Monday July 28th! DRC Records Rap Showcase from BROCKTON! Plus the Prose Cuddle Challenge!

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We might play outside again! This show’s not gonna be your regular mild mannered Gerund. Buckle up!

DRCrecordsFEATURED PERFORMERS: we’re turning up the volume for artists from  (DRC RECORDS) an independent record company devoted to releasing underground music from an array of genres. DRC (short for Drugrat City) was started in early 2008 by Shemrok and Acidrop to release and promote artists with similar interests. With DRC’s roots in both the Boston area and Los Angeles, the styles, fans, and Drugratz are quite diverse and devoted to the artistic progression and expression of one another. DRC is sending us the talented, free wheeling, wild, acrobatic verbal stylings of COOLER THAN SMACK and EGO SYSTEM w/ DIASTRO from Brockton, Massachusetts!

bunniescuddleBONUS RUCKUS: PROSE CUDDLE CHALLENGE – this is (I believe) the fourth installment. Whenever the Dirty Gerund invites hip hop into the space, we like to counteract any possibility of over-aggressive, excessive chastising that comes from rap battles and completely flip everything on it’s tender hear. Usually in rap battles, the point is to verbally assault your competitor with rhymes that blaze like laser beams. Prose cuddle? Just what it means. Kill your competitor with kindness and points taken away for obsessive rhyming. Just talk it out, float those compliments in your softest prose style. The person ringskateboardwho gets the most cuddly “awe’s”…. wins!

BASTARD KIDS continue their summer music residency! Open mics have been jammed lately, so get down by 8:30 to assure yourself a spot! MAREH K returns with snacks! YOSH & MIKEY have to stretch before shifts cause you gottem jumping around so much behind that bar! And bring them art auction dollars cause rumor has it that 2011 Worcester Arts Councul Fellow ship Winner DEREK RING is bringing the paint!!!! Did I mention this show might get a little wild! There, you’ve been warned!

Monday July 21st! LIZARD LOUNGE POETRY SLAM TEAM visits! Plus! Old School Palm Pilot Challenge!

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Hey all – we’ve been having an amazing run of shows this summer! Let’s keep the jams coming!

lizard loungePOETRY FEATURE: 2014 LIZARD LOUNGE POETRY SLAM TEAM is travelling to Oakland, California next month to compete at the National Poetry Slam, facing off against over 80 teams from around the world! The represent one of the coolest reading and poetry slam series around in Cambridge every Sunday Night! Lizard Lounge always brings fierce work to the stage, often making semi finals and impressing audiences that see them! This year is no different. Team members HARLYM 125, PORSHA O, LISSA PIERCY, NORA MEINERS and NEIEL ISRAEL is a dynamic team. Word is there’s more group work percolating that the team usually has and almost each one of these incredible poets have featured here on their own! Imagine that all these voices can do at once! This is a team fundraiser to help get them to nationals, so please come down and give big to the bucket so we can support, Worcester style!!!

BONUS RUCKUS: The “OLD SCHOOL PALM-PILOT” Writing & ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Performance Challenge! NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS is going to bring several palm reading related prompts and offer them to contestants at the beginning of the night. Your job? Take one, write a short poem. The catch? You have to write it on your palm and deliver those words with no other paper or gizmo to assist! Not for the sweaty of palm! A brilliant prize awaits the poet who brings it best!!! Cheat sheet old school style!

outside dirty gerundBASTARD KIDS begin their few week residency and will be twirling and wrangling music for your reading pleasure! EVAN LUDY is our guest visual artist! YOSH & MIKEY are manning the bar like a battle ship! All hands and sweaty palms on deck! If the weather’s anywhere near nice, we’re gonna try to do this outside! Hot diggity summer! Join us (hopefully) outside! This is what I look like outside! It’s fun!


Monday! July 14th! TRU KWENE from Boston! Feature debut! Plus! IRON POET CHAMPIONSHIPS!!!

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Back at RALPH’S, now that Hollywood’s had their fun! We might be outside on the patio again! Let’s see if the weather plays nice. We play nice!

kwenePOETRY FEATURE: TRU KWENE was born and raised in Boston, MA. She’s been seriously writing poetry since the age of 17. When she first found her passion for writing and performing poetry she worked as a youth organizer for Teen Empowerment where she was able to organize peace promoting events in the inner city. There she helped organize and perform in a many as 100 shows and for audiences as big as 1000. These days you can find her in Boston, supporting as many of the local shows and artists as she can. Also, you can find her on Facebook at This is Kwene’s first full feature ever! Dirty Gerund’s proud to help pad this launch!

BONUS RUCKUS: IRON POET CHAMPIONSHIPS “Davis vs. kobialkaKobialka” - Oh man, the smack talk has reached record levels. These two poets have been jawin’ at each other something fierce. NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS is your current champ and has been training, shoving his fat paws into kitchen pantries, writing epic free writes about canned pineapples, generic mac n cheese boxes and funyons, just burning for his chance to defend his precious trophy! JAMES KOBIALKA has been sitting on radiators all summer to prepare for the heat of competition, he’s super confident for a man with only one Iron Poet Match under his teachers belt. Let’s see if his fresh participles can tear the title from local gutter royalty! Rawwwwr! 3 rounds, 3 poetic concoctions, 3 judges, 3 criteria for judging, one maniacal secret ingredient from chairman YOSH SHARTIN! It’s all love, not really.

dgtrophyMOLLY & THE ADAMS return for guest house band awesome! MAREH K returns with a new summer time snack! LORETTA ADAMS  is your visual artist! What else? Now what else could you possibly want! Already have a number of RSVP’s for the open mic, so PLEASE get down by 8:30 to ensure yourself a spot and we can get this amazing show going! For your viewing pleasure, an old pic of me with the trophy! Watch me repeat this over my head action this Monday, where we’re always over our heads!

Monday! July 7th! One Night at NICK’S BAR! w/ WILLIAM EVANS from Columbus Ohio! PLUS! “Great Speech or Poem?”! Guess Challenge

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***IMPORTANT*** Due to an independent film being shot at Ralphs on Monday! The Dirty Gerund Show will be making another one night only trek across town to NICK’S BAR Worcester at 124 Millbury Street this week! ***

willevansPOETRY FEATURE: WILLIAM EVANS is a writer,instructor and performer from Columbus, OH. As the founder of the Writing Wrongs Poetry Slam (September ’08), William has created the largest weekly poetry open mic currently operating in the city. William also founded the NuGrowth Youth Poetry Slam in Columbus, OH in addition to hosting the first ever Columbus All District High School Poetry Slam in April 2009. As an artist, William is one the most successful performance poets to come from Columbus and the state of Ohio as a whole. He made his second appearance on a slam finalist stage at the National Poetry Slam in 2011 as a member of the Writing Wrongs National team in addition to his 11th place finish at the Individual World Poetry Slam in 2009. He has willevans2performed on seven Columbus National Teams while being an artist in residence for both the Columbus Wexner Center and Columbus City Schools in 2012. William released his first full-length manuscript, In the Event You are Caught Behind Enemy Lines in August 2009 on Penmanship Books of Brooklyn, NY. He currently tours the country and facilitates writing workshops thru Projecting Murals LLC, a non-profit
organization that connects facilities such as schools, community centers & correctional facilities to artists from the community. He founded the company in April 2009.

speechBONUS RUCKUS: “GREAT SPEECH or POEM?” Guess where the line is from challenge! We think poets sell out too often and land cushy gigs as political speech writers. This is our hypothesis. So let’s test that one out again and see if ya’ll can tell the difference. We’ll bring lines from classic poems and speeches, recite them. You buzz the buzzer, guess and get a point. First to three gets a sweet prize! Musical guests, visual artists to e announces. Stay tuned an in tune for the facebook invite! We’re super excited to rock out at Nick’s again. Thanks to so many folks who came out and tore it up last week as we took the show outside! So bananas! Let’s keep this incredible summer going! Let’s make good decisions this weekend people!

Monday June 30th! DG stays at RALPHS! Special Guest SoCal’s BRENDAN CONSTANTINE! Music by ZACK SLIK! Plus Finish this Limmerick! Challenge!

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brendanconstantinePOETRY FEATURE: BRENDAN CONSTANTINE‘s work has appeared in FIELD, Ploughshares, Zyzzyva, Ninth Letter, Poetry DailyArtLife, and Hotel Amerika among other journals. His first book, Letters To Guns (2009 Red Hen Press), is now taught extensively in schools across the nation. His most recent collections are Birthday Girl With Possum (2011 Write Bloody Publishing) and Calamity Joe (2012 Red Hen Press). He has received grants and commissions from the Getty Museum, James Irvine Foundation, and the National Endowment for the Arts. A popular performer, Brendan has presented his work to audiences thbrendanconstantine2roughout the U.S. and Europe, also appearing on NPR’s “All Things Considered,” KPFK’s “Inspiration House,” numerous podcasts, and YouTube. He is currently poet in residence at the Windward School and adjunct professor at Antioch University. In addition, he regularly conducts workshops for hospitals, foster homes, & with the Alzhheimer’s Poetry Project.

kasellBONUS RUCKUS: In honor of CARL KASELL’s Retirement, The “Finish this Limmerick” Guess Challenge! We listen to our open mic poetry friends and fans…. sometimes! Our man Danny recently inspired us by sharing a limmerick in tribute to NPR Radio Personality Cark Kassell’s retirement. He played host, official judge and scorekeeper of the weekly news quiz show Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! and was quite the fan of limmericks! THE GAME: NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS will write and deliver both bawdy and not as bawdy limmericks with the last word missing. Your job?  Buzz in and guess the last rhyme! That simple. Be first to guess three correct and win a prize!

zackslikMusical Guest & One Man House Band ZACK SLIK returns with that twangy old timey sound! Visual Artist BRITTANY DAVIS (no relation, wink)! OFFICIAL RICE CAKE ALERT! Get in touch with Marek K! So! There will be a metal show upstairs this Monday! If the weather holds, we may throw down outside on the front patio!



Like that!


Monday June 23rd! 2014 Prov Grand Slam Champ MARSHALL “Gripp” GILSON! Plus the “Shatner-ize my Cummings!” Performance Challenge!

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marshallgrippgilsonPOETRY FEATURE: MARSHALL “GRIPP” GILLSON is a nerd by day and a rapper/poet by day also. He has released five independent LPs, two mixtapes, several compilation albums, and a number of mythical creatures from captivity. His fifth solo album, “Ansible”, was released on January 21, 2014. He has been an active slam poet since 2008, representing four different venues in three different states in national competition. As the current Providence Grand Slam champion, he will travel to Pheonix to represent the city in the 2014 Individual World Poetry Slam. He is also the founder and editor of the independent literary magazine “The Misanthropy”. In his spare time, he enjoys arguing, pontificating, and writing biographies in the third person. This is his first time featuring in Worcester and we’re psyched! Check out more at

BONUS RUCKUS: Return of the “Shatner-Ize my Cummings!” cummingsPerformance Challenge! Ever seen William Shatner cover Elton John’s Rocket Man? No? Really? It’s hilarious! We’ve coined the phrase Shatner-ize to mean doing an over the top celebrity impersonation to someone else’s art work in order to maximize hilarity, and uhm, artistic merit. Ugh. EE Cummings is considered a classic innovative poet known for his lack of stylistic and structural conformity. We’ll clip some of his best known verse, you bring your best celebrity impersonation, rock our mic and win!

juliusjonesJULIUS JONES returns to front the guest house band this week! Mareh’s been holding it down as Snack Time Summer Queen, but if you’re interested in volunteering one soon, let us know and we’ll let her know!  former Iron Poet Champ, Miss Dirty Gerund, JACKIE MORRILL is trying on the visual arts pants this Monday! YOSH & MIKEY like your hat!  Summer Summer Summer Time, Let’s just sit back and… un-…. uhm… forget unwinding, things are WINDING UP to explose with an incredible summer in Dirty Gerund Land! Let’s go!

Monday! June 16th! KALEIGH O’KEEFE from Boston! Plus FRANKEN-POEM Challenge!

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kaleighOkeefePOETRY FEATURE: KALEIGH O’KEEFE is a performance poet and fine artist working and studying in Boston, Massachusetts, who has shown her work and performed in many venues across New England, solo and as part of FLATLINE POETRY Performance Troupe. She currently works to uphold the legacy Lewis Morris started as the president of The OFFICIAL Massart Poetry Alliance, where she organizes and hosts open mics, poetry slams, and special events. Kaleigh works mainly with ceramics, but has also worked with iron, bronze, aluminum, steel, rubber, plastic, wood carving and joinery, mixed media, site specific installations, and is a skilled and passionate mold-maker for life and object casting. Kaleigh is also passionate about education, sparked by working with the Gallery Education Team at the Bakalar and Paine Galleries in Boston for the past two years, and is currently working towards a BFA in Sculpture and History of Art of at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design.

BONUS RUCKUS: The return of “FRANKEN-POEM” frankenpoemCHALLENGE – We’ve had some fun with this game in the past! Here’s the scoop. Nick & I will snip & cull stanzas from some of our favorite poems (not out of the actual books mind you, we like our books, do you mind?). Your job, choose several beautiful lines at random and see if you can put them in an order than makes sense and makes out senses tingle with artistic goodness. Deliver your stitched poem together and win a tasty beverage of your choice! This poem! It’s alive! ALIVE!!!!!

ralphsdinerWe welcome BASTARD KIDS as they return to house band us into glory! Resident visual artist will be local luminary JENNIPUR JANE! Thanks to MAREH K for devilling our eggs last week! We look forward to what her summer residency brings to our table next! We’re excited to retun to RALPHS DINER! We liked the digs at Nick’s a lot, but there’s no place like home! YOSH & MIKEY didn’t notice we were gone, super sad face! I write streams of semi-consciousness like i’m BEAT! I’m beat, but you can’t beat the Gerund!


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