Monday April 29th! Local friend JOY POND book release feature! Plus “Emily Dickinson on Helium” Challenge!

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POETRY FEATURE: JOY POND is a Worcester County based poet/painter/singer and aspiring banjo player. She’s been writing and singing for many years, but recently let heartache fuel her art in a way of healing, rather than self destruction. She is dedicated to her use of words, and connecting with people through poetry. Letting those with emotional pain know that they are not alone. Joy will be celebrating the release of her debut chap-book “And so it goes”! We don’t always book local readers, but when someone has been working as hard and as joyously (pun intended) on their craft and is amped to get that work out into the world, we’re more than happy to help celebrate that!

BONUS RUCKUS: THE EMILY DICKINSON ON HELIUM CHALLENGE – our annual foray into the silly ponderings of what some of the most famous poets may have sounded like? We aren’t blessed with audio recordings of Emily’s work, so we thought we’d bring some poems and some inflated balloons and wonder what the alternative universe of sounds might like sound like. Best high pitched performance gets a drink on us!

AKIBA DAVIS & AARON LEDGER will be offering the sweet house band sounds! KING OF THE WEIRD is providing the live arts. We’ll have snacks and open mic and beverages and lots of fun! Can we have Gerund outside yet? Follow us on the instagram and youtube channels. Monday’s are where it’s at!

Monday April 22nd! KORALY DIMITRIADIS from Australia! Plus “Prompt & Circumstance” Challenge!

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POETRY FEATURE: KORALY DIMITRIADIS is a Cypriot-Australian writer and actor. She is the author of the Australian poetry bestseller Love and Fuck Poems and the recent Just Give Me The Pills, and together they form the basis for her theatre show “Saying The Wrong Things”. Koraly has also made a short film series of her poems called “The Good Greek Girl Film Project”. She is a freelance opinion writer and has also been published in The Washington Post.  (photo credit: Kaliopi Malamas Smaller)

Bonus Ruckus: The Return of the “PROMPT & CIRCUMSTANCE” Writing & Presentation Challenge! One of our favorite games is back as we bring in several random random RANDOM objects. Your task? Receive one at random. The object will then serve as both your writing prompt AND your writing surface. Best new poem born that night gets a frosty prize on us!

KING OF THE WEIRD may have a DG ZINE out soon! Make sure you follow us on Instagram and subscribe to our youtube channel! Word has it we have a snack time contributor for next week so look out! Is it summer yet? When can we play outside?

Monday April 15! SAPLING rocks the Dirty Gerund! Plus! Cover Poem Challenge!

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FEATURED ARTIST(S) – Central Mass based rock outfit SAPLING (photo credit @colemanrphotos) is pulling DOUBLE duty this Monday, as both our featured guests AND house band for the evening. These experimental post-punk, indie, art, rocksters are currently embarking on their first studio recordings sessions this summer and we’re raising some funds and ruckus to help get these songs on vinyl! Super friends of the Dirty Gerund RAINY MAPLE SUGAR CANDY, AMBER TORTERELLI AND JOHNNY SPAGHETTI CORDARO all play multiple instruments, have been playing stages throughout Massachusetts since 2016, and are taking names (on a mailing list of some sort we assume?). Bands they dig include Mclusky, Sebadoh, Mission of Burma, Shellac, Jesus Lizard, Minibeast, & Future of the Left. They’re about to be your favorite band, so check out some live tracks at and get hip!

BONUS RUCKUS: COVER POEM CHALLENGE – bring your favorite work by another author, sign up (we’ll take up to 6 performers) and deliver their lines like you wrote em! Best performance wins a drink on us (and maybe a selection from our library for you to use at the next cover challenge)!

Visual arts by @stikipictures! People, JOY POND needs a break, so we’re in an OFFICIAL RICE CAKE ALERT – someone write us on our facebook page to volunteer a snack this Monday, or else, you get the dreaded rice cake! Will this Monday finally bring us outside for our first patio show? Go sports team, I mean, go art outside team!

Monday April 8th! RICHARD FOX features! Plus IRON POET QUALIFIER!

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POETRY FEATURE: RICHARD FOX dreams three-decker rainbows encircling The Woo. When not writing about rock ’n roll or youthful transgressions, his poems focus on cancer from the patient’s point of view drawing on hope, humor, and unforeseen gifts. He is the author of three poetry collections: Time Bomb (2013), wandering in puzzle boxes (2015), You’re my favorite horse (2017) and a chapbook: The Complete Uncle Louie Poems (2017). The winner of the 2017 Frank O’Hara Prize, he seconds Stanley Kunitz’ motion that people in Worcester are “provoked to poetry.”

We love Richard. He’s a great community spirit and we can’t wait to feature his work on our stage! If you can’t wait, check out some work on his site, or directly here:  “It was one of us”

BONUS RUCKUS: IRON POET QUALIFIER – we’re cooking up a super challenge with super challengers to see just who has the chops to challenge long reigning champion, ASHLEY WONDER! We’ll let you know in the next couple days who we’re pitting against one another. Will it be you?

More live music and open mic (which have been packed and wonderful lately!) Shout-out to NARK LIZZARD who repped the DG’s honor at last weekend’s Midnight Cabaret Show! Word has it JOY POND will be visual art-ing again while bringing the snack time joy into our lives! Will this Monday be the first outdoor show of the year?! TOMA will be on hand to make us all youtube (in)famous!


Monday March 25th! JASON HENRY SIMON-BIERENBAUM from Philly! Plus Some Nick B-Day Shenanigans!

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FEATURED ARTIST: JASON HENRY SIMON-BIERENBAUM first realized he could make people laugh at age 8 when his mom was upset with him and joking got him out of trouble. He tried that same material out on his classmates the next day to a unanimous response of “BeerBomb, you’re not funny.” He has since learned to broaden his target demographics beyond middle aged Jewish ladies who gave birth to him. Jason has fancy accolades and degrees in poetry that he now mainly uses as punchlines. Much to the dismay of comedy hosts everywhere, he only goes by his full obnoxiously long name. You probably didn’t seen him briefly introduce a 10am talk show one time when he was 18 and you probably didn’t see him when he was performing in Krakow Poland, please welcome….

BONUS RUCKUS: Something, something, It’s Nick’s Birthday or some day close to Nick’s Birthday Flattery Writing Challenge! Okay we get it. Nick is ten kinds of freak, but he also has his bad points and needs CONSTANT positive feedback to water his drinks with! Bring some of your kindest most generous words for the dude and you could win a drink on us to toast him with. Look, we’ve roasted the ever loving duck out of him, we gotta re-build! Also, Nick would love it if you attended his feature this SUNDAY at Listen Reading Series!

JACOB & NICHOLAS make some mean sandwiches during the day, then rock out with Mean Spirit most other times. Come get warm in their house band glow this Monday! KING OF THE WEIRD is rocking the guest visual arts! Happy Spring Ya’ll!

Monday, 3/18! Double Feature Woah! DEVINE & von RADICS at the DG! Plus! IRON POET CHAMPIONSHIPS!

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POETRY DOUBLE FEATURE: CLEMENTINE von RADICS is a queer poet based in Brooklyn. They are the author of the collections Dream Girl and Mouthful of Forevers, which appeared on multiple bestseller lists and was nominated for a Goodreads choice award. Clementine has toured internationally and across the US over the past 5 years. Originally from Oregon, Clementine presented the Portland Poetry Slam 5 times at national poetry competitions. Their forthcoming collection, In a Dream You Saw a Way to Survive will be released by Andrews McMeel Universal in April 2019.

DEVIN DEVINE is a stand up comedian and writer and graduate from Gonzaga University, with two degrees in theatre performance and creative writing. She laughs and writers her way through issues of trauma, mental health, sexuality, and love. She has self-published three chapbooks, ‘Feral Empathy’, ‘Crying on the Toilet’, and ‘Domestic and Fowl’.

BONUS RUCKUS: IRON POET CHAMPIONSHIPS (for real, this time!) ASHLEY WONDER defends her long-held crown vs upstart JOY POND! What will the secret ingredient be? Mysteries of life….. NADIA @agastopia (on insta) will handle the live visual arts this week. We’ve been riding some huge momentum the past couple weeks and dare say we, this has been the best winter evah! Let’s knock another one out the park this week and let the plants, birds and artists know that we’re going SPRING FULL TILT!


Monday 3/11! EIREAN BRADLEY visits again! Plus

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POETRY FEATURE: No stranger to our stage, EIREAN BRADLEY owns a punk rawk coffee shop in Fitchburg Mass (the bleeding edge of the dying industrial east.) He makes the best cappuccino in Central Mass. He also does poems really well. This multiple time national poetry slam veteran (Arizona, Portland OR) relocated to the Northeast some years back to bring us all better caffeine, has had a huge hand in making Drunk In a Midnight Choir a thing, and has books out on University of Hell Press! He’s loud, brash and runs a super cool reading at his coffee shop on Thursdays! Road trip!

BONUS RUCKUS: “They’re Tragically Delicious!” Limerick Challenge – A limerick is a form of verse, usually humorous and frequently rude, in five-line, predominantly anapestic[1] meter with a strict rhyme scheme of AABBA, in which the first, second and fifth line rhyme, while the third and fourth lines are shorter and share a different rhyme. The form appeared in England in the early years of the 18th century.[4] It was popularized by Edward Lear in the 19th century,[5] although he did not use the term. We’re gona bring limericks AND marshmallows, cause we’re immature like that. You select a random number from our random number generator, and that’s how many marshmallows you’d gonna need to puff your cheeks with before you perform your limerick. Best performance gets something to wash those globs of sugar down with.

MEAN SPIRIT back in the house as house band! JOY POND takes her first stab at making live visual art at the show! We’ve got a youtube channel now (whaaaa?) you should like subscribe! and many thanks to TOMA for making us look better than we have any right to! Stay tuned with news about the first Dirty Gerund Zine coming soon, thanks to KING OF THE WEIRD. Is it a summer Monday yet?