Monday Nov 11th! JADE SYLVAN returns, book release party style! PLUS!!! IRON POET UNIFICATION CHAMPIONSHIP!

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DIRTY GERUND BEGINS at 8:30pm from now on! Please take note and get down early in order to get down!

jadesylvan-NEWPOETRY FEATURE: JADE SYLVAN is an award-winning poet and nonfiction writer whose poetry and essays have been published in over twenty journals, websites, and magazines. Jade won the 2011 Bayou Poetry Prize, and was a finalist in the 2012 Bunchgrass Poetry Prize and the 2012 Write Bloody Book Competition. Jade’s received artist grants from The Foundation for Contemporary Arts, Vermont Studio Center, and Amethyst Arsenic, and was nominated “Best Poet” by the Boston Phoenix newspaper in 2013. Jade is a member of the 2013 Boston Poetry Slam Team. jadesylvanNEW2Kissing Oscar Wilde is forthcoming on Write Bloody Press in 2013. Jade has toured extensively throughout North America and Europe following the release of the poetry collection, The Spark Singer (Spuyten Duyvil Press, 2009), and has performed and facilitated workshops at Harvard University, New York University, Bread Loaf, The Massachusetts Poetry Festival, The Seattle Poetry Slam, Asheville Wordfest, The Museum of Fine Arts: Boston, The Green Mill (Chicago), The Nuyorican Poets Cafe (NYC), The Bowery Poetry Club (NYC) among many others.

IronPoetApronBONUS RUCKUS: IRON POET UNIFICATION CHAMPIONSHIP! “MAHON vs. CHARPENTIER!” This just in!!! Confirmed and wooot! Last year Dr. JENN MAHON claimed the championship trophy, then promptly moved to Texas for work considerations (hmmm maybe we should get jobs, wait! we got a job this monday)! We quickly crowned an interim champion and gave her a championship belt! Now, after nearly a year of waiting, the title get’s UNIFIED as interim champ JENITH CHARPENTIER challenges Jenn to a battle of words, the likes of which we’ve never seen! Trophy and belt on the line! 3 rounds, 3 poetic concoctions, 3 judges scoring on 3 categories and of course, one insidious secret ingredient provided by our heralded chairman! Let’s get this!!!

DUCT TAPE BAND loves setting up and cutting out earlier. They shakespears-DGplayed on point for our superb Portland Double Features! If only we had more folks on the open mic! We’re in a lull. Not going to lie. We’re hoping to rebound before the winter (which is coming sooner than we think). YOSH & CHICKEN are enjoying the flat screen TV up front in the diner! Message us if you want to do a snack this week! Otherwise, let’s go! We’re revved up and hoping for a fantastic night this Monday!

Monday Nov 4th! DG welcomes “Fall Frontal Assault” Tour from University of Hell Press! Plus “The Erm… Awkward Toast Masters’ Challenge!

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Remember! We’re still rocking an 8:30pm start time! Get to the house early for your shot at the mic! This week’s super special as we welcome special, intrepid, poetic masters on tour!

eireanbradleyPOETRY DOUBLE FEATURE: The “FALL FRONTAL ASSAULT TOUR” – Portland Oregon Duo tearing across country on a 3 nationwide month tour! If you’ve been to the Portland Poetry Slam, there is a strong possibility that EIREAN BRADLEY has called you a “motherfucker” several times in the most loving way possible. Bradley is the host and organizer of the Portland Poetry Slam and is a seven-time National Poetry Slam competitor, a two-time National Poetry Slam finalist, and former Portland davidsonGrand Slam champ. He has toured extensively, showcasing his prowess in 46 states, and is known for being equal parts cuddly and cranky and one of the foulest-mouthed humans alive. He loves poetry and bacon, not in that order. the I in team is his first book (with real, perfect binding and everything). Eirean can be found on Facebook. LEAH NOBLE DAVIDSON  has a curious 6-year-old and the charismatic precision of a spy. She lives in Portland, OR. Poetic Scientifica is her first book of poetry. Leah can be found on Facebook. Both are rocking brand spanking new full collections of poetry, released on UNIVERSITY OF HELL PRESS

53toastmasterBONUS RUCKUS: The Super Awkward Toastmaster’s Challenge – flex your poetic improv muscles as NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS welcomes you into the incredibly awkward world of public speaking! Bring your best prepared toast (the speaking kind, not wonderbread kind) dedicated to the Dirty Gerund Poetry Show as we enter into our fifth year of doing… you know… that think we do! That’s the first round! Round #2 takes you to stranger places where your improv skills will be on call, then will be mad at you later. Nicholas will throw down the subject and setting of your next toast. Keep in mind, Nicholas will be presenting you with toast challenges that’ll make you wish we were talking about wonderbread. Awesome prize for the winner!

Thanks to KENNY BRIAND aka Mone3 for beat-boxing his way into being alexDGthreethe house band this past Monday Night! Great open mic and Dead Poetry Slam won by JENITH CHARPENTIER who’s winning every prize we got these days! We could use a snack time volunteer! Visual Arts will be had! YOSH & CHICKEN miss you and are ready to bring you the best in burgers and drinks, this time a bit earlier! RALPH’S DINER has a larger flat screen TV and Netflix up front, in case you want to take a break and check the score or whatever classic flick Yosh is entertaining himself with. Great Alex! Promote the Poetry Show with TV. “All to inform, all to inform!” Happy Halloween!

Monday October 28th! We start early again! w/ DEAD POET’s SLAM

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Great show last week everybody! Full open mic, actually kicked off at 8:30! Excellent energy and we persevered the impromptu metal show last night! Only metal this week is the mercury as our blood fever pitches us through the World Series!

ImageDEAD POET’S SLAM – in honor of the creepy crawlies, let’s have a cash prize poetry slam. Bring two poems from someone who is no longer living (although their words live on, etc, etc) – Perform them to the best of your abilities, get the best scores from our randomly selected judges and walk away $50 richer!

Feel free to rock your favorite costume! We’ll have a special prize on hand for the best!

House Band! Open Mic! We could use a snack volunteer!

This is a short and sweet post. I’m a short and sweet guy!

Monday, Oct. 21st – New EARLIER Gerund w/ special guest SoCal poet LARRY JAFFE

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larryjaffe1POETRY FEATURE: LARRY JAFFE has been writing since he was eight years old when he first learned he had captured the beauty and impact of words writing “Uncle Larry’s Nature Column” for his camp newspaper. He has used a lot of ink since then. He still carries a small Moleskine notebook in his back pocket to capture those moments of inspiration. But after all those years of analog, he is thinking of switching to being completely digital. His new Samsung S4 is a gadget of creative wizardry and he can dictate or write into it with instant transcription. Jaffe is an internationally known and an award winning writer, author and poet and founder of Poets Beyond Borders (a group dedicated to human rights and reform) and iSpeax his larryjaffe2personal writing forum. Jaffe has been hosting and curating poetry readings for several years while also co-founding Poetix Poetry Magazine (a guide to Southern California Poetry). Additionally, Jaffe was a featured poet for Daimler/Chrysler’s Spirit in the Words poetry program. Jaffe impacts audiences and readers with a rich emotional range, masterfully crafted, written from the heart and soul with clarity and understanding. Jaffe has read his work in such distinguished locations as the Japanese American Museum, the Hammer Museum, the Museum of Tolerance, the Jewish Museum and the Museum of Literature in Prague and the Dylan Thomas Centre in Wales. Jaffe uses the aesthetic power of poetry to bring understanding to the world. He was the 2007 recipient of the Saint Hill Art Festival’s Lifetime of Creativity Award, the first time given to a poet. He is the former poet in residence of the Autry Museum of Western Heritage. Jaffe spearheaded along with Rattapalax Publisher Ram Devineni the United Nations Dialogue among Civilizations through Poetry project which incorporated hundreds of readings in hundreds of cities globally using the aesthetic power of poetry to bring understanding to the world.

unitednationsBONUS RUCKUS: Return of the United Nations Haiku Guess Quiz Show! Saudi Arabia doesn’t want on the Security Council? Meh, less work for them, we guess. In honor of our featured guests work to connect with poetry around the world, we thought we’d celebrate internationally by writing haikus from the perspective of other countries! You buzz in and give us your best guess. Try not to look too puzzled. First to three, wins a frosty prize on us!

DUCT TAPE BAND was back in effect this past Monday! Great show with MORRIS STEGOSAURUS! Amazing snack from AISHA NASEEM! We need a snack time volunteer for this week! Don’t make me come over there!

Monday 10/14, MORRIS STEGOSAURUS returns to New England! Only show!

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morrisPOETRY FEATURE: MORRIS  STEGOSAURUS is the author of the poetry collection “Zebra Feathers” on Minor Arcana press. He lives in Seattle with his boyfriend, musician and artist Oscar Stratocumulus, was a member of 4 national poetry slam teams, including Worcester ’04, and doesn’t like writing bios. So we’ll try to take it from here! In Morris has been featured on finals stage as a member of Seattle Poetry Slam. His last time competing at the National Poetry Slam was for our very own Worcester Team in 2004! He’s toured nationally, lived in Chicago, Salt Lake City and is making a special trip out here to visit. This will be his only show in New England, so we’d really love to see a lot of folks out tomorrow night to check out one of the most abstract, original voices that’s ever come out of the performance poetry movement! Rawrrrr….

BONUS RUCKUS: The FOSSILIZED POEM ARCHAEOLOGIST CHALLENGEfossilin honor of our special guests special stage name, Nick and I are gonna wear our pith helmets and inviting would be Indiana Joneses to dig through some much to re-create what dinosaurs must’ve thought poetry was. Can’t explain much more here. Nick’s digging around for more ideas in that labyrinth of a brain of his to figure out some more logistics. There will be fossilized poem fragments and we’re gonna need your help in determining what they mean, history of the world style!

AISHA NASEEM is gonna rock some snacks this week. No rice cake alert! Will we have a band? Will we have a visual artist! Looks like you’ll all have to come down and see! We do know that YOSH & CHICKEN make the best burgers in town!

Tonight, October 8th, DG tries this poetry slam thing again!

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POETRY FEATURE – You… sort of…. The Dirty Gerund Poetry Show is announcing it’s first ever OPEN POETRY SLAM. Top prize $50 for the winner. Worcester’s longest running performance poetry venue, the Poet’s Asylum has called it quits after 20 plus years of weekly readings, slams and features. The Dirty Gerund Poetry Show has agreed to house the Official Worcester Poetry Slam, for the time being so…. we thought we’d take this opportunity (and a feature calling in sick) to get acclimated to what this poetry slam thing is all about. For slamshirt-worcesterthose of you who do not know, a poetry slam is a verbal competition, in which poets have 3 minutes to recite, read, perform their own original work. No props. No costumes. No (sorry fellas) musical accompaniment. We will select 5 judges to score these poems 0-10. After dropping low and high scores, the remaining three produce a poet’s score. Judges are asked to take into account performance as well as quality of writing. We will take up to 6 competitors who will perform in two rounds (each round will take up one of our usual feature slots). Best cumulative score through 2 rounds wins $50!!!! Not too shabby for 2 poem’s work!

Monday! 9/30! ROBBIE Q. TELFER from Chicago! Plus! The Harvest Haiku Challenge!

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robbie QPOETRY FEATURE: ROBBIE Q. TELFER has been a featured performer in dozens of poetry shows throughout North America & Europe! While his work can be found in several slam poetry anthologies and DVDs through the Wordsmith Press and elsewhere, he also helps to bridge the divide between stage and page poetry by publishing poetry and criticism in places like the cream city review, Octopus Magazine #10, and the March/April 2006 American Book Review. In 2005, he and five other Chicago performance poets founded the Speak’Easy Poetry Ensemble under the direction of slam poetry founder Marc Smith. He and the Speak’Easy Ensemble performed at the annual Bertolt Brecht Festival in Augsburg, Germany the summer of 2008. In 2007, he placed 8th overall at the National Poetry Slam in Austin, TX. He’s a former Director of Performances for Young Chicago Authors, a nonprofit that gives creative writing, performance, and mentorship opportunities to robbieq-2Chicago teens. Through Young Chicago Authors, he was one the head organizers of Louder Than A Bomb, the Chicago city-wide youth slam and the largest team-based youth poetry slam in the world. In 2008, along with Shanny Jean Maney, he co-founded The Encyclopedia Show, a live literary variety show that presents different topics at each show. Since its founding, the show has spread to over a dozen cities in four different countries around the world. His first published collection, Spiking the Sucker Punch, is out from Write Bloody Publishing. In 2011, he was named Best Local Poet by the Chicago Reader.[1]

harvest-delivery-02BONUS RUCKUS: The First Ever HARVEST HAIKU CHALLENGE. In honor of Robbie’s latest project about gardening and in honor the Falls Harvest we will do a haiku challenge. We read a haiku, you buzz in and guess what veggie wrote that haiku. Win a prize! To check out Robbie’s newest project, go to

DUCT TAPE BAND will  be in effect! We’re in need of a snack! Get at us if you got the culinary skills that can cut the proverbial mustard or whatever other condiment you enjoy using. YOSH & CHICKEN have broken out the sweatshirts and think you should too! WE MISS YOU! Like, a LOT!!!!


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