Monday, Jan 14th! NARK LIZARD features! Plus 2018 Ruckusee awards (we mean it this time!)

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POETRY FEATURE: 2017 Ruckuteer of the year award winner, NARK LIZARD is a nonbinary performer who hails from ruckus encompassing seven hills of Worcester, Massachusetts. They are a Capricorn, listen to too many podcasts, and will be your hype man. Lizard is a graduate of the Visual Arts Magnet at Burncoat Senior High School, with a background in photography and multimedia art. They have been given awards from METG (Massachusetts Educational Theatre Guild) in set and costume design. New to the scene of performance poetry they also stepped in as the captain of the FEMS Slam Team representing The Dirty Gerund in 2018.

Bonus Ruckus: The Ruckusee Awards. If you did something cool at our show last year, we’re probably gonna honor it with an award, red carpet style! Logistics forced us to delay a couple weeks. But we’ll have awards, (or push to next week again, darn printer on the fritz!)

Live art, live music, all the beer and burgers you could ask for!

Monday Jan 14th! NARK LIZARD finally features! Plus! The super late RUCKUSEE AWARDS!

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POETRY FEATURE: NARK LIZARD is a nonbinary performer who hails from ruckus encompassing seven hills of Worcester, Massachusetts. They are a Capricorn, listen to too many podcasts, and will be your hype man. Lizard is a graduate of the Visual Arts Magnet at Burncoat Senior High School, with a background in photography and multimedia art. They have been given awards from METG (Massachusetts Educational Theatre Guild) in set and costume design. New to the scene of performance poetry they also stepped in as the captain of the FEMS Slam Team representing The Dirty Gerund in 2018. Nark’s our 2017 Ruckuteer of the year and is featuring for the (ahem) second time evah! They’re always up (or down) for whatever shenanigans and encompasses what a Gerunder is all about!

Speaking of… BONUS RUCKUS: The 2018 RUCKUSEE AWARDS! Did you make an impression on the Dirty Gerund this year? If so, then there’s probably an award (printed on real paper no less) ready for you! 2018 was challenging year in many respects and we want to take a little time to honor those who made it less uhm, challenging. Apologies as logistics (broken printer) did not allow us to bring awards the past two weeks. We will have awards this week (or push for another week, ink is expensive!)

Live music, live arts, live hosts and superb drinks and burgers to be had this Monday!

Monday! Jan 7th! WYATT ROGERS book release feature! Plus JOKER’S WILD Challenge!

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POETRY FEATURE: WYATT ROGERS is a poet from Warren, Massachusetts. Taking inspiration from Victorian and Modernist writing, as well as the intensity found in hardcore music, Wyatt’s works emphasize the darker spectrum of human emotion and experience, accompanied by heartfelt and cathartic performances. Wyatt has recently created three poetry collections: Lonely In My Dreams, Of Love & Loss//In Love & Longing, and Learning To Leave In December. He is currently pursuing a career in education as a high school English teacher. Aside from writing, Wyatt’s hobbies include Gunplay, retro video games, and guitar. Wyatt made an immediate impression on us when he first started on our mic and we’ve been super impressed with his output, passion and all around word wizardry! He’s known as “Quiet Riot” Rogers around these parts!

BONUS RUCKUS: Something Nick is calling the “JOKER’S WILD” challenge! Could be a prompt, could be a guessing show, could be something entirely new! Whatever it is, bet that co-host NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS is gonna make you work for that free drink on us!

Appreciate all who came out the past two weeks to rock with us on successive holidays! We look forward to marching in the funkiest steps towards our ten year anniversary this September! Woooooot!

Monday, December 24th! Yes, there is a show! Merry Merry! Proceeds to benefit Mass LEAP!

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If the venue is open, then we’re doing a show! Come celebrate, or get away from the holidays! ALEX CHARALAMBIDES will be on hand to host and feature some old, new, borrowed and blue poems and offer some extended open mic spots, while celebrating his birthday! In lieu of presents, bring your presence and….

make a donation to Mass LEAP – the little youth spoken word poetry non profit is closing out it’s fiscal year and co-founder and director ALEX would be mighty pleased if you made a tax deductible donation. There are a few ways to do this! Go to Mass LEAP website and drop some coins in the secured paypal donation link, give cash or charge a donation via square reader on Monday, or, or, buy a book! We’ve got an amazing selection of donated poetry books for all you last last minute gift givers. These books are discounted and can be yours for a donation!

Does anyone want to do art or play backing music on monday, hit Alex up on Facebook, We could also use some volunteer hands if you plan on coming down to Ralph’s.

Bonus Ruckus: The Drunk Text to Santa last chance plea! Bring your best verse (under 250 characters) stating your case on why Santa should re-route his GPS to land a sick gift in your chimney! Winner will get a prize! Ho Ho Hum….

Monday! December 17th! South Shore Musicians storm the Gerund! Plus! IRON POET CHAMPIONSHIPS!

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FEATURED PERFORMERS: JAMES EPB and MIKE MACHABY are two musicians from the South Shore of Massachusetts that have recently decided to combine forces to bring a new take on hip-hop. Drawing on many different musical influences, there is something for everyone in this interesting mix of music and poetry. Nicholas Earl Davis discovered these cats at an open mic while on vacation in the Cape and was mightily impressed! Let’s rock out this Monday! Check out some music here on a Bridgeside Bars Session!

BONUS RUCKUS: IRON POET CHAMPIONSHIPS, “WONDER vs. PINA” – This is gonna be a grudge match championship bout for sure! Current champ ASHLEY WONDER has been on a roll, but newcomer & pal KENNY PINA was impressive in his first attempt at Iron Poet Glory, edging Julian in November’s qualifier. These two poets are pals and have done some poetry work together, but that ends Monday, as these two souls enter the battle competition! Three poetic concoctions and one diabolical secret ingredient! Who will enter 2019 as champion?!!

Live band, open mic, live art and all the rest! It’s cold outside, but hot as heck in Ralph’s! Let’s go!

Monday December 10th, PRINCESS MOON returns! Plus the Pantoum Form Writing Challenge!

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POETRY FEATURE: PRINCESS MOON is a second generation Cambodian-American poet, teaching artist, and award-winning community organizer. Her work unearths conversations with ancestral spirits, exposes trauma left by the ghosts of violent men, and explores the hauntingly beautiful journey of finding one’s self. She was the first woman SlamMaster to the Mill City Slam and formerly served as the Program Director of the non-profit youth organization FreeVerse!  She has graced the final stages of the 2011 Brave New Voices as well as the 2012 and 2013 Louder Than A Bomb Massachusetts. In 2014, she coached the winning team of the Louder Than A Bomb Massachusetts competition and received the Charmaine Santiago Galdon award for her tireless community building. Her poetry is published in Young Angel Midnight: An Anthology of Emerging Artists and grumpy shower. You can find her most recent work in her book The Genocide’s Love Baby Learns to Sing (Bootstrap Press).

BONUS RUCKUS: Our first evah! Form Challenge! $25 for the rucketeer who brings the best original Pantoum: is a form of poetry similar to a villanelle in that there are repeating lines throughout the poem. It is composed of a series of quatrains; the second and fourth lines of each stanza are repeated as the first. The pattern continues for any number of stanzas, except for the final stanza, which differs in the repeating pattern. The first and third lines of the last stanza are the second and fourth of the penultimate; the first line of the poem is the last line of the final stanza, and the third line of the first stanza is the second of the final. Ideally, the meaning of lines shifts when they are repeated although the words remain exactly the same: this can be done by shifting punctuationpunning, or simply recontextualizing. Look it up!

More open mic, live music and live art this week! Is it Monday yet?

Monday December 3rd! NEIEL ISRAEL from Boston! Plus! Prompt & Circumstance Challenge!

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POETRY FEATURE: NEIEL ISRAEL is a Poet, Artist, Educator, Humanitarian, Eight-Time National Slam Poet, and Talented Big-Mouth.  Graduated with  honors from the University of Massachusetts, Boston; is a fan of love, karma, music, bike riding, the beach, sunbathing, and babies that leap out of their parent’s arms in her direction to make her more attentive as well as sharpen her reflexes.  [Neiel has secretly been avoiding marriage because she thinks it would be awful, but knows someday she’ll be delightfully persuaded to marry for the fun of it] She enjoys dinner parties but doesn’t like cooking, and has been known to make people laugh hysterically without trying. Neiel has written a chapbook (that she is finally willing to share) with pantoums, sonnets, and other forms titled: “The Dead Sing Better than You” poems written in loving memory of Aretha Franklin, James Brown, Marvin Gaye, Prince and other greats.  You may be one of the fortunate few, to get your hands on a copy before she changes her mind and possibly decides not to share the chapbook at all.

BONUS RUCKUS: The Prompt & Circumstance Writing Challenge! We’re back at it, bringing the most randomnest objects to stimulate new poems into the world. You pick a number between 1 and 6. You receive an object, which will become your writing prompt AND writing surface (hence the circumstance).

Open mic, visual arts, live house band music and the best burgers and drink prices around! Is it Monday yet?

Monday Nov 26th! “Nobody Likes Us…” Tour w/ Nate Mask & Ryan J from Atlanta, GA!

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POETRY FEATURE: The “NOBODY LIKES US BUT WE’RE HERE ANYWAY” Tour! NATE MASK and RYAN J are nationally touring spoken word artists based out of Atlanta, GA. Both have competed and found success in the Slam community at national, regional, and local levels, and whose poems have received over 35,000 views on YouTube and Facebook. They are tolerated in their local scene because their poems are somewhat entertaining, but nobody actually likes either of them. Ryan J. , a spoken word artist based in Atlanta and self-proclaimed lover of all things Spider-Man and time travel related, brings fresh perspective to slam poetry. As 2015 CUPSI semi-finalist, 2017 Java Monkey Slam Team Representative, and the founder of HomeGrown Poetry, Ryan focuses on social issues and narratives that often exist in the blind spots of marginalized communities in his work. Whether it be through breakup voicemails from the Earth to the United States or class action lawsuits from black people to Food Network, Ryan challenges his audience to open their eyes and ears to a new perspective on the ideas and narratives that we so often miss. In 2016, Ryan published his first chapbook of poetry, “Go Home Ryan,” and is currently working on his second, “In Spite of Years of Silence.” Nate Mask is a spoken word artist who spends his days playing basketball, and trying not to swear in front of children or take himself too seriously. He has been a member of the Java Monkey and Art Amok Slam Teams in Atlanta, and has competed and performed on National and Local Stages, such as the National Poetry Slam, Southern Fried Poetry Festival, Creative Loafing’s Best of Atlanta Show, Write Club Atlanta, and the Decatur Book Festival. Nate’s writing touches on everything from relationships and mental health, to dogshit and misplacing his keys. If he seems awkward in person, it’s because he is. Nate has self-published two chapbooks: “Well, This is Awkward…” and “Love is For Suckers.

Bonus Ruckus, Live Music, Live Art, open mic and all the rest! Have the best Turkey Day and we’ll see you Monday!

Monday, Nov. 19th! Local songster MARIKA blesses the DG! Bonus Ruckus TBD!

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FEATURED PERFORMER: MARIKA has been lighting the Worcester scene up with their incredible vocals and song writing prowess combining elements of R&B, hip-hop and more. Get on the ground floor and see them perform before pop culture catches up! For more info on the artist check out their soundcloud!

BONUS RUCKUS; The Amazing TBD challenge! Wow! It could be, like, anything! We have not decided what our extra special challenge is going to be yet, so we’ve written up this snazzy placeholder to keep folks guessing? Food challenge? Writing challenge? Hai-clue Guess Challenge? We, uhm, I guess we’ll think of something.

Last week’s open mic was STACKED with talent, new performers and luv! Please make sure to arrive by 8:30pm to assure yourself a spot! It’s a holiday week, so let’s keep the energy going! We’ll have some more visual arts auctioning, more live band action and style for daze!

Monday! Nov 12th! Taylor Liljegren Book Release! Plus, Iron Poet Qualifier!

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POETRY FEATURE: TAYLOR LILJEGREN is a poet and educator from Lunenburg, Massachusetts. She received her undergraduate degree in English Literature and Secondary Education from Lesley University, and is a candidate for her Masters in English Literature through the Breadloaf School of English at Middlebury College. Her work has previously been published in Best Indie Lit New England, Vol 2, (Black Key Press) as well as Nixes Mate Review: Anthology 2016-2017. Slapstick – The Lucy Poems (“invites us into the intimate life of Lucy Ball-Riccardo”) is her first published book of poetry ( and we’re beyond excited to celebrate it’s release in Worcester! Taylor currently teaches English and coaches slam poetry at Lexington High School. She was an anchor member of the 2010 and 2011 Worcester Youth Poetry Slam Team which advanced to semi-finals that the Brave New Voices International Youth Poetry Slam. While very literate, she’s still pretty metal!

BONUS RUCKUS: IRON POET QUALIFIER: ASHLEY WONDER is STILL champion! Who, we ask, who DARES to approach the nerve it might take to challenge her triumphant reign next month? Well, we will accept two open mic regular challenges who have the gall to compete. Three rounds, three judges, three scoring criteria and one diabolical secret ingredient, will make our half-time show sizzle like the tastiest steak! Get at us if you want a shot at greatness! (NOTE: actual greatness NOT guaranteed by the Dirty Gerund Poetry Show Staff, Organizers, Ralph’s Diner, Audience or anyone who comprehends words, sorry, you could be great, but we’re protecting ourselves from lawsuits, you understand, you don’t? oh well…) just by reading this, you’ve waived any such claim… nooooge!

Visual artist DWAYNE GLAVE (check his stuff on instagram, @guitars_n_gang_signs) returns to create live at the show! We’ll have more music, more open mic, more amazing burgers and cheap drinks and dang it, bring some $$$$ to buy some books from our special local based guest super star author! Oooooh! shout out to MAYA for making copies of our new amazing flier designed by LUKAS THERIEN! Grab one to paste on your boss’s office door! Yes on everything!