Monday August 10th! ADAM GRABOWSKI from Western Mass! Plus! The “HERE U DO SOMETHING WITH THIS!” Summer Pop Smash Remix Challenge!

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Thanks all for coming out this past Monday! Another (inter)stellar night under the stars! Here’s hoping we have many more while the weather’s right and not hailing-y! grabowski

POETRY FEATURE: ADAM GRABOWSKI’s poetry can be heard on and in The Naugatuck River Review. He counts his voice as part of the Northampton Poetry Open Mic mosaic, a happening community that runs slams and open mics every Tuesday. ( Most recently Adam was part of the Amherst Art Walk where he got to yell his poetry in Emily Dickinson’s parlor under the banner of civic entertainment.

BONUS RUCKUS: The “HERE YOU DO SOMETHING WITH THIS” Summer Pop Hit REMIX Challenge! It’s summer, we’re feeling kinda lazy. About the only thing we can handle under this humidity is fanning summertimeourselves under the rocking chair while remembering the greatest pop song hits of summers of yore. The only problem? Most of these songs don’t hold up as much as we recall. Maybe you all can make some poetic adjustments, cut and paste, erasure style and remix us something we can hum along to while thinking about all those hot dog eating contests, cliff diving and first make out seshes. We’ll take 5 competitors. We’ll give you the lyrics to summer hits from the past. You reshape them into something we might actually want to listen to. Best one gets a drink and a prize! You might have to wear arm floaties. Extra points for summer camp time gear or other summery accessories.


NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS is now a star of stage(ish) and screen(ish) as he nickymeme made a recent appearance on Dale LaPage’s “This is the Nightlife” TV show! (Editors Note, it reportedly took several hours of exhausting takes to get enough footage for Nicky’s 4 minute spot, but if you que it up at minute ten, we think you’ll think all that work and crying was worth it!) Nicky also taught himself how to make a meme! Big week!

Check it HERE there’s scat singing and suit wearing smoothness!

RUCKUS will be in the (outside the) house to rock you all night! Rumor has it that BRITTANY DAVIS (no relation) will be there to paint the night away! Thanks to Lindsey for helping us avoid the rice cake alert (also saving us from Sam’s passive aggressive kimchi snack idea)! Come hang out this Monday! We plan on sending the slam team vibes while they unpack their bags in Oakland!


Monday! August 3rd! Poet/Emcee OOMPA from Boston! Plus The “EMILY DICKINSON on HELIUM” Challenge!

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oompa2FEATURED ARTIST: OOMPA is an educator by day, artist by life (as someone once said). She is a Roxbury-based Hip-Hop artist, Spoken word performer, and lover of all things music. The child of a southern black woman raised in the 30s, she is heavily inspired by the sounds of artists like James Brown, Aretha Franklin, and Bob Marley down. A 90s baby, she is the product of Lauryn Hill, TLC, John Legend, Jazmine Sullivan, and Kendrick Lamar. There are far too many to oompaname. Her music and poetry always grapple with identity, success, and politics, as experienced by a black, queer, woman, from Academy Homes (inner-city Boston). Oompa holds a Bachelor’s of Arts from Bucknell University in English, Creative Writing and Education and has performed at a number of different events in Lewisburg, PA and Boston. When she’s not on stage you can find her trying to find ways to get back on stage…or working with di yout dem…or hanging out with her beautiful niece and nephews. Check out videos and tracks at

BONUS RUCKUS: The return oheliumatompssscdsboncaf the “EMILY DICKINSON on HELIUM!” Challenge! – we got our hands on another helium tank and we’re gonna share the windfall. We dig poetry from the canon, but with someone like the reclusive Emily Dickinson, we just don’t know what she sounded like or even if she had an affinity for helium, so we feel completely justified covering her work after sipping a little helium. We’re CRAZEE? you say? fine. Whoever signs up, kicks the best cover version in the best high pitched voice gets to float high in the sky of victory and will take home an awesome prize! Bring your favorite Dickinson piece, or choose from our staggeringly small selection!

House band ruckus gets high on music and sometimes other things! RICE CAKE ALERT has been quelled for a week with EMILEE coming to the last minute defence of one SAM C. He’s on the hook. He needs to bring the 7hillsslamsnack this Monday or else the rice cake disappointment will fall on his reputation! MALT! If you see Sam, let him know! THANKS TO ALL WHO CAME LAST WEEK! We raised over $500 for the Seven Hills Slam Team (pictured to the right). If you want to check out their fine words one more time before they head to Oakland, come to the first Sunday Show at Sahara! Check the event invite HERE! It’s gonna be sexy or something! Visual artist and extra ruckusy bits to be announced via facebook soon! We had a packed mic again last week, so please get there by 8:30pm to assure yourself a spot! This week’s show is gonna be fire!


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POETRY FEATURE: 2015 WORCESTER POETRY SLAM TEAM7hillsThe inaugural team representing the new SEVEN HILLS POETRY SLAM monthly reading and slam series, is trying to get to the 2015 National Poetry Slam, taking place in Oakland California from August 11th to 17th! ROBERT BLACKWELL GIBBS, ASHLEY WONDER, COLIN KILLICK, SARAH SAPIENZA and RUSHELLE FRAZIER will be competing against some of the best spoken word poets in the world over the course of this 5 day competition. They’ve been practising, writing, competing in regional slams and holding fund raisers to get the dough they 7hills2need to travel. Come support the team! They will be performing, we’ll be passing the hat exclusively for them, we’ll be auctioning off a few high level prizes throughout the evening and we’ll even have a yard sale / bake sale starting a couple hours before the show if you wanna come early and throw some money their way! If you absolutely cannot make it this Monday, please make an on-line donation to their GOFUNDME page. They’re half way to their on-line goal, so let’s help them get to Cali!

BONUS RUCKUS: The ever popular, “WRESTLING PROMO or POEM?” Guess Challenge! Our friends at the Federation of Belligerent Writers are throwing a Ralph’s Party on Saturday August 1st, so to help promo their “Wet Hot Belligerent Summer Show”, they’re coming down to fbwhelp us guess if the line we spoken came from a famous wrestler or a famous poet. We speak the line, you buzz in and guess. First to three gets a frosty one on us!

Guest visual artist is none other than FERNANDA PREIRA. MALT SCHLITZMAN is bringing a NON-DRURIAN FRUIT SNACK! Thank him for saving us all from a rice cake alert. House band RUCKUS added some trombone last week, let’s see what they adorn themselves with this week! SUPER THANKS TO VATIC KUUMBA from Providence for doing such an amazing job filling in, last LAST minute for our cancelled feature! Congrats to RAINY MAPLE SUGAR CANDY on defending her title against JOSEPH JAMES BELLAMY in only the second ever tie breaker round in Iron Poet History! YOSH & MIKEY will be rocking the best in burgers and beers as always! Remember, come down around 7pm and help the slam team out with their yard/bake sale before the show! Oakland or bust! Bring extra cash this week! You might get a crazy deal on a BOSE SOUND SYSTEM during one of our auctions!

Monday! July 20th! Providence Emcee MEDUSAH BLACK! Plus IRON POET CHAMPIONSHIPS!

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FEATURED ARTIST: MEDUSAH BLACK, a monstrous MC who has medusahreign over an entire island, Rhode Island to be exact, and whose gruesome flow and venomous lyrics infect even the most masculine of male competitors. Her snake like curls dangerously frame her silhouette while her abysmal eyes tempt, divide and conquer anyone who catches their gaze. Not only is Medusah Black a monster MC but she is also a singer-songwriter, studio engineer, choreographer, graphic designer, hip hop educator, activist, event coordinator, promoter, artist manager and founder of Monstergodess Entertainment, a conglomerate of female entrepreneurs, entertainers and musicians. She is also the co-founder of the RI Hip Hop Union and runs a hip hop program for the youth at a local arts organization in Providence, Rhode Island. Last year medusah2MBlack formed a working partnership with Waasawki Music Group and plans to work more closely with them on upcoming projects and events later this year. To date MBlack has released 2 solo mixtapes “My BiPolar Beauty Vol 1” and “Soular System” and has collaborated lyrically and from an engineering standpoint on 6 other albums. She has performed and hosted on more than 100 different stages and has been nominated twice for Best Female MC by Flipside Radio. Last year MBlack received a “Making An Impact” award from Rhyme Culture Rhode Island and was asked to perform at Foo Fest, a huge music festival in downtown Providence.
BONUS RUCKUS: BONUS RUCKUS: IRON POET rainyCHAMPIONSHIPS! “MAPLE vs. BELLAMY” – We’re excited! Our brand new champion RAINY MAPLE SUGAR CANDY is defending her trophy for the very first time and we’ve not made things easy for her! Challenger JOSEPH JAMES BELLAMY has been blistering our open mic with fire words lately. Rainy’s been covering 90’s songs on ukelele. Who’ll be prepared for battle whatever? 3 rounds, 3 original poetic concoctions, 3 random judges scoring on 3 criteria, plus ONE diabolical secret ingredient from our chairman YOSH SHARTIN! Two poets enter!
We’ve been having great outdoor shows! RUCKUS (formerly known as MATT & THE BASTARDS, aka DROOL & GANG) have been keeping the rock ruckus alive! This Monday Visual Arts by GARY HOARE! There will be SNACKS and fun and dancing and YOSH & MIKEY serving and all sorts of shenanigans your moms warned you about!

Monday 7/13 DG LOCAL SHOWCASE w/ Comedy from KATIE “Tak” MOGEL & Music from EYE WITNESS!

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We’ve had a really great run outside featuring the best in poetry from regional and nationally renowned poets! Let’s switch gears a bit and shine a shiny spotlight on some of our local talent, variety style!

mogelCOMEDY FEATURE: KATIE ‘TAK” MOGEL is a whip smart, funny, FUNNY, FUNnYY lady who’d featured her poetry on our stage before! Member of a few Worcester Youth Poetry Slam Team’s back in the day, Katie is a regular at the DG and has been working on some stand-up routines that we can’t wait to stand up and clap for! Whether computer coding, touring with Speaker for the Dead in 2014, or scening it up, Worcester style, Katie’s infinitely sharp brand of satire is just what we need to yuk it up proper this Monday! Her poetry and comedy is more punk than your band! First set is hers, then….

MUSICAL FEATURE: EYE WITNESS – Eye Witness is the indie-folk duo of eyewitnessMilo and Rainy (who happens to be our current IRON POET CHAMPION btw). They hail from West Boylston, MA and are frequenters of the music scene in Worcester MA and parts beyond. They have stories to tell. Halfway through a show on 06/07/08, Milo proposed to Rainy onstage at Ralph’s in Worcester. She, of course, accepted. Otherwise, it may have made for quite an awkward second half of the set. They were married in September of 2009, in a fun ceremony complete with a kazoo crew belting out “Here Comes the Bride” . They have a home in West Boylston where they live, love, write and rehearse. They have welcomed a sweet dog named Lupe who is their constant companion and patient critic of all their works. Check out music and more at
brekainBONUS RUCKUS: The second evah! “SAVE OUR COMMUNITY CENTER” Impassioned Poetic Plea Challenge! Ok. Here’s the deal. Every now and then we want to know what this show means to you. Actually. So. We’re creating a not so real scenario where (ahem) RALPHS Diner is in danger of being demolished so that a realtor can sell the property to the City or WPI or Turtleboy Sports or something! Gross right? (don’t worry it’s not really real), so there’s only one thing stopping the bulldozers, that’s you! And your impassioned poetic plea to save our community center (not unlike those feel good break dancing moments in Breakin’ 2 Electric Bugaloo)! Ain’t nobody stopping us, no stopping…. Be the best to pop and lock your words to convince the bulldozer to quit it already, and win a prize!

RUCKUS the band rocks our faces! Expect a return from the Snack time 7hillsqueen this week? Visual arts by JON GUIDA. We’ve been having so much fun outside we keep forgetting to tell yo uto bring bug spray! YOSH & MIKEY are contemplating tank tops to better serve you in this humidity! The 7 HILLS POETRY SLAM is raising money to get themselves to the National Poetry Slam to represent the 508, you can help them by donating HERE! They;re a third of the way to their goal to get to Oakland! ORRRRR….. you can attend their yard sale, BBQ fundraiser party this Saturday in Worcester, all day, check the invite HERE and hang with Worcester’s finest as you score some crazy deals and help a worthwhile cause! Cause we said so!


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POETRY FEATURE: A semi finalist for the PEN/Rosenthal fellowship, lashleyROBERT LASHLEY has had poems published in such Journals as Feminete, No Regrets,Your Hands, Your Mouth, and the Cascadia Review.. His work was also featured in Many Trails To The Summit, an anthology of Northwest form and Lyric poetry. He has featured at the Kerouac Institute for performing arts, Goddard, and Seattle Central College, read and was a guest lecture at The University of Washington-Tacoma and Western Washington university, and was in the IWPS page/stage panel and showcase in 2013. In May of 2014, he won the Cascadia Poetry Festival’s beer slam title.. His full length book: The Homeboy Songs, was published by Small Doggies press in April 2014.

rainyBONUS RUCKUS: IRON POET CHAMPIONSHIPS! “MAPLE vs. BELLAMY” – We’re excited! Our brand new champion RAINY MAPLE SUGAR CANDY is defending her trophy for the very first time and we’ve not made things easy for her! Challenger JOSEPH JAMES BELLAMY has been blistering our open mic with fire words lately. Rainy’s been covering 90’s songs on ukelele. Who’ll be prepared for battle whatever? 3 rounds, 3 original poetic concoctions, 3 random judges scoring on 3 criteria, plus ONE diabolical secret ingredient from our chairman YOSH SHARTIN! Two poets enter!

Art auction to follow! The band’s been calling themselves RUCKUS lately DGoutsideand we couldn’t be more proud. YOSH & MIKEY haven’t gotten. Lot’s of great stuff happening last week! So much more good stuff coming up in these heated summer months! Get ready to have the best summer mondays evah!


Monday, June 29th! Write Bloody Author JASON BAYANI on tour from SF/BAY AREA!

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DGoutsideHoly crap guys! Last Monday was one of (if not THE) BEST SHOWS in DIRTY GERUND 5plus year history! Overstuffed open mic full of amazing! Bassists in panda costumes! Incredible feature & special surprise guests from 617! This Monday should be no different!

POETRY FEATURE: JASON BAYANI is a graduate of Saint Mary’s bayaniMFA program in Creative Writing. He is a Kundiman fellow and a veteran of the National Poetry Slam scene whose work has been published in Fourteen Hills, Muzzle Magazine, Mascara Review, the National Poetry Slam anthology, Rattapallax, Write Bloody’s classroom anthology–– Learn Then Burn, and other publications. As a member of 7 National Poetry Slam teams, he’s been a National Poetry Slam finalist and represented Oakland at the International World Poetry Slam. He is also one bayani2of the founding members of the Filipino American Spoken Word troupe, Proletariat Bronze, and has been an organizer for the Asian and Pacific Islander Poetry and Spoken Word Summit. His first full length book, “Amulet” was published in 2013 through Write Bloody Press and has garnered acclaim in literary magazines such as Zyzzyva and Glint. He is currently the program manager for Kearny Street Workshop (the oldest multi-disciplinary Asian Pacific American arts organization in the country). First time featuring in Worcester, as part of his national book tour!


You know?

We can only jinx ourselves so many times. Instead of an explanation. We’ve chosen to include a picture of our bass player.

Funky Town!

CODY‘s been bringing some guitar alongside MATT, ALEX & ANDREW. WEsavage just don’t know what to call them anymore. YOSH & MIKEY call them when their burgers are done! VISUAL ARTS by KITTY SAVAGE (photo enclosed, so rare we get an artist and their art in one shot! Make sure you bring them auction dollars!) Anyone on snacks? Clue, we’re gonna need more this week, because we’re looking to break attendance records for June! By the way! We’re trying to accommodate all open mic folks, but get there by 8:30pm to guarantee yourself our cooperation. Boom!