Monday Feb 27th, EMMANUEL OPPONG-YEBOAH from Boston! Plus Prompt & Circumstance!

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POETRY FEATURE: EMMANUEL OPPONG-YEBOAH is a Ghanaian emmanuelAmerican poet living out the diaspora in Boston (Massachusetts). He is both Black & alive. Emmanuel is the reviews editor for Winter Tangerine and an associate editor for Pizza Pi Press. He currently serves as the Walltalk Teaching Artist for the Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston. His work has been published in The Hartford Courant, Bird’s Thumb, & Narrative Northeast. Emmanuel deeply believes in Blackness as spectrum – Blackness as something transformative and subversive, even within a space of regulated nonbeing. He enjoys hot carbs, brightly colored chapbooks, and the long sigh at the end of a good book.

BONUS RUCKUS: Let’s try this again, Prompt & Circumstance Challenge. We didn’t have the items last week, so we audibled with the palm pilot challenge to no great shock or disturbance! We’ll do the fun writing challenge where the random object is both your prompt and writing surface! Crazy! CATERED BY EMILEE is snacking us up! We were so blessed to have former house band leaders playing together last week as SHANE HALL came outta retirement for a night! Fun! VOID SANS ANGE painted her heart out, but not enough bids for the auction guarantees that we’ll sell the work next week first thing! YOSH, MIKEY & DORIAN are the staff withthe mostest! They’re tip top so tip them! Can’t wait till Monday? Make sure you support NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS THIS FRIDAY NIGHT! as he pre-released songy poems from his upcoming album!

Monday Feb 20th! HIEU MINH NGUYEN from Minneapolis! Plus “Prompt & Circumstance”

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POETRY FEATURE: HIEU MINH NGUYEN is the author of This Way hieuto the Sugar (Write Bloody Press, 2014) which was a finalist for both a Minnesota Book Awards and a Lambda Literary Awards. A queer Vietnamese American poet, Hieu is a Kundiman fellow and a poetry editor for Muzzle Magazine. His work has also appeared in the Southern Indiana Review, Guernica, Ninth Letter, Devil’s Lake, Bat City Review, the Paris-American, and elsewhere. Hieu is a nationally touring poet, performer, and teaching artist. He lives in Minneapolis where he flails his arms and forgets to take his clothes out of the dryer. Check out some work at:

BONUS RUCKUS: The return of the “PROMPT & CIRCUMSTANCE” – that’s right folks! Competitors are given a totally random object that serves as your poem prompt AND writing surface! One of our favorite games might have a school theme, seeing as how teachers are on break and can come get down with their studious selves! DEADSTICK & HAMBONE will jam with you… on instruments! CATERED by EMILEE will serve up the freshest snack! YOSH, MIKEY & DORIAN should be able to take care of any other of your winter needs!

Monday Feb 12th! TROY CUNIO from Orlando, FL! Plus “Dead-End Dating Game, VDay Style!”

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POETRY FEATURE: TROY KODY CUNIO is an Orlando native. He troycuniorepresented that city in the 2016 National Poetry Slam. He has published 2 collections and numerous chapbooks of poetry, as well as various individual poems in online and print journals. Troy has performed at open mics, slams, punk shows, art museums, dance parties, and street corners all over the country.

BONUS RUCKUS: The DEAD END DATING GAME, V-DAY Edition w/ NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS. Wanna go on a date with DG co-host NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS. I don’t. (we’re already living in sin.) But you never know, catch him in the right light and he appears downright charming, if not anti-creepy. Here’s the deal, we’ll take date candidates who’ll answer off the wall questions, survey style, then we’ll call on some of the craziest voices in our community to answer your questions for you, so we can keep thing as anonymous as plausible. Winner get’s an all expenses paid date w/ Nick to redbox, or… you can just have a drink on us!

BENJAMIN BLACKBIRD is back and will be handling visual arts this weekend! We’re trying to get the snow outta the way early this weekend, so we can be dug out and you can dig on all the sounds from house band DEADSTICK & HAMBONE, the best in cocktails from YOSH & MIKEY and all the laughs that ensue when we pass the bucket around! SNACKS by CATERING BY EMILEE! (thanks for your service last week FAITH!)

Monday Feb 6th! Local favorite NIC JEAN! Plus “Coach up this poem” Performance Challenge!

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POETRY FEATURE: NIC JEAN TURNER is an artist from the Greaternicjean Boston area with an affinity for vignettes, napping outdoors, and conversations that confront the human condition. She got her master’s in writing at 21, and expects to pay off her student loans by age 87. Nic is the winner of multiple Dirty Gerund Ruckusy Awards for 2016 and most recently won the opportunity to workshop her writing with none other than author Chuck Palahniuk and we’re featuring Nic in the hopes of putting her further over the top in fundraising for that trip to Oregon! check out more stuff at

BONUS RUCKUS: “COACH UP THIS POEM!” Performance Challenge. Super bowl, schmooper-bowl. Whether you care about football or not, whether you are a fan of ye olde towne team or not, whether you write and perform poems or not, we feel that there are some poems out there that could use a little more oomph! Grab your best motivational speaker voice and pump up the volume on some classic verse, like you were a football coach trying to get your team hype at half time! Poetry can also be a game of inches! Are you going to give that all!!!!???? We hope you will for a prize! DEADSTICK & HAMBONE will be on hand and those hands will be one instruments. Did you know they’re putting an album out with NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS and the release of that album is coming SOON!?!!! More open mic, snacks and live visual arts coming to town this Monday! Join us!




Monday, Jan 30th! GLADYS HIDALGO from Lynn! Plus “Drunk Text or Poem?” Guess Challenge!

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POETRY FEATURE: GLADYS HIDALGO is an alumni of Raw Art gladyshidalgoWorks having participated in R2R Film School and Art in Words, she has now joined the staff as a co-leading teaching artist for the Speak Up program. Her poetry is rooted in her Latinx ancestry. She has performed at some amazing events such as World Aids Day Boston, The American Voice 2015, Wheaton College’s iSpeak, Femme Nouveau Women’s Empowerment and The Massachusetts Promise Fellowship and Northeastern University’s MLK Day Event as well as co-hosted LTAB Crossing the Street Open Mic 2015. Gladys is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s in Creative writing.

BONUS RUCKUS: The return of the “Drunk Text or Poem?” Guessing Challenge! It’s one or the other people. Sometimes that regrettable message you sent is so wrapped in spontaneous fluid brilliance that the recipient is like “I don’t know who this person is or what they want, but that shit is deep!” We’re guessing you might be able to tell the difference. Get one correct win a point, win three points, win a drink on us. Get them wrong and you can go back to poetry school, or have your cell phone taken away!

ANA SOL PEREZ is back on the canvas arts! OFFICIAL RICE CAKE anaALERT, contact EMILEE before this Sunday evening to volunteer a snack, or else! Deadstick & Hambone are the house band and Niick will be joining them this Friday night for some poems, music and fun! MIKEY, YOSH & DORIAN are counting the days till the Super Bowl, or was it Spring? Find out this Monday! Alex will be back this Monday, does anyone care? He does. Some great features coming up on the horizon, stay tuned for all the madcap fun! Viva la resistance!

Monday Jan 23rd – NPS Finalist SAM RUSH from House Slam! Plus! Visual Artist DON HARTMANN

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POETRY FEATURE: SAM RUSH is from South Florida and began samrushwriting poems after developing progressive hearing loss and realizing how many words each word could be. Sam is a three-time competitor in the National Poetry Slam and was a 2016 finalist as a member of The House Slam team. Their work has been featured work featured in in The Offing, Public Pool, Drunk in a Midnight Choir and on Button Poetry and SlamFind. Sam has spent the last decade working with youth across the U.S. and internationally.

BONUS RUCKUS: THE “WHERE’S ALEX?” HAIKU CHALLENGE: Yo, you’re humble co-host ALEX CHARALAMBIDES only misses the show when he’s gotta travel on business. He’s flying to Houston this weekend for a conference and we’re going to offer some stage time to clever individuals who think they can come up with a better story than that to explain his whereabouts. Bring a 17 syllable alibi, in case the authorities come looking. Best explanation gets a drink on us!

Worcester Arts Council Fellowship Winner DON HARTMANN rocks the hartmannpaint brushes for the first time at the Gerund! Check out his work at RICE CAKE ALERT someone’s gotta get at EMILEE this weekend  to volunteer a snack OR ELSE it will be awful, just awful rice cakes this monday! DEADSTICK & HAMBONE will be on hand for the jams. YOSH, MIKEY & DORIAN will be on hand to escort you out if you can’t behave! We (mostly) always behave! This show is gonna rock! Alex would’ve loved it.

Monday Jan 16th, LIV McKEE from Albany NY! Plus!

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FEATURED POET: LIV McKEE is a queer spoken word artist and slam livmckeepoet, dancer, musician, farmer, and activist born and raised in New Paltz, NY. She has been moving up and down the Hudson River ever since, studying at Skidmore College, and settling recently in Troy, NY. Writing and speaking her poetry for the last 6 years, her poetry touches on topics of healing self and community, dismantling white supremacist heteropatriarchy, the immaculate beauty of landscape, and radical self love. Liv has featured her poetry at open mics all over NY, and in 2012 took 1st place at a Nuyorican Poet’s Cafe slam. She currently competes with Albany’s Nitty Gritty Slam Team in competitions across the US. This year she helped the team take first place in the 2016 NorthBeast Slam in Amherst, MA in September and placed 33rd out of 100 poets at the 2016 Individual World Poetry Slam in Flagstaff, AZ. Apart from (or wildly integrated within) writing and performing poetry, in her free time you may find Liv organizing with local activist groups, swimming, singing with a guitar, mountain climbing, having conversations with the moon, and playing old time fiddle music.

BONUS RUCKUS: First PROMPT & CIRCUMSTANCE of 2017 – you know the deal, we bring objects, you get one at random. That kooky object serves as both your poem prompt and writing surface! MARK & CHRIUS should be back at full(ish) band splendor! JESSICA LOVINA will be rocking some visual arts this week! RICE CAKE ALERT if somebody doesn’t offer up some good snack noms for week after next (like, tell us at the show) we’re gonna go rice cake on you the following week! There will be no upstairs crazy bashing your head noise upstairs next week, promise! YOSH, MIKEY & DORIAN will bring you the best in getting served, like serivce.