Monday! March 16th! Book Release Party for EMILY O’NEILL’s “Pelican” Plus! FINISH THIS LIMERICK CHALLENGE!

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FEATURED POET: EMILY O’NEILL is an artist, writer, and proud Jersey emilyoneill girl.  She tells loud stories in her inside voice because she wants to keep you close. She has facilitated workshops and poetry programming in association with the White Plains Public Library, the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center, and the New Jersey public school system.  She competed at the 2010 National Poetry Slam in St. Paul, MN with the Hampshire County Slam Team and is a founding member of the nationally touring performance poetry troupe No More Ribcage. Her work has appeared in The Best Indie Lit New England Anthology, Sugar House Review, and Whiskey Island, among others.  Her poem “de Los Muertos” was selected by Jericho Brown as the winner of Gigantic Sequins’ second annual poetry contest, and emilyoneill2her poem “& when the canary stops singing” was nominated for a Pushcart Prize in 2014 by Vector Press.  She is a former editor and essayist for Side B Magazine. She holds a degree in the synesthesia of storytelling from Hampshire College and teaches creative writing courses at the Boston Center For Adult Education.  Her debut collection, Pelican, is the inaugural winner of the Pamet River Book Prize, awarded by Yes Yes Books to first collections from female-identified and gender queer poets, forthcoming in January 2015.  She lives in Medford, MA.

BONUS RUCKUS: The FINISH THIS LIMERICK Challenge! So after limericksdoing some extensive research, it turns out limericks, those often bawdy short verse poems aren’t as Irish as many people think they are. We’re still gonna get a little broguey and throw down on the following: Contestants, bring and perform your own limerick in round one, you will then have the pleasure of finishing a limerick that me and NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS are too lazy to finish ourselves! We’ll get the crowd involved, see who rocks these short verse the best and the winner gets a prize! Simple yes? There once was a gerund so dirty…..

RAINY MAPLE SUGAR CANDY is filling in on drums for the Spring 7hillsBreaking ALEX THORSEN! Who’s got snacks? Word has it, MELISSA WORSTER (of the Worcester Worsters) isn’t stinging too bad from her closest of close defeats in last week’s Iron Poet Championships, she’s down to hook up the visual arts and we’re hoping that’s gonna happen sooner than later. YOSH & MIKEY are working on their St Paddy’s color schemes! More snow is melting. Great open mic and show last week. Can you open mic folks do us a HUGE favor and get down to Ralphs a little earlier so we can start on time? Thanks! Oooooh! ALSO SEVEN HILLS SLAM returns to SAHARA this Sunday, this is your next to last chance to earn your spot in this year’s Worcester Poetry Slam Team Finals, happening this May! Just Saying!


Monday March 9th! ADAM GOTTLIEB from Chicago! Plus IRON POET CHAMPIONSHIPS!

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FEATURE: ADAM GOTTLIEB is a poet-emcee/teaching-artist/singer-gottliebsongwriter/revolutionary from Chicago. (photo by Ryan Schorr) As a teen he was featured in the 2009 documentary film “Louder Than A Bomb,” about the world’s largest youth poetry slam festival by the same name. Since then, he’s performed and taught widely throughout Chicago, the U.S., and even the world, working as a facilitator of safe spaces for creative expression, cultural community-building, and social activism. He graduated from Hampshire College in 2012, where he studied poetry and critical gottlieb3pedagogy. In March 2014 he co-founded the Chicago chapter of the Revolutionary Poets Brigade, a network which uses the arts (and poetry in particular) as a tool for organizing and galvanizing social justice movements. That same year I was selected by the Guild Complex to be one of five emerging writers in a project called “Voices of Protest,” through which I participated in the “Kapittel” festival for Literature and Freedom of Speech in Stavanger, Norway. You can find him busking with his guitar in Roger’s Park or in the subway.
ironpoetbobbyBONUS RUCKUS: IRON POET CHAMPIONSHIPS! “GIBBS vs. WORSTER” – It’s that time, newly re-crowned champion ROBERT BLACKWELL GIBBS is taking a break from all his politicking to defend his title as former champ MELISSA WORSTER (of the Worcester Worsters) has re-engaged with the show and the scene in general with an eye on giving Bobby a run for his money (note: there is no actual money tied to this title, apart from highly lucrative endorsement deals that Dirty Gerund organizers get a piece of, just sayin…” 3 rounds or mayhem. 3 judges scoring on 3 categories, 3 poetic concoctions and of course one diabolical secret ingredient from our heralded chairman YOSH SHARTIN! Battle!
Word has it visual arts will be handled by ASHLEY TUCKER! Another_DSC8980 word has it that new friend CASSIE from Federation of Belligerent Writers will be volunteering snacks! MATT & the BASTARDS didn’t break any equipment last week, but did break all our brains with the amazing arrangements on DOC LUBEN‘s incredible poetry feature! We’ve got a lot of awesome show this week, so please arrive and sign up by 8:30pm so we can get things rolling on time! Dirty Gerund is gut punching winter until we get to spring! Congrats to Rainy on winning the last challenge! NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS misses you already! YOSH & MIKEY might feel that way too, but they’re playing it wayyyyy cooler. See you!

Monday March 2nd! DOC LUBEN from Porltand Oregon! Plus! The “Manifest Sunshine” Manifesting Challenge

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So many amazing times last week! Let’s continue to joy punch winter in it’s dumb guts with our shiny spirits! as we welcome…

FEATURED POET: DOC LUBEN is the two-time Poetry Slam Champion doclubenof the Portland, Oregon poetry slam, and was a finalist at the 2013 Individual World Poetry Slam. A writer and performer in L.A. and AZ since way back in the ancient 90s, his stage plays have been featured productions at the Arizona Classical Theater, and he was the Tucson Poetry Slam Champion in 2009. Doc was a panelist and performer at the 2010 Phoenix ComicCon Nerd Slam and was featured at the Rose City ComicCon, and has taught subversive youth workshops in writing and performance for two decades. He trained at the freakishly progressive California Institute of the Arts, where they absolutely do NOT have Walt Disney’s head frozen in the basement.

sunshine-faceBONUS RUCKUS: The “Let’s Manifest Some Sun Shine Already!” Manifesting Challenge! This is a writing challenge. Bring a poem that is guaranteed to help bring this cursed winter to an end already. Or write a poem on the spot that invites the warmth back into our dreary, fed up, hyper-tense, sock soaked lives. Let your words cast their ethereal glow on us, test the sky on its listening skills and replace the ground hog and spring training baseball as the new arbiters of a sunnier happier season! Bring us stanzas so radiant, harvest festivals are planned in YOUR honor! Anything to manifest the sun already! Super awesome prize, trophy and refreshing beverage for the winner!

Speaking of winter winners! Super props to the entire crew at SWEET March 7 Hills_zpsemrgoe5tWorcester, not only for visiting us in support of their coworker Michael G for his first time on the open mic, but also for raising the ruckus level for all our performers, mixing it up and volunteering a special snack time for this week! MATT & THE BASTARDS love to live up to their name and SMASH like the Hulk’s student loan officer. Guest visual arts this week by VOID SANSANGE! She’ll have a tough act to follow as AARON WHITE netted close to DG record auction levels this past week. YOSH is expected back this week in full health, which he’ll need if we get another incredible onslaught of support for this weeks show! MIKEY! Where you at?!!! Also don’t forget, SEVEN HILLS POETRY SLAM this Sunday night at SAHARA with special guest MEAGHAN FORD! 

Monday! Feb 23rd! Worcester Emcee ASHLEY DEYJ! Plus “Personify This” Writing Challenge! Visual Arts by AARON WHITE!

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So great to be back! So great so see how many DG fam-sters came through in our return! Like any old man, old man winter wants us to turn it down, but we continue to turn it up! So many notches!

FEATURED ARTIST: ASHLEY DeJARNETTE (aka ASHLEY DEYJ)ashleydeyj is a Worcester based musician who’s mission is to create expressions of truth throughout the world to educate people about self-worth and purpose. She is a rapper, singer, producer, actress, and also plays guitar. She graduated (with honores) from college in 2010 with a Bachelors in Legal Studies and Sociology while acquiring certification as a Paralegal, but came to the realization that her true calling was to educate the public through music and the arts. She decided not to become a statistic and to fully own her destiny as a musician and to always create expressions of truth in order to aid in the spiritual healing of humanity world-wide. She designed, created, and produced her debut album entitled “Lonely Girl Dreams” and is currently working on her second album which will be primarily spiritual, moving from realms of  struggle and hardship into self purpose and worth. Check out some music at

backpackBONUS RUCKUS: The first ever “PERSONIFY THIS!” Writing Challenge! NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS loves his backpack but is not a back-packer. Know what we mean? Neither do we. So NICHOLAS is also a chach-ki collector. He likes books and things and stuff and visiting recycling centers and adorning his space with all sorts of books and stuff and things. He will fill his back pack this Monday and bring it to the show. Your job? Pull an item outta his bag, and write a short poem, personifying what you find. Whoever does that the best at half time, wins a prize!

AARON WHITE will be returning to the easel to paint for you all this aaronwhite-gerundMonday! Sweet! MATT & The BASTARDS were so happy to be back, they didn’t break any of their equipment. We even punk rocked garage band practice jammed before the show cause we couldn’t contain our reunion excitement. Snacks shall be had (and they will be rad!) Thanks to EMILEE MORREALE for her blueberry cream beignettes (no time for spell check) thanks to ADRIANA for her V-DAY leftover chocolate pretzel bouquette! Thanks to MUNCHIES LATE NIGHT for the extra savory perrogie! Nuts to my inability to spell exotic food items properly. Feel free to bring me a dictionary this Monday, and YOSH & MIKEY can smack me in the bum with it between bringing you the best in food & drinks!


Monday! Feb 16th! Post Snow Party w/ JONATHAN WOLF & IRON POET QUALIFIER!

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If you had ever said we’d miss 3 weeks in a row, I woulda laughed in your face! Father winter is laughing and spitting his gansett foam on all of us right now! Let’s… uhm… humbly… try to do this….

wolfPOETRY FEATURE: Hacker, heckler, father, poet, electro-shock enthusiast JONATHAN WOLF has graced our stage before. Member and/or coach of multiple Worcester Poetry Slam Teams, Jonathan requested a show and chuckled mightily when we offered him the post Valentine’s Day gig. Get ready for two sets of love or not so much love from one of the preeminent performance poetry voices to ever grace a Worcester stage. Few local word-sters have committed to as much passion and/or brain data space to memorizing and delivering his favorite performance poets work, so a set of fast and fierce covers may also not be outta the question. Jon enjoys breakfast foods, anonymous, digital/analogue debates, factually based creation myths and making poems look and sound too good!

BONUS RUCKUS: IRON POET QUALIFIER: “WORSTER vs. SIMMONDS” – This is a real interesting matchup. MELISSA WORSTER (of the Worcester Worsters) is coming out of a rather long performance hiatus, ready to get her hands back on the IRON POET Champion landscapes (she won our March Madness Tourny a few years back). NICK SIMMONDS (pictured, photo by Christopher Clauss) is a hungry young fsimmondsace on the New England  Scene, slamming people’s faces off in Providence Rhode Island, where he currently resides. These two have never met before, much less met on stage, so this promises to be an intense match up. What’s missing? Well one secret ingredient from our chairman YOSH SHARTIN who’s now had weeks to whip up something good!

stopsnowCongrats on being dumb enough to accept all this record breaking snow Worcester! In sun shinier news, we never expected so many social media pings and pongs of our lovely family members who’ve been missing the show. We’re there with you! Thanks so much for not forgetting us! We have a feeling, that the second we all get back together again, the energy’s gonna smash like Hulk’s bigger brother who’s a bully by the way! School vacation this week! Teachers! Party with us! Visual Arts & Snacks and even house band? We’ll check in with ya’ll this weekend. We hope everybody’s safe, warm and rested up to rock with us this Monday! Woot!

Monday Feb2nd! CHANEL DUPREE from NYC! Plus “Personify THIS!” Writing Challenge!

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Okay folks two weeks in a row of monday night cabin fever! Unprecedented two week consecutive snow day cancellations at the Gerund! We can’t handle much more of this either so let’s take that pent up energy and help the city out by melting all this nasty snow biz away this Monday!

chanelPOETRY FEATURE: CHANEL DUPREE is a 21 year old spoken word artist who has been writing for ten years. Chanel was the only woman on the 2014 LouderARTS poetry slam team that advances to semi-finals at the National Poetry Slam in Oakland, California. Chanel Dupree was asked to perform on final stage. She’s featured at Yale University’s Global Health Conference, United Nations; promoting women’s advocacy and youth employment. Chanel has also been featured on “At the Inkwell” as one of their inspiring up and coming writers. Chanel’s writing style is one of storytelling and redemption. Spilling everything on the page, showing how being human is a beautiful battle.

BONUS RUCKUS: The “PERSONIFY THIS!” Writing Challenge! stuffYour host NICHOLAS DAVIS has too much stuff in his book bag sometimes. We thought we’d make good use of this and see what our Gerunders can do with some on-the-spot writing for prizes! Reach into the bag of stuff at the start of the show, write a short poem during the first half using our good friend personification (look it up) and deliver your original piece at half time for prizes and glory! Who knows what you’ll find in there. You might wanna wear gloves!

sevenhillsCan’t wait for Monday even? Check out SEVEN HILLS POETRY SLAM this SUNDAY at 7:30pm as they welcome BOBBY CRAWFORD & RAVEN McGILL! It’s gonna be an amazing show! Open slam for anyone who wants to be considered for the 2014 Worcester Slam Team! MATT & The Bastards House band activate! EVAN LUDY has graciously rescheduled to return for visual arts amazingness! Miss EMILEE misses you all so much and can’t wait to throw a snack at you! We can’t wait to see the poems ya’ll got saved up!

Monday Feb 2nd! We’re back! w/ ASTRID DREW from Providence! Plus! “Super Bowl Ad Blitz” Challenge!

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Oh wowweeeee! We miss you! This is the longest we’ve ever gone without hanging with you, so unless there’s another blizzard brewing!
POETRY FEATURE: ASTRID DREW is many things, but some of them astriddreware: writer, reader, archivist, organizer, and coffee-drinker. She has been a staff member of the Providence Poetry Slam for over four years, and was a member of the 2014 Providence Slam team that competed this past summer in Oakland California. When not writing, or researching maritime history like it’s her job (cause it is), she likes to go running with her pit bull mix, and attending live shows in her favorite little city.
BONUS RUCKUS: The POST SUPERBOWL AD BLITZ Hai-klue Guess Challenge. Okay, we’re not going to quiz you on football, but wecommercial totally feel justified in assuming ya’ll dig the (sometimes) creative juggernaut that is the Super Bowl Half Time Ads. We’re going to cull some of the most addictive, rubber necking, water cooler talkinest moments in what corporation paid too much money to run that? ad moments in TV history, write Hai-klues about them, and quiz you. First to get three correct and you win a half time super bowl party in a glass, on us!
MATT & THE BASTARDS house band activate! YOSH & MIKEY are The Dirty Gerund Poetry Showtwitching to serve you the best in everything! Snacks and visual arts and fun galore awaits you this Monday. This is the longest we’ve ever gone without that sweet snack time song and we can’t wait to welcome everyone back! Shoveling snow has made us ripped and we can’t wait to flex our party muscles this Monday! Oh crap, we don’t even know if the diner’s dug out yet!