Monday May 4th! CCASH POETRY SLAM! $50 Prize – “Bring the Heat” Performance Challenge! Plus! CABLE ACCESS IN THE HOUSE!

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So… apparently Worcester Cable Access is looking to do a piece about The Dirty Gerund Poetry Show. They’ll be shooting all night, so dust off them flashy duds and come grab some poetry and suds!

POETRY FEATURE: CASH MONEY POETRY SLAM w/ the BAND! Dirty Gerund needs to reschedule Sarah Q. Morgan, so, we thought we’d celebrate this Sunday’s Seven Hills Team Selection Slam with a next day poetry slam party! Just one hitch. You have to perform two poems with the band! There’s a curve ball for ya! 2 rounds! Winner gets $50, second place gets $20. Third place gets $10! Wow! (need to have 4 slammers in place however) because you never know that the band’s gonna bring to the table, we’re extending the clock to 4 minutes instead of the standard three.

BONUS RUCKUS: The BRING THE HEAT Performance Challenge – We verywasabi well might find ourselves outside this Monday (forecast looking kinda good) so NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS wishes to manifest this heat with our good green friend WASABI! Down a spoon full of everybody’s favorite sushi condiment and do your best to keep your cool through a series of firey haikus. Best performance or best maintainer, wins a prize! Spit hot fire!

SEVEN HILLS POETRY SLAM FINALS THIS SUNDAY! 8 awesome local dirtygerundflier2poets will vie for spots on this year’s 2015 Slam Team, heading to Oakland, CA in August! Come down to the Sahara on Highland at 7pm for an open mic before the main event! Sorry but, MATT & the BASTARDS won’t be on hand to play music (not allowed in poetry slam). YOSH & MIKEY are pondering off season Celtic moves. I’m sure we’ll have an amazing visual artist and snack for ya’ll this Monday! Look MAH! I’m on the T-V! Ooooh! Also, Throwback Thursday flier from back when we had local arts council funding. We’d like to kick things in gear with another flier campaign and NICHOLAS is throwing his money where his cake-hole is! He’s offering $50 for the best flier design. You can download most all info right off this poster (not a lot has changes) we still rock!

Monday! April 28th! JASON CARNEY from DALLAS! Plus! The “Texas Hold’Em” Challenge!

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POETRY FEATURE: JASON CARNEY is a performance poet from carneyDallas, Texas, is a four-time National Poetry Slam Finalist, honored as a Legend of the Slam in 2007. He appeared on three seasons of the HBO television series Russell Simmons’ Def Poets. Jason has performed and lectured at some of our nation’s finest colleges and universities as well as high schools and juvenile detention centers from California to Maine. A graduate of Wilkes University MFA Program for Creative Writing, where he was an honored winner of the Etruscan Prize, the Bergman Foundation Scholarship, and the Norris Church-Mailer Scholarship. He is Co-founder and Artistic Director of the non-profit Young DFW Writers.

BONUS RUCKUS: The first ever (as far as we know…) TEXAS HOLD’EM pokerWRITING CHALLENGE: I was going to say we had to, but we didn’t. We’re just quirky and tongue in cheeky. In honor of our featured guest, we’ve created a new challenge for you all, based on this popular game! Here’s the deal. (ha! I just got that!) Bring something to write on. We’ll give you 3 prompts (could be lines, photos, items) all contestants must use these three prompts in some way in their short poem. Each competitor will then get two additional prompts that are unique to them. Who ever’s got the best hand (short poem) at the end get’s a prize and the designation of official Dirty Gerund word-slinger! These stakes might get high! (not to be confused with the popular drug culture definition of what being “high” means).

JOHANNA is bringing us a snack this week! MATT & THE BASTARDS bandmight welcome ALEX THORSEN back? Dunno, but thanks to RAINY for filling in on drums last week! I’m sure Nick’s got a visual artist up his sleeve (haha, cause of the texas…. argh, never mind). Packed open mic last week, yet YOSH & MIKEY can’t help but wonder if this is the Monday we return outside, truly bringing us to that next level plane where we all want to be. We hope to see you there! Hey I snapped a photo of MATT & ANDREW doing there thing? Where’s Alex (Thorsen, not Charalambides) he was on vacation! Give him the business next time!

Monday 4/20! RUSHELLE FRAZIER BOOK & CD RELEASE! Plus the Four20 Challenge!

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Will this Monday be the Monday we go outside? 60plus degrees people, we can do this!

POETRY FEATURE: Rushelle Frazier is a queer black feminist writer rushellefraziercurrently based out of her hometown of Worcester, Ma. Rushelle is a finalist for the 2015 Worcester Slam Team. She is the co-originator of the Dirty Gerund Poetry Show. Rushelle is also a permaculture educator, herbalist, urban farmer, counselor, and poetry organizer. Her new Chapbook, Heavy Honey, is her eighth chapbook and is released by Doublebunny Press, and she worked with Worcester’s own DJ Muse to produce the CD.
Rushelle will also have her hand-poured soaps for sale. Because soaps totally go with poetry shows, right?! AND IT’S ALSO HER BIRTHDAY WEEK!!!!!

BONUS RUCKUS: The (snicker, giggle) 4/20 Challenge (guffaw) – Disclaimer: The Dirty Gerund Poetry Show and it’s host venue Ralph’s Rock Diner does not endorse the use of weed. However, we understand that the tide is turning in America and that 4/20 is indeed a thing. In celebration of it’s “thing-ness” NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS (on his own personal private time) will experiment (under proper clinical conditions of course, in a state 420where the purchase and use is legal). Someone will read him classic poems. He will then interpret the meanings of the poems and explain what they mean on a higher level. A responsible note taker will transcribe his responses and we will share the results for three game players who wish to win a frosty beverage on us at the show. We will go multiple choice on this one. Guess correct, get a point, get three points, win that drink! So… thirsty…

Guest visual arts by Gerund Favorite JENNY ISME! Band members jennyismeMATT, ALEX & ANDREW are still looking for a slick photo of them rocking out live, so we can share on our Ruckus Staff Page! Someone take a photo with their phone at the show already! I think? we have a snack volunteer for this week! Check with Emilee ya’ll! YOSH & MIKEY are weaning themselves off hockey by slapping burgers off the grill with a stick! Congrats to RAINY MAPLE on her IRON POET Qualifier win last Monday! She will face ROBERT BLACKWELL GIBBS next month for the title!

Monday! April 13th! ASTRID DREW from Providence! Plus IRON POET QUALIFIER!

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Seems like so long ago, we missed out on an awesome February show when we got snowed out three weeks in a row! Well it’s time to start catching up on all those great words we missed! Re-do!

POETRY FEATURE: ASTRID DREW is many things, but some of them astriddreware: writer, reader, archivist, organizer, and coffee-drinker. She has been a staff member of the Providence Poetry Slam for over four years, and was a member of the 2014 Providence Slam team that competed this past summer in Oakland California. When not writing, or researching maritime history like it’s her job (cause it is), she likes to go running with her pit bull mix, and attending live shows in her favorite little city.

BONUS RUCKUS: IRON POET QUALIFER (? vs. ?) It’s time to choose another challenger to face current champion ROBERT BLACKWELL GIBBS! Who wants some? In the next couple days, we will identify and recruit two worthy candidates, but if you’ve got suggestions or wish to throw your hat in the ring, get at us! Contestants will learn the secret aaronwhite-gerundingredient from our chairman YOSH SHARTIN, then create 3 concoctions. Haiku, short original poem, and incorporation poem! Highest scoring poet moves on for a shot at the title next month! (throwback wednesday(?) DG painting by AARON WHITE!

HOLY CRAP, MATT & THE BASTARDS are offering offerings to their gods for the weather to be nice enough to go OUTSIDE!!! Snack & Visual artist to be announced soon! YOSH & MIKEY think your burger orders could use more tips! Get down to RALPH’s and LIVE!!!

Monday! April 6th! D.RUFF visits from Boston! Plus “State Your Business” Writing Challenge! RICE CAKE ALERT!

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dRuffPOETRY FEATURE – D.RUFF is the co-host and anchor of the “if you can Feel It, you can Speak It” Open Mic, series, held every 2nd Thursday of the month at the Bella Luna/Milky Way in Jamaica Plain. He has been writing for over 15 years, performing for over 10 years and is a member of Writers’ Block (with Matt Ganem, Gia Flores and Kimo Hill). Over the past decade, he has featured at venues such as The Middle East, Slades Bar & Grille, The Haley House, Darryl’s Corner, The Strand Theater dRuff2and The Apollo Theater. Additionally he has performed at Bay State College, Boston University, Emerson College and Wheelock College. His book, “Staying on 94: Tales from a Misguided Soul”, is a collection of his performance and written poetry. Most of his poems stem from personal experiences and observations, and therefore range in topics from love and heartbreak to inequality and culture. D.Ruff performs with a unspeakable passion in hopes that society will recognize the flaws in institutionalism, find bravery to collectively speak and start to demand real change for future generations.

BONUS RUCKUS: The “STATE YOUR BUSINESS” Writing businesscardChallenge. Co-Host NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS is always networking. There isn’t a Saturday of Sunday Morning where he doesn’t empty his pockets to find several business cards from folks he doesn’t remember meeting. Perhaps you all can help fill in the missing scenes by going persona on some of these business cards. Your job? Pick a card, any card from Nick’s stack of lost memories, write short poem about the type of business, or write from their perspective. Deliver your piece at half time and win a special prize! Bonus points if the person who’s card you chose is in the room and feels you’ve captured them and their business correctly! Could happen right?

RICE CAKE ALERT! RICE CAKE ALERT! Benevolent Snack time queen7hills-flier-april EMILEE MORREALE has been gracious enough to bring amazing culinary achievements the past three weeks. House rules state that if no-one volunteers, Dirty Gerund will be featuring bland, saltless, generic rice cakes for your snack. If you want to save the day, notify Emilee at by Sunday 4pm, or else…. MATT & the BASTARDS need to send us a photo if they want to get on our Ruckus Staff page! YOSH is planning an impromptu Easter Egg hunt in MIKEY’S BEARD! If the weather reports no rain and 60 degrees outside, we plan on taking the show out on the patio, so stay tuned to our facebook  page – ALSO if you’re looking to get outta the holiday house and hear some good words THIS SUNDAY, SAHARA RESTAURANT hosts the last open qualifier for the SEVEN HILLS POETRY SLAM. Last chance to slam for a slot in our May Finals to select the 2015 Worcester Poetry Slam Team. Guest feature by Boston’s MEAGHAN FORD! Not to be missed! Right?

Monday March 30th! Get Free w/ RICKY ORNG from Lowell! Plus! “Too Cool for April Fool’s” Fooling Challenge!

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NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS would love to thank all the great folks who came down this past monday, celebrated his birthday and roasted him oh so thoroughly. ALEX CHARALAMBIDES would like to remind ya’ll that the roasting doesn’t necessarily have to stop. Let’s sprint towards Spring!!!

POETRY FEATURE: RICKY ORNG is a Cambodian-American rickyorngperformer and educator based in Lowell, Massachusetts’ Little Cambodia. He is the Director of Lowell’s Youth Spoken Word organization, FreeVerse! – and helped coach their youth slam team to finals stage at Louder Than A Bomb Massachusetts 2012, 2013, Brave New Voices 2011, San Francisco; and most recently the 2014 Louder Than A Bomb Massachusetts Champions. Ricky hosted the first Asian American & Pacific Islander Poetry Reading at National Poetry Slam in Boston in 2013. He currently hosts the bi-monthly Untitled Open Mic. His works has been featured on Angry Asian Man, Absolutely Fobulous, Lowell’s Artist Anthology, Young Angel Midnight; and Cambodia’s first bi-lingual fashion publication, F-Magazine. Ricky is a Gemini, loves Autumn, bikes occasionally and photographs people for fun. His works can be found on his poetry & arts blog.

BONUS RUCKUS: The “Too Cool for April Fool’s” Comedian or Artistic image of microphone against a rustic brick wall with spPoet Guess Challenge! So much access to great comedians and poets on the internets these days! Sometimes poetry can be so side splitting that you wonder why the comedy shows aren’t banging down their doors. NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS wishes to test this theory and see how “fool”ish some of you may look while guessing. He’s gonna grab lines from stand up comedy specials and popular poems, yuck them in your face, and we’ll ask three players to guess comedian or poet. Guess correct? Get a point. Guess wrong? Lose a point while we shout “fool!” at you. First to three correct wins a frothy prize on us! I pity the fool, verily! Am I right folks?

WE ARE IN A RICE CAKE ALERT! I repeat RICE CAKE ALERT! The Dirty Gerund Poetry ShowContact let Miss Emilee know you wish to volunteer snack time. If she has to produce another snack this week, the following week will result in a tasteless, generic, non salt having rice cake! We hate to do it. House band has been killing it recently! YOSH & MIKEY hope the laughs and tips keep coming! Dirty Gerund has gotten our dose of humility last week and is committed to creating new memories for you all to make fun of for years to come! TV’s just not that great on Mondays. We don’t have cable anyways.

Monday! March 23rd! NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS BIRTHDAY ROAST! Special Surprise Guests!

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nickdavis1This ain’t your slightly older cousin’s Gerund! This Monday, we disregard our regularly scheduled programming to leverage the fux outta our main carnival barker’s 30th trip around the sun!

FEATURE: NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS is turning 30 and even though our community regularly roasts this fool week in week out, he’s decided that he wants a coordinated effort to comically time him back to the period before the stone age. We’ve contacted numerous folks who’re funny, sharp and willing to deliver 3-5 minute bursts of unbridled ridicule, all for the good cause of bringing this sack a tato’s back down off that cloud he’s been fishing from all these years. Frankly things are just going too well for Nicky lately, so sharpen those pressure cookers people, we’re gonna slow cook this nickdavis2turkey so he STAYS cooked! I’ve been trying to explain to Nick that this entire show series has been one subliminal roast, but he just doesn’t see it. Stick a fork in him. No wait, I think he might like that too much!

OPEN MIC & BONUS RUCKUS – we’ll add some spots on the mic. We’ll rotate poems & songs with guest celebrity roasters. Keep that arts/farts balance intact. We’ve been promised nickdavis4special guest hip hop set to end the evening with a proper dance party!

VISUAL ARTS by MELLISSA WORSTER (of the Worcester Worsters, but that’s actually Nicky pictured on the left there) Snack by SAM C! There may be cake. YOSH & MIKEY are gonna slice Nicky open with their bartending skills and count the rings. MATT & the BASTARDS will probably keep their clothes on, while still bringing you the best in musical back-grounding. 30 years means 30 bonafide guaranteed yucks to be had, as the Gerund celebrates the clown prince of words properly!


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