IRON POET CHAMPIONSHIP “Davis vs. Gibbs”!!!

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barakanoelFEATURED POET: BARAKA NOEL (a.k.a. Mumbles, a.k.a. Warhol Kaufman) is spoken word artist, poet, emcee and comic embarking on his second national tour. Five years ago, he travelled the country performing hip hop theater & human puppetry with theUnreal, including featured performance slots at the comedy store in Hollywood, Toronto Pride, the Crossroads Theater in Denver, Shark Club in Omaha Hawthorne Theater in pdx and the Green Mill in Chicago, amongst numerous others all around the continent of North America. Check out more at

BONUS RUCKUS: IRON POET CHAMPIONSHIPS! “DAVIS vs. ironpoetbobbyGIBBS” – oh man! the time has come. months and years and days in the making, our two longest running champions are going head to head to decide this championship once and for all (insert more sports cliches here)! The grinder at the diner!!!, as current champion NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS defends his title vs. past champion ROBERT BLACKWELL GIBBS! Original haiku, short poem and incorporation pieces. One diabolical secret ingredient from chairman YOSH SHARTIN! 3 judges will settle the debate! Can’t WAIT!!! There’ll probably be aprons!

ralphsdinerAEPEX POSITION has promised snacks & a new PA system for us to test drive  (thanks for your patience everyone as we try to bring you the best sound as well as things to listen to!)! Thanks to JORDAN for treating us to awesome frozen banana cookie samiches last week! Speaking of BANANAS, CHERYL MADDELENA from Boise left us all breathless with an insane feature! MATT & THE BASTARDS have a choke hold on the house band position and you’d have to bring a pretty big crow bar to pry those instruments outta their hands! Heard we got some special guests coming down from Maine to hang with us! Shaping up to be quite the memorable show! Let’s go!


Monday! Nov 3rd! CHERYL MADDALENA from BOISE, IDAHO! Plus the “Cold November Rain, Power Ballad Lyric or Poem?” Guess Challenge!

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maddalenaCHERYL MADDALENA is a poet, mommy, engineer, and psychologist… but not all at the same time. Slam-master of Boise, she has reached the National Poetry Slam, Individual World Poetry Slam, Group Piece, and Women of the World Poetry Slam Finals stages as a competitor, backup dancer, emcee, and opening act. She has also made top four at the NUPIC underground indies, been featured as part of the Slam Legends Showcase, and been Haiku Death-match Champion. Cheryl chalks up all of her successes to her unparalleled attendance record since 2001 – no still-competing poet in the world has been to more consecutive National Poetry Slams. Gold star! Photo credit: Cody Spanbauer. This is her first stop on her first ever east coast tour, so come through and make her feel welcome!!!

BONUS RUCKUS: The first ever, “80′s Rock Power Ballad Lyric orNovemberRain Slam Poem,” super guess challenge! Yeah, we just wanted to do something to invoke the “Cold November Rain,” Guns & Roses epic power ballad for the chilling that we’re all going to be taking part in soon. Here’s the deal, one of us is gonna deliver either classic lines from popular slam poems, or lyrics from popular 80′s love power ballads. Your job? Buzz in and guess! First to three gets a frosty glass of power on us! or a mullet! Everybody needs somebody… you’re not the only one!!! (insert wicked guitar solo here!)

7 Hills Slam Poster_Nov_Color3-01Congrats to EMILEE “Last Unicorn” MORREALE for her impressive win in the persona costume challenge last week! Also in the great news for Em department, We got the next two weeks of snacks lined up! Rice cake alerts work (especially when spoken aloud and not planted at the end of tedious blog posts, haha). JORDAN FORMICHELLI has got us this Monday and AEPEX POSITION is hitting us up on the 10th! MATT & THE BASTARDS continue to light it up as house band, money in the bucket style! YOSH & MIKEY are impressed with the sounds… and your tips! Remember, the next instalment of SEVEN HILLS POETRY SLAM is happening this Sunday Night with open mic, open slam, spotlight by ALEX CHARALAMBIDES and feature by the incredible PRINCESS CHAN! Support Worcester Poetry Slam and come down to the SAHARA by 7pm! Share the facebook invite too!

Monday! 10/27 – EVE EWING from Chicago (by way of Boston)! Plus! The “Halloween Costume Persona” Challenge!

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eveewing2FEATURED POET: EVE EWING is a Chicago-born teacher, writer, artist, and educational sociologist. She is a fourth-year doctoral student at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, the Development Manager of the Urbano Project, and co-chair of the Harvard Educational Review and managing editor of Kinfolks: A journal of black expression. Prior to her time at HGSE, Eve was a teacher in the Chicago Public Schools. She holds an MAT in Elementary Education from Dominican University, an EdM in Education Policy and Management from HGSE, and eveewingan AB in English Language and Literature from the University of Chicago. Her essays and commentary have been featured in Time Out Chicago, Newcity, Chicago WeeklyAREA Chicago, and on NPR’sMorning Edition, and her poetry has been published in BlackberryjoINT, Union Station, and Bird’s Thumb. This is Eve’s first feature in Worcester, she scoped the show out last week, read fine work and aced the SALTINE HAIKU SPIT Challenge, so you know she’s a boss!

poemcostumeBONUS RUCKUS: HALLOWEEN COSTUME PERSONA POEM Challenge! Ever wanted to be someone else? I mean, really, stop being you for a second and shift shape into a superhero, sexy angel or barnyard animal? Well here’s your chance to get rewarded and cheered for doing just that! Bring us an original persona poem and dress up to play the part! Goblin, republican, nymph, troll, mermaid? Step outta your comfort zone, step into your poem and take us away to a place we don’t readily recognize! Super prize package for the winner! Extra points if you dress up and pretend you’re NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS! not really, but REALLY!!!!

White people, let’s not appropriate other cultures with racist Halloween DGruckusMeandNickcostumes okay? Thanks! MATT & THE BASTARDS took a meteoric step in their quest to hold onto their house band residency by playing the hell outta our show last week! Keep them sweet jams coming players! EMILEE MORREALE has been killing the snack time lately and we don’t see any stop to that particularly delicious brand of rock! Why stress over what halloween party to go to next weekend when we’ve got all your dress up, artistic and party needs happening all in one place days before the actual trick or treatery! Dirty Gerund’s got you on lock!!! YOSH & MIKEY got them treats on lock!!!!

Monday! Oct 20th! 2014 NPS Champ CLINT SMITH! Plus the “kinda dumb saltine haiku spit” Challenge!

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clintsmithPOETRY FEATURE: CLINT SMITH is a teacher, poet, and doctoral candidate in Education at Harvard University with a concentration in Culture, Institutions, and Society (CIS). Previously, he taught high school English in Prince George’s County, Maryland and served as a public health worker in Soweto, South Africa. In 2013, Mr. Smith was named the Christine D. Sarbanes Teacher of the Year by the Maryland Humanities Council. He has been featured in the Washington Post, Huffington Post, The Root, NBC News and is profiled in the book, “American Teacher: Heroes in the Classroom” (Welcome Books, 2013). As a poet, he is a 2014 National Poetry Slam champion, an Individualclintsmith2 World Poetry Finalist, and has served as a cultural ambassador for the U.S. Department of State conducting international workshops on cross-cultural understanding and youth empowerment. His poetry has been featured on, Upworthy, TVOne’s Verses & Flow and at the IB Conference of the Americas, the U.S. Department of Education, and the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies. Clint earned a BA in English from Davidson College and is an alumnus of the New Orleans Public School System. He enjoys wool socks, burritos, and 3v3 pickup soccer – not necessarily all at the same time.

crackerchallengeBONUS RUCKUS: THE WE STOLE THIS FROM WRITE BLOODY OLYMPICS & EVEN THOUGH IT’S DANGEROUS & KINDA DUMB, EAT SALTINES & SPIT A HAIKU! CHALLENGE – Our feature is super smart! So we thought we’d balance the show with a little stupid! nuff said? well maybe not! come get high(er) blood pressure and see tiny cracker crumbs spew forth on a mic covered with protection! Be the best at stuffing up to 10 saltines in your mouth and delivering an original haiku that is still audible and understandable to at least some of the members of our audience! Winner gets a prize and a drink to wash that mess down! Mess I say! Check out incredibly poet ANIS MOJGANI rock this challenge years ago and see what we’re going for! We’re going for it! USA! USA! U! ME! WE! S-A!!!!!!

MATT & THE BASTARDS! (now with lady trumpet player Melissa!) will DG-outside-crowdbe back at it adding those all important musical notes to our evening! Visual Arts up for grabs! Find AARON WHITE and let him know! Congrats to BOBBY GIBBS who’s regained his footing as #1 contender for the IRON POET CROWN by getting past AEPEX POSITION who did well for a first time iron poet man! So many exciting new voices on the mic last week! Incredible snack from EMILEE!!! (apple rendered in duck fat panini ya’ll!) No metal show upstairs for the forseeable future, but plenty of metal in our rebel yawps! Step right up, then get down with us this week and get educated! YOSH & MIKEY appreciate the patronage! If this weather keeps up, we may even be outside again! Boom!


Monday! Oct 13th! DG welcomes back ERICH HAGAN! Plus IRON POET QUALFIER “GIBBS vs. AEPEX POSITION”

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erichhaganPOETRY FEATURE: As a writing performer, ERICH HAGAN has been referred to by the Boston Globe as “tender, yet violent,” and has represented both Boston, MA and Providence, RI at national poetry events. (IWPS 2008 and NPS 2007, respectively) He has performed all over the country under the banner of The Analog/Digital Debate, a gratuitously hyphenated spoken folk-rap and face-synthesizer extravaganza. He is a volunteer community outreach speaker for sexual violence prevention and has toured as technical director for the Harlem Globetrotters. Erich currently cooks, cleans and runs shows at the Whitehaus, a DIY record label, performance venue and communal living space in the Jamaica Plain neighborhood of Boston & is Program Director for Books of Hope in Somerville. He has excellent posture.

BONUS RUCKUS: IRON POET QUALIFIER – ROBERT BLACKWELL bobbygibbsdgGIBBS is (if I had time to check or just guess) the longest reigning Iron Poet Champ in History! He’s not current though and wants that ish back! Standing in his way, is one of our newest favorite open mic demolishers AEPEX POSITION! Know what’s funny, Bobby has been working with Aepex on writing and performance, so we thought we’d put an end to that ish with some blood sport competition! 3 rounds, 3 diabolical poetic creations, 3 judges, scoring on 3 criteria! One dastardly secret ingredient from our main man YOSH SHARTIN! Ish got real!

alexscreamDGIncredible feature last week from RACHEL McKIBBENS, thanks all for coming out! MATT & the BASTARDS brought the walking sax bombast back at full throttle and we don’t see an end to their house band dominance any time soon! VISUAL ARTIST TBD and don’t sleep on Snack Time! Last week Miss EMILEE (with the collaboration of pal MAYA) brought three incredible concoctions for ya’ll to choose from! Word has it there’ll be some metal music upstairs this Monday, but we’ve been louder than any grinding ax lately! what? I SAID WE’VE BEEN LOUDER THAN ANY GRINDING AX SOLO LATELY! WHAT?!!!!!


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