Monday Feb 7th! TONY BROWN rocks! Plus! Grade-A-Fancy House Band! & HOLY HOT SAUCE CHALLENGE!

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This show’s gonna be HOT!!!! ARGH!!!!

tonybrownPOETRY FEATURE: A veteran of both page and stage in the poetry world, TONY BROWN has been publishing and reading in journals and on stages around the US for over thirty years.  My work has appeared in anthologies including A Generation Defining Itself, from MPW Press; Look, Up In the Sky! and Appleseeds, both from Sacred Fools Press; From Page To Stage, The Wordsmith Press; Knocking At The Door, Birch Bench Press  (all US); 100 Poets Against the War, from Salt Publishing tonybrown2(UK); and most recently the Best Indie Literature In NEw England anthology’s first volume. I was named a “Legend of Slam” at the 2006 National Poetry Slam in Austin, TX, and was elected “The Poet Laureate Of The Blogosphere” by voters at for 2008. A three-time Pushcart Prize nominee, I’m the author of thirteen chapbooks and five CDs of my work, the latter with my music and poetry project, The Duende Project, which features the stellar bass and nylon string guitar work of Steven Lanning-Cafaro (aka “Faro”) and, as of 2013, the consummate drummer Chris O’Donnell. Expect a greatest hits set and a set of newer work with Tony providing the music!

gonzosauceBONUS RUCKUS: Return of the Official “DR. GONZO’S HOLY HOT SAUCE SONNET CHALLENGE!” The diabolical, multi-talented J STUART ESTY of DR’ GONZO’s Uncommon Condiments Emporium wishes to give “your food a fighting chance!” by creating delicious and (sometimes) maddeningly hot condiments. Based outta Worcester, our resident house man for the evening is gonna bring the hot sauce! Our challenge? Down a shot, wait thirty seconds for it to kick in, then read a shakespeare sonnet! The person who holds it down best, wins a special prize! There’ll be a release form ya’ll! Wooooooooooooooo!!!!!

Speaking of DR. GONZO! The good Doctor will also be residing in thedoctorgonzo house band corner with some members of the GRADE A FANCY Band, “Providing some of the finest back porch, road house, foot stomping music in Central Massachusetts!” today. back you up with the best in rambling blues! We’ll probably rock a snack including one of his amazing concoctions as well! There will be no snow on Monday! Therefore NO EXCUSE! Get at us!

Monday, Feb 3rd! LAURA BROWN-LAVOIE from Providence! Plus ADAM TRUDEL & the Winter Olympics Haiku Guess Challenge!

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So excited!

laura-lamb FEATURE: LAURA BROWN-LAVOIE is a spoken word poet, fiction writer, and youth writing mentor from Providence, RI. She was the Providence rep and a finalist at the 2013 Women of the World Poetry Slam, and was a member of the 3rd place Providence Slam Team at the 2011 National Poetry Slam. She is also a nationally published fiction and nonfiction writer. As laura-lamb2co-coordinator of the Providence Youth Slam, Laura works with high school students doing spoken word and storytelling. When she isn’t writing, Laura works as a farmer, growing food on a vacant lot in Providence, and selling the produce to her neighbors and to restaurants around town. She wants to be a rocker but so far she only has one song. And what a song! Check out and count the minutes for her return feature at the DG!

olympicmedalsRUCKUS: The “SO(WHAT?)CHI WINTER OLYMPICS” HAIKU GUESS CHALLENGE! – Has it been four years already? Nothing says winter like Winter Olympics, so let’s get alpine and peppermint patty on this bad boy, by taking you inside the games without all that rampant homophobia and political unrest. You won’t need extra security when you step to our stage and listen to us recite original “haiklues” (trademark Dirty Gerund Show, 2014) where we’ll describe an event and you tell us which one it is. First to guess three correct, gets a frosty prize on us!

EVEN MORE EXCITED! The incredible ADAM TRUDEL will be trudelheading up the houseband this Monday! Adam was an integral member of the TickleBomb Orchestra a.k.a. the original DG House Band! He’s done a great deal of writing and composing on his own since those days, and it’s going to be incredible to see and hear him again! Who’s got the snack? Get at us? Go for the gold with us!!!

Monday Jan 27th! Lizard Lounge Champ JANAE JOHNSON from Boston! Plus The “Grammy Slammies!” Cover Challenge! RICE CAKE ALERT!

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janaejohnsonPOETRY FEATURE: JANAE JOHNSON is a spoken word performance artist originally from the “mean and preppy suburbs” of Sacramento, California. Shortly after moving to Boston in 2010, she attended her first poetry slam at Lizard Lounge and immediately became addicted to the spoken word scene. As a former collegiate basketball player at Virginia State University, Janae uses poetry slams to fuel her competitive edge; and uses writing to become a more creative, loving, conscious and well-rounded human being. A two-time slam team member for the Lizard Lounge, she was part of the powerhouse top-20 team from this year’s National Poetry Slam. She is the reigning “Lizard Queen” at the eponymous Lounge (the venue’s top slam title) and she also acts as coach and advisor for the Simmons College Slam Team.

BONUS RUCKUS: The “GRAMMY SLAMMIES!” Cover simpson-grammyPerformance Challenge! With the Grammys approaching NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS can’t help but think, “what do they got that we don’t??” well we’re going to find out this Monday! The lyrics to a plethora of different Grammy nominated songs will be put into a bucket! you draw a song from the bucket and do your best to elevate to the level of Spoken Word Art! Winner gets a sweet prize and perhaps a trophy??? Who are YOU wearing?

rice-cakeDERRICK & ADAM aka DUCT TAPE ORCHESTRA slated to return to the ever rotating, revolving axis of house band wonderfulness! YOSH SHARTIN is our sexiest bar-man in Worcester! OFFICIAL RICE CAKE ALERT: Someone needs to volunteer a snack! It’s been three weeks. If you don’t contact us, it’s gonna get tasteless, generic price chopper, unsalted tasteless. Get at us!

Monday! Jan 20th! BOBBY CRAWFORD from Boston! Plus! Iron Poet Championship “Charpentier vs. Sapienza!!!”

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Oh man! We’re on a serious roll! This show’s gonna smash atoms!

crawford2POETRY FEATURE: BOBBY CRAWFORD – is the “one-man-boy-band” of Emerson College. He discovered the Boston Poetry Slam at the Cantab Lounge in his freshman year (via Emerson’s slam scene, the Emerson Poetry Project) and has been an avid open mic reader and slammer at the Boston Poetry Slam ever since. Bobby competed on three consecutive College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational teams representing Emerson (2011-2013). He also served as a curator of the Emerson Poetry Project from 2012-2013, where crawford1he was instrumental in helping the EPP win Emerson’s Student Organization of the Year. Bobby competed at the 2013 National Poetry Slam with the Mill City Slam team from Lowell, Mass. He is the winner of the 2013 Boston Poetry Slam World Qualifier and represented the Boston Poetry Slam at the 2013 Individual World Poetry Slam in Spokane, Wash., ranking 15th out of 70. A competitor and showman by instinct, Bobby is a retired nationally-ranked figure skater and a former chess-club kid. He plays harmonica and wears a leather jacket. He loves late night food and hanging out with other writers/performers. You can connect with him via Facebook.

charpentier-ironpoetBONUS RUCKUS: IRON POET TITLE DEFENSE “CHARPENTIER vs. SAPIENZA” – Oh hells yeah! This is the very first unified Iron Poet Title Defense by current champion JENITH CHARPENTIER! And we are not making it easy on her! SARAH SAPIENZA earned a shot at the title last month! This is going to be an incredible match-up, last summer they were teammates on the Worcester Poetry Slam Team, just months later, they will be molding words and secret ingredients into fierce competitive fire as Sarah takes her shot at the title and trophy! 3 rounds, 3 judges, 3 scoring categories and of course, one diabolical secret ingredient from our chairman, YOSH SHARTIN!

We’re rotating house bands now a days! We’re super excited to mix dg-show-2014things up and keep our audience and open mic poets guessing! This week’s house band will blend some old and new, so come down and get down! We’re always looking for snack time volunteers. Wonderful work by ELIZABETH SOUSA on visual art last week. Art auction winner made out like a bandit. Bring them dollars and win big next week as we welcome a new artist to the diesel easel! HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMILEE MORREALE!!! You rule culinary school!

Monday! Jan 13th! JASON HENRY SIMON BIERENBAUM from Boston! PLUS! The What are Wassabi Words Worth Warriors Challenge!

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bierenbaum2POETRY FEATURE: JASON HENRY SIMON-BIERENBAUM makes his living working as a poetry teaching artist with humans of all ages and backgrounds. He is pursuing an MFA in poetry at the University of Massachusetts, Boston, writing poems that pull from different mythologies. He has guest taught at Berklee and Brandeis, spoken at Simmons, and was the 2012-2013 Harvard speak out loud teaching artist in residence and poetry slam coach. Currently, he teaches at the institute of contemporary art bierenbaumand is Outreach Coordinator and Program Associate for MassLEAP, a statewide youth poetry slam organization. He does his best to appreciate everything. This poet is acrobatic, I’m predicting he jumps on the bar during a piece! First feature in Worcester! Let’s get hip!

BONUS RUCKUS: 2014 Re-Boot as the HOLY HOT SAUCE wassabiSONNET CHALLENGE becomes the WHAT ARE WASSABI WORDS WORTH CHALLENGE?!!!! If you’ve been rocking with the Gerund for a while, you’ll understand that we not only challenge your ears with poetic words of wisdom, but sometimes challenge your taste buds with flavors as intense as the words! Come spit hot fiyah! (literally) with us this monday. We’ll bring the Wordworth Poems and the Wassabi, you down a spoon full, then hang on for dear glory, as the person who handles the heat best wins an awesome prize!!!

20120507-_DSC1199So much great energy the past few months! Let’s keep it going! NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS (pictured left) is soooooo pumped! Who’s got the snack? Write Nick at to commit! House band? Who knows! Actually we do, last week’s unsigned upstarts who filled in will fill in again! CODY, ANDREW & JEREMY will bring their twanging guitars and saxaphone to the DG! YOSH SHARTIN is close to calling in for assistance manning the taps! If you all keep coming to the show, that’s one more job created for our local economy! We miss you and stuff! Come hang out!!!

Monday Jan 6th! Cold outside! Blazing hot fire inside w/ Portland’s BEAU WILLIAMS! Plus the new “Let’s Make a Poem” Challenge!

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beauwilliams1POETRY FEATURE: returning for a third engagement, BEAU WILLIAMS is a proud member of the North Beast poetry scene and a three time member of the nationally competing Slam Free or Die Slam Poetry team (2010, 2011, 2012). He has toured solo and with the poetry collective, Uncomfortable Laughter alongside Wil Gibson, Kait Rokowski and Ryan McLellan. Now he performs across the country with Wil and Ryan as the group GUYSLIKEYOU. Beau created the successful Zion Hill Poetry Reading in Newmarket, New Hampshire at the Stone Church performance venue.

BONUS RUCKUS: The first ever Let’s Make A Poem! Gameletsmakeadeal01m Show! NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS has been watching some old school day time TV lately and he’s also been drinking. Taking both these things into account I present a new game for a new year! LET’S MAKE A POEM! STEP 1 Contestants write a haiku about something they are wearing! STEP 2 The Contestant with the best haiku is given the opportunity to choose one of three mystery boxes. Hints about the box contents are given in the form of short poems!

_DSC8980Old friend CASEY DEGNAN visual arts us! We expect a return of the Duct Tape Band. YOSH has been holding it down solo lately. Let’s pack the house and force him to hire help! Let’s rock that creative economy! Who’s got the snack? Bundle up this monday, then come down and get warm with us!

Monday! Dec. 30th! CASH SLAM w/ New Year’s Twist! Last Gerund of the year ya’ll!!!

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Super thanks to all who came to the Birthday Bash last monday! Great night indeed! Let’s end this year in style! One of you could win some bank!!! End the year right with!

resolutionPOETRY FEATURE & RUCKUS! 2013/2014 OPEN CASH SLAM – RESOLUTION REVOLUTION! Here’s the gauntlet thrown! Me and NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS are putting $50 on the line, to a poet who can beat us in a poetry slam, but not just any poetry slam! This has got an end of the year, beginning of a new year twist! 2 rounds. 2 poems about, first round about the year gone by, 2013 and second round, future style, muse, rant or scream about 2014 and all the awesome you plan on being! All other poetry slam rules apply. We’ll select 5 judges and pay $50 to the poet who can take us out the best! (NOTE: me and Nick are committed to writing two new poems this weekend. we will only do this if we have two other competitors. Do it! It’ll be fun!)

Extended open mic with the DUCT TAPE BAND! YOSH & new sidekick MIKEY will be on hand with your liquid and burger favorites! Who’s bringing the snack? Who’s doing the art? Come down this monday and say so long to 2013! Get immortal, hug a mic stand!