Monday May 5th! ~ JOE FUSCO JR! ~ House band by Bellemer! Plus! “Laureate or Wustah Poet?” Guess Challenge!

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POETRY FEATURE: JOE FUSCO JR. is a poet/humorist/grocer who is well-known in fuscoCentral Massachusetts and Belgium. His new collection of poems/essays “Three-Score” is awaiting publication. Joe’s musings have appeared in Ballard Street Poetry Journal, Best Indie Lit Journal, Worcester Magazine, The Worcester Review,, Concrete Wolf, and, of course, various publications in Belgium. We’re not sure why we’ve waited so long to bring Joe’s wit and charm to our stage for a full feature, but we think it’s high time for us all bask in the warm glow! You know?!

BONUS RUCKUS: The New “Poet Laureate or Wustah Poet?” Three-deckersSuper Game Show Guess Quiz Challenge! We read the news, especially when 4 different friends share it on our facebook feeds. Just this week, the finely attuned taker of cultural temperatures, VICTOR INFANTE posed and interesting question in this TELEGRAM & GAZETTE ARTICLE about whether or not Worcester should consider naming a new poet laureate. We don’t have much to add to the conversation (Nick is frantically looking up “laureate” as I type this). But we are good at jumping on popular trends and milking them for game show gold! The challenge! NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS is going to scour the poetry of national poet laureates of the past as well as my local author chapbook collection for quoted lines. He reads one, you buzz in and tell us “Laureate!” or “Wustah poet!” – watch out for the Kunitz WildCard – First to get three points wins a frothy glass of victory!

hilarydulinYou all have Nick’s mom LINDA DAVIS to thank for saving ya’ll from RICE CAKE PURGATORY! Visual arts this week by HILLARY DULIN. Musical guest and house band leader JEFF BELLEMER returns for some “best in the biz harp player” win-shit. Your humble Dirty Gerund organizers wish to thank all who voted for us as we accept our 4th consecutive “Worcester Magazine Best of” Award for Poetry Series. Seriously thanks to all of you who support our ruckus. We will carry on for at least another week. And you can take THAT to your local credit union! (trying to see if that phrase catches on in case any local credit union’s wish to sponsor us, banks won’t return our calls, or cash our checks…)

Monday April 28th! Lizard Lounge Slam Team Member LISSA PIERCY! Plus Emily Dickinson “on helium!” Challenge! RICE CAKE ALERT!

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lissapiercyPOETRY FEATURE: LISSA PIERCY has always loved to write, but truly found her passion for poetry in the spring of 2012, when she co-founded Wheelock College’s performance group, FLOW (the Fundamental Lyricists of Wheelock). The following summer, Lissa turned her focus to teaching and created a six week poetry curriculum for a nonprofit organization in Boston, MA called MissionSAFE. Lissa now teaches and performs as part of the professional performance group Flatline Poetry, which she co-founded in May of 2013.Lissa has featured at various poetry venues in and around Boston, including the “if you can Feel it, you can Speak it” open mic at The Milky Way and the “Lost Voices of Boston” open mic at The Middle East. Lissa is currently based in Boston, MA and is pursuing a Bachelor’s of Social Work at Wheelock College with a minor in Juvenile Justice. She looks forward to focusing on poetry full time when she graduates in May of 2014. Talk about good timing, we booked her and a week later she makes her first National Poetry Slam Team, she’ll be representing the Boston Lizard Lounge Team in Oakland this summer! First feature in Worcester, come down and say you saw her before she was famous!

BONUS RUCKUS: The Return of the EMILY DICKINSON (on emilydickinsonHELIUM) Performance Challenge! It’s just what we said. We bring the helium tank, balloons and Dickinson poems! Your job, hit that ish hard and then go hard on some classic verse! Whoever holds it together the best, gets a rad prize! Yo! Don’t hit that too hard now, you’re gonna float right up into the second floor (which isn’t open on Mondays)! Sheesh! If you’re already a high pitched soprano, this challenge might now be for you! “Because I could not stop for ruckus, he kindly stopped for me…..” oh wow, my head hurts!

geoffoehlingThe incredible GEOFFREY WATSON OEHLING returns on the stand-up bass guitar! Visual artist our favorite TBD! Who’s got the snacks? That’s two weeks in a row where we hooked that up, so ya’ll are in an offical RICE CAKE ALERT – if nobody donates this Monday, the following will be bland generic rice cakes. Don’t make us be like that! Cause we’ll be like that! YOSH SHARTIN makes the best burgers in town and can cut you off! We’ve seen it happen. It happened to us. We deserved it. You all deserve better! That’s why you gotta hang out with us! Let’s give this art thing a try!

Monday April 21st – DIRTY GERUND saves Hip Hop (again) w/ Worcester Emcee DANNY FANTOM, LEON LEGACY & The Vanguard! Plus the return of the “Prose Cuddle” Challenge!

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dannyfantomDANNY FANTOM, LEON LEGACY & THE VANGUARD is a loose collective hailing from Worcester’s notorious independent music scene. Mixing genre’s from each of the band members respective backgrounds, the Vanguard has created a sound unlike any other New England has seen. Spearheaded by Molly & the Adams, an independent band based out of MA, the group formed after working with rappers DannyFantom and Leon Legacy on a song about positivity. After realizing the potential they had as a whole, with the help of Lee Canales, the group was formed. The Vanguard is currently working on a genre-bending debut EP. You can catch the Leon_Legacy_Polarity-front-largeVanguard performing at our show the Monday, the keep rocking with them at The Electric Haze Tuesday, May 20th. Rock out with us and this exciting new project as the Vanguard will be double working as guest house band that evening as well!



bunniescuddleBONUS RUCKUS: The Return of the “PROSE CUDDLE” Challenge – Started from the bottom, now you’re here? Well do we have the challenge for you? If you can blaze through bars like sailor on shore leave, then this is for you? Can’t rap, but are known for your insightful compliments? Well this challenge is actually for you as well! Step to the mic and battle with kindness. This is the exact opposite of a rap battle. Instead of rapping, feel free to just talk. Instead of battle, please compliment your opponent to the best of your abilities. Draw the most “awwwwwsssss” from our audience and win a nice prize! “Don’t be nice” actually means “be the nicest”!

savehiphopYou know what’d be nice? If someone wanted to volunteer a snack time! VOID SANSANGE will be rocking the live art work this Monday! YOSH misses CHICKEN (he doesn’t say anything but you can tell) but makes up for it by grilling the best burgers in town! Great show last week! Full open mic list so get down to Ralphs by 8:30pm if you want to get down with us! Hip Hop might not literally get saved, but I bet we’ll get closer than most! We’re hyperbolic like, like, uhm, commercial rap artists! Oooooooh!

Monday April 14th! SARAH SAPIENZA! Plus Iron Poet Qualfier “GIBBS vs. CLAUSS”! Plus special snack!!!

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sapienzaPOETRY FEATURE: SARAH SAPIENZA began writing and performing poetry in high school as a member of the 2002 Brave New Voices and Burlington, Vermont slam teams – the only person to have competed on youth and adult teams in tandem.  In 2004 she was Burlington, Vermont’s Individual World Poetry Slam representative and was a member of the 2011 slam team from Worcester, MA. Sarah has acted as a slam master in Burlington, Vermont and Worcester, MA, as well as hosting and organizing Seattle, Washington’s longest running weekly show, the Seattle Slam.  She thinks that hat looks really great on you.

BONUS RUCKUS: IRON POET QUALIFIER – “GIBBS vs. bobbygibbsDGCLAUSS” This  is gonna be epic! Reigning champ NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS has been wandering around the apartment, hugging his trophy, practising his WWE style rants about holding on to the title forever! Let’s give him a challenge for his first defense! We’re not pulling any punches! This Monday we’re matching up former champ BOBBY GIBBS and New Hampshire hired word mercenary CHRISTOPHER CLAUSS to clash for a chance to take the title from poor Nicky! 3 rounds! 3 poetic concoctions! 3 judges! 3 categories! 1 secret ingredient at the start of the show from our heralded chairman YOSH SHARTIN!

larrywilsonGuest visual artist KARA OBERGFELL! House band headed up by former house band melodica man LARRY WILSON! Super duper special snack will be provided by our feature roommate who happens to be a chef in a local eatery! Expect greatness! This is gonna be one complete show! Please get at us for open mic spots! Get down to Ralph’s by 8:30pm and get down with us!


Monday, April 7th! MUGGS FOGARTY from Providence! Trudel & Farnham on music! PLUS! The “It’s like… a simile” Guess Challenge!

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muggsfogartyPOETRY FEATURE – MUGGS FOGARTY was born and raised in Providence, Rhode Island and has been a long time member of the Providence Poetry Slam staff. Performing and writing from a young age, Muggs has presented work in front of audiences large and small, from local punk shows to international poetry festivals. After graduating from The New School with a degree in creative writing/literature, Muggs is now returning to performance. Off-stage, Muggs has been teaching workshops, organizing, and coaching competitive teams since 2011. Muggs’ work can be found in Side B Magazine, 12th Street, 11 and a Half, and Plateau. This is Muggs’ first feature in Worcester! So let’s rock that like Route 146 was paved with lucky!

BONUS RUCKUS – The “It’s totally like a simile & stuff” Guess simileQuiz Show! Due to the overwhelming popularity of the let’s go meta! metaphor challenge, me and Nick are back at it, cooking up brand new original similes (the lazy man’s metaphor) and reading them out loud. Then we will offer 3 possible explanations on what exactly it is we mean by these comparisons! Be one of the first contestants to buzz in and guess correct gets a point. Get three points, and that wins you a cool prize! It’s like… uhm… uhm… a really cool game! D’oh!

dirtygerundapril1KALA FARNHAM and ADAM TRUDEL are back to play music and the role of dyamic musical duo! YOSH SHARTIN asks you all to order your burgers at the same dang time please! Visual Arts and snacks to be had! If you want to paint, find Aaron White on facebook and book a date! If you want to volunteer a snack, let me or Nick know. DIRTYGERUNDSHOW is on twitter! Follow us, I don’t think we’d steer you wrong! Thanks to Freedom Prophecy for rawking us last week for the first time, it won’t be the last! Thanks Gary Hoare for sharing a pick from last Monday’s show! So great. Coulda used a few more poets on the open mic though! Fix that!

Monday March 31st! Cave Canem Fellow KHARY JACKSON from Miinnesta! Plus! Local Music Man JULIUS JONES & The “Almost April Fools” Challenge!

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It’s been a great month in Gerund land, let’s end it with a BOOM!

khaeyjackson2POETRY FEATURE: KHARY JACKSON is a poet, playwright, dancer and musician. He is a Cave Canem Fellow, and thus has further reason to adore black people. He has written 12 plays, one of which (Water) was produced in 2009 at Ink and Pulp Theatre in Chicago. He has been a recipient of several grants, including the 2012 Cultural Community Partnership Grant, 2010 Artist Initiative Grant for Poetry from the Minnesota State Arts Board, and the 2009 VERVE Spoken Word Grant from Intermedia Arts. His first poetry book, Any Psalm You Want, was published with Write Bloody Publishing in the spring of 2013. He’s a little weird, but rest assured, there’s a method to the way he stares into your house. It’s been way too long since he’s been in the area, so we’re super amped to welcome him to the DG for the first time!

BONUS RUCKUS: THE “ALMOST APRIL FOOLS” Challenge – aprilfools Think you know your favorite poet’s work through & through? “Almost April Fools!” Well that’s what we’ll most likely be yelling if you mess up, playing our latest game show, just in time for the not-really-a-holiday-but-we’ll-call-it-one-for-the-sake-of-being-festive-and-stuff. NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS & I will cull the lesser known works of some of the greatest classic and spoken word heroes of written history. We’ll read a few lines, and it’s your job to buzz in “They wrote that!” or “They totally didn’t write that!” First to three wins a frosty prize on us! No fooling! Well, a little bit of fooling! Seriously don’t try to fool us, we’re easily fools. Thanks!

juliusjonesSpeaking of recent ex-gerund house band member news! SHANE HALL is going to Japan! GREG MCKILLOP‘s bus overturned on his way back from West Virginia (he has fine, in fact first thing he did was facebook message that his bus flipped over and he needed someone to replace him on drums at the DG!) All true! No foolin! No pre-fooling, local music man, activist and organic food connector (check our JULIUS JONES will be organizing the house band this week! We’ve had full open mics lately, so swing down early and get your name on the list! We’re trying to start at 8:30, so don’t sleep Worcester! Anyone want to favor us with a fool-proof snack? Visual arts, ruckus, best burgers by YOSH and fun will be had! Thanks to all who ventured out in the cold last monday to rock Nick’s birthday!

Monday! 3/24! Poet SAMANTHA MILOWSKY! Musical Act ANDA VOLLEY! Plus “Nicky’s Birthday Bash-Ful” Challenge

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Only so many shopping days until NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS’ BIRTHDAY!!! Dirty Gerund’s starting the fun early!

milowskyFEATURED POET: SAMANTHA MILOWSKY is the founder and managing editor of Amethyst Arsenic poetry journal. She is one of the founding editors of Best Indie Lit New England. She has organized and led the Small Press Fair for MassPoetry Festival. Super excited to welcome her to our stage! SPECIAL MUSICAL GUEST: ANDA VOLLEY is a singer-songwriter, guitar player, and producer based out of Boston, MA. Her self-produced debut album Inside the Ghost Machine has andavolleybeen noted as having an indie-rock and trip hop vibe and original poetic lyrics. Anda was born in Humboldt County, Northern California. Her first home was a camper hitched to the back of a pickup truck, traveling up and down the Pacific Northwest. She spent much of her childhood on a farm in Oregon, catching lizards and pinning notes to trees.  She could climb any juniper, and kick your ass at tetherball. There’s a bunch of cities and forests she’s called home. check out this incredible video for her single, Laura Inside the Ghost Machine

nickdavisGerundBONUS RUCKUS: NICKY’s BIRTHDAY BASH-FUL Challenge – Has it been another journey around that brighty warmy thingy?  We all know it takes quite a bit to make our stalwart co-host and new IRON POET CHAMPION blush! Been mulling this around to see what we could possibly do to make the big guy awwww shux it! Well how about we take three performers who are willing to step in his writer’s shoes. Bring your favorite Davis poem or pick one from our stack! (we’ll type it up, promise… his handwriting though…) Whoever makes Nicky blush the most wins an all expense paid dinner movie date with the mad hatter himself (not so fine print, movie may comgregMcKillopGerunde from redbox, dinner may involve leftovers).

The incomparable GREG McKILLOP is returning from world domination travels to head up the house band this week! Wooooot! Who’s got the snack? YOSH SHARTIN still likes you! Visual artist TBD or TBA (not sure) there will most likely be cake, there may even be bacon in that cake (there’s precedent!) The last few weeks at the DG has been a dream! New readers! Packed houses! Tons of great energy! I’ve been wearing ties. Come down and get down with us!