Monday Jan 6th! Cold outside! Blazing hot fire inside w/ Portland’s BEAU WILLIAMS! Plus the new “Let’s Make a Poem” Challenge!

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beauwilliams1POETRY FEATURE: returning for a third engagement, BEAU WILLIAMS is a proud member of the North Beast poetry scene and a three time member of the nationally competing Slam Free or Die Slam Poetry team (2010, 2011, 2012). He has toured solo and with the poetry collective, Uncomfortable Laughter alongside Wil Gibson, Kait Rokowski and Ryan McLellan. Now he performs across the country with Wil and Ryan as the group GUYSLIKEYOU. Beau created the successful Zion Hill Poetry Reading in Newmarket, New Hampshire at the Stone Church performance venue.

BONUS RUCKUS: The first ever Let’s Make A Poem! Gameletsmakeadeal01m Show! NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS has been watching some old school day time TV lately and he’s also been drinking. Taking both these things into account I present a new game for a new year! LET’S MAKE A POEM! STEP 1 Contestants write a haiku about something they are wearing! STEP 2 The Contestant with the best haiku is given the opportunity to choose one of three mystery boxes. Hints about the box contents are given in the form of short poems!

_DSC8980Old friend CASEY DEGNAN visual arts us! We expect a return of the Duct Tape Band. YOSH has been holding it down solo lately. Let’s pack the house and force him to hire help! Let’s rock that creative economy! Who’s got the snack? Bundle up this monday, then come down and get warm with us!

Monday! Dec. 30th! CASH SLAM w/ New Year’s Twist! Last Gerund of the year ya’ll!!!

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Super thanks to all who came to the Birthday Bash last monday! Great night indeed! Let’s end this year in style! One of you could win some bank!!! End the year right with!

resolutionPOETRY FEATURE & RUCKUS! 2013/2014 OPEN CASH SLAM – RESOLUTION REVOLUTION! Here’s the gauntlet thrown! Me and NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS are putting $50 on the line, to a poet who can beat us in a poetry slam, but not just any poetry slam! This has got an end of the year, beginning of a new year twist! 2 rounds. 2 poems about, first round about the year gone by, 2013 and second round, future style, muse, rant or scream about 2014 and all the awesome you plan on being! All other poetry slam rules apply. We’ll select 5 judges and pay $50 to the poet who can take us out the best! (NOTE: me and Nick are committed to writing two new poems this weekend. we will only do this if we have two other competitors. Do it! It’ll be fun!)

Extended open mic with the DUCT TAPE BAND! YOSH & new sidekick MIKEY will be on hand with your liquid and burger favorites! Who’s bringing the snack? Who’s doing the art? Come down this monday and say so long to 2013! Get immortal, hug a mic stand!

Monday! Dec 23rd! Alex’s Birthday Bash, Gerund Style!

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dgPhotoShootAlexNickCause why not?! As we approach the end of the year, booking shows becomes kinda strange. Weather, holiday travel plans and the like, prohibit us from reaching out to feature folks. Holiday time shows are a wild card, at best. We have no idea who’ll show, but we do shows no matter what, so in the interest of being real….

ALEX BIRTHDAY EXTRAVAGANZA, and by extravaganza, we DGruckusMeandNickmean, we’ll be there, and so should you. Your distinguished DG co-chair, NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS will be hosting and holiday merrymaking. He’s promised to take the reigns of this show, cause well, I’m starting to become an old man now, and I like it! Nick has promised some fun times and special surprises, let’s just say my finger prints are off this one! Extended open mic? Surprise guests? Cake? Bonus bonus ruckuses? I wouldn’t put anything past us!

aaronwhiteNEWDG-ARTHonestly, all I really WANT for my birthday is for folks to BRING IT! Your listening ears, your best and brightest work to our stage, your clapping hearts! I want an open mic that’ll make our diner car rock! 50 to 51 weeks outta the year, I do my best to bring some of the most interesting, passionate features to our stage. We don’t really need a feature (unless Nick booked one, that is, did he?) we got enough fire power in our community to make the northern lights take notice. So let’s go! DUCT TAPE BAND! YOSH! EMILEE! AARON! All interested in being a part of this number, friend NICK on facebook and message him, he might let you know what’s going to go down!

Monday, Dec 16th, local author MICHAEL FISHER book release! PLUS IRON POET QUALIFIER! “Sapienza vs. King”!

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fisherPOETRY FEATURE: MICHAEL FISHER holds an MFA in Poetry from New England College. His work has appeared in several places online and in print. His first collection “The Wolf Spider” was published by Plan B Press in 2010. Currently, he works as an adjunct professor in Worcester, MA. In Libretto for The Exhausted World, Michael Fisher manages to capture and render the sounds, sights, and feelings of modern life. But unlike so many contemporary poets, Fisher’s formal playfulness—his nervy, fisher-bookkaleidoscopic music—seems always to derive from real feeling, from the depth of emotion in his protagonist (Psi) and in his own sensibility. Libretto for The Exhausted World is an invigorating book—and a cause for gratitude.Peter Campion – This is Michael’s first feature at the Gerund, we’re always super excited to welcome a local author done good! Copies of this new book will be available for sale Monday Night!!!! 

IronPoetApronBONUS RUCKUS: IRON POET QUALIFIER! “SAPIENZA vs. KING!” It’s that time again, now that the Iron Poet Championship Title has been unified in the form of new champ JENITH CHARPENTIER, the Dirty Gerund can now focus on getting back to a monthly match-up where we can identify and recruit hungry poet candidates who’d like to take a shot at the title. This month, we’ve taken a wrecking ball to the chalk board and came up with a diabolically brilliant match-up! 2013 Worcester Slam Team Veteran & current MFA candidate SARAH SAPIENZA will take on punk rock provocateur ASLAN KING in a matchup for the ages! Two poets, three poetic concoctions and one secret ingredient from our chairman YOSH SHARTIN! Winner gets a shot at the champ next month!

Comic man extraordinaire DOUG CHAPEL returns as guest visual artist next week! Duct tape band? Who knows? If anyone wants to volunteer a snack, contact me or Nick on facebook! Things have been cooking the last month, so come on down and sign up before 8:30pm, as the Dirty Gerund venture to get done at as reasonable an hour as we can muster!



Monday December 9th! Poet, Emcee, Activist JARED PAUL from Providence! Plus! The JUKEBOX Remix Performance Challenge!

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jaredpaul1POETRY FEATURE: Having toured internationally in over 200 cities throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe playing alongside legendary poets, musicians, journalists, and speakers such as Amy Goodman, Saul Williams, Bill Clinton, Sage Francis, Our Lady Peace, Paul Hawken, Jello Biafra, Immortal Technique, Anti-Flag, Atmosphere, The Misfits and many others, JARED PAUL is widely recognized as one of the premiere performance poets in the world. His work has been featured on the jaredpaul2Canadian Broadcast Company program, “Zed TV,” as well as in CMJ Magazine and The Providence Journal. Jared is a two time Individual World Poetry Slam Finalist and has been a featured poet at the Greenbuild International Conference & Expo, the Post Secret national book tour, South By Southwest Music Festival, and Net Roots Nation. He was also the headlining act for the 2009 Karl Wilhelm Diefenbach grand opening at the nationally acclaimed Villa Stuck gallery in Munich, Germany.

Victor Infante wrote a bad-ass review in the Worcester T&G for Jared’s new spoken word album, check it HERE

jukeboxBONUS RUCKUS: The first ever JUKEBOX RUCKUS REMIX Performance Challenge! Got nerve? Got an unbreakable performance spirit chops? Got LOUD? Well here’s your chance to win a snazzy prize this week! We know where the volume knob is on the Ralphs Diner Juke Box! The challenge? You begin your loud performance piece, and you try to keep it together, while NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS tries to throw you off your game by playing god, I mean, DJ on the jukebox. He’ll choose a weird song and twist the volume know hither and tither trying to make you lose your place! Come out the other side like a champ and impress the audience to win!!!

More factory of Terror Guest Visual Artist as our new friend DGfunHECTOR mans the paint brushes this Monday night! Who’s got the snack! YOSH SHARTIN has been manning the taps alone lately, let’s pack the place and create more jobs local creative economy style! Three weeks in a row we miss duct tape band members DERRICK MEADE & ADAM CASTEN, but expect them back after their jam band sabbatical! Not much more to say! Remember, we start at 8:30pm these days! Packed open mic last week including new voices! DG is on fire and not retiring!

Monday Dec 2nd!!! CLARK UNIVERSITY SLAM reads poems at a Grad School Level!!! Plus! Haiku X-Mas Wish List Challenge!!

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ritter-prestonWelcome December! Now snow yet and things are just heating up at the Dirty Gerund! So join us in killing off the rest of this year with another month of great times! POETRY FEATURE: Members of the CLARK UNIVERSITY POETRY SLAM COLLECTIVE – 3 amazing young writers are 21 plus and co-featuring us something fierce! ZOE RITTER, JOHN PRESTON (pictured above eating guac) and CLAIRE McDONALD (reading at stART Fest, pictured right) have been penning awesome verse on claire-mcdonaldcampus over the past few years! They run a weekly college writing group, hold poetry slams & open mics and have performed all over school and beyond! Each are wonderfully talented and deserve features of their own, but hey, we’re into working all sorts of holiday time magic, so we’re inviting all three to our stage to rock it!

drunksantaBONUS RUCKUS: The first ever “Ole Saint Nicholas’ Haiku Holiday Wish List” Challenge! If by Saint Nick, you mean SAINT NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS, who’s got sugar plums and other outdated, archaic winter time tasty treats dancing around in his sleepy time melon! Well he’s gonna spend the better part of 14 minutes monday afternoon furiously writing down popular gifts that he just wishes someone would wrap up and put under his tree of send to him via Amazon! It’s easy, he reads the original hai-klu (get it?) you buzz in and guess. First to three wins a special holiday beverage on us! Ho ho ho!!!! Hiccup!

Well, our holiday prayers have been answered, we expect the return dg-handbill-newof our regular DG Duct Tape Band tomorrow! We are even expecting a special surprise who’s been known to strum a tune or two on our stage! Ooops, maybe I said too much! You can never say too much on our open mic! Get there before 8:30pm if you want in. Who’s got the snacks? Who’s got the visual arts? Join us, I promise to keep safe and sparkly under that mistletoe. Let’s make good choices people!

Monday! November 25th! KAYLA WHEELER from NH Slam Free or Die! Plus! “Drunken Text or Poem?” Challenge!

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Great couple weeks in a row! Starting at 8:30 once again!!! Get at us!

kaylawheelerPOETRY FEATURE: KAYLA WHEELER is a poet, potty-mouth and ex-ballerina from New Hampshire. She was a semi-finalist at the 2013 National Poetry Slam, having represented Manchester, NH’s Slam Free Or Die. Her work has appeared in various literary journals including The Subterranean Quarterly, Wicked Alice and Resurgo Magazine. She is a gentleman and scholar. Currently living in Maine and studying Nursing, Kayla’s taking a break to pay us a visit and feature at our venue for the first time!

BONUS RUCKUS: Is that uhmmm… a poem or a drunken drunk-cattext message? CHALLENGE! Yeah, we know. It’s really hard to tell sometime. NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS is fluent in both, so we’re letting him tugboat this ship into the harbour! We’ll take three of our most competitive guessers, Nick reads off a snazzy line, you buzz the buzzer and say “Poem” or “Text” – remember, you can’t say other! Be the first to guess three correctly and win a frothy prize that will help both your poetry and your late night communications!

dgfun2Last week saw the beginning of our DUCT TAPE Band’s two week hiatus while they’re off writing them hit songs! In the meantime, uber DG friend JOSH HOLDEN put together a new band called THE LEAF PEEPERS and they brought the space noise circus quirk! Who will guest band us this week? stay tuned! Who’s got the snack? Message us! Who’s got the visual arts! Get at AARON WHITE if you’re interested! Open Mic, YOSH & CHICKEN give thanks for your patronage! Hey! Start this holiday week off right! Everyone’s cutting out and cutting it up a bit next week, so let’s rock!