Monday June 20th! SARA MAE from FEMS SLAM! Plus

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FEATURED POET: SARA MAE is a Taurus sun and crystal witch currently trying to ground herself in Boston, Massachusetts. She is known to be a public cryer, otherwise known as a slam poet. She is the 2017 IWPS rep for Slam Free or Die, a 2018 Emerson College CUPSI team member, and a 2018 Boston Poetry Slam NPS team member. She is a head organizer for the Feminine Empowerment Movement Slam (FEMS) Organization. Her work is published or forthcoming from Tinderbox, Peach Mag, Breakwater Review and elsewhere. Her first chapbook, Priestess of Tankinis is out in July via Game Over Books. She believes in the magic of blue bicycles and orange lipstick. She hopes you think her bangs are not too long.

BONUS RUCKUS: PROMPT & CIRCUMSTANCE CHALLENGE – yup, we’re back with a bag (or box?) of zany items that will serve as both your writing prompt and writing surface! Best performance nets you a drink on us and all participants get to keep their junk we found in our house!

Oh to be back out on the patio! MARK LEIGHTON leads the band, ASHLEY FERENCIK will be back as guest visual artist (champion of the miniature sculpture!) Anyone on snacks? Share your kitchen art with us this monday and get a bag of swag from Nick! Let’s art party summer style! ALEX CHARALAMBIDES will be featuring at Listen! Poetry Reading at Nick’s Bar this Sunday night!


Monday, June 18th! ERIC SIROTA from Chicago! Plus Iron Poet Qualifier!

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FEATURED POET: ERIC SIROTA is a spoken word poet, author, and do-gooder lawyer residing in Champaign, Illinois by way of Chicago. He is a two-time Grand Slam Champion – of Chicago’s Mental Graffiti in 2013 and Chicago’s Lethal Poetry in 2014. In 2013, his team competed in semi-finals at the National Poetry Slam in Boston. Eric was the 2015 co-Champion of the Great Plains Poetry Pile-up. His work has been widely featured on Button Poetry, gaining him the number 1 Best of Button spot in January 2016 for his poem “Written in Real-Time” and the number 2 Best of Button spot for multiple weeks as well as on the Best of Button August 2016 album for his poem “Virginity, Lost.” Eric‘s notable page publications include his recent chapbook, Holy Days, was recently published as an ebook by FreezeRay Press. His poems about Chanukah, Cookie Monster, and The Lion King were also published in FreezeRay. He has two poems featured in the Not Our President anthology recently published by ThoughtCrimes Press. Eric was the winner of the 2015 Springfield Writer’s Guild Humorous Poetry prize for his poem about Cookie Monster. Eric is a proud member of the Midwest Interfaith Poets. Eric currently supervises students who provide free representation to borrowers in foreclosure at the University of Illinois College of Law. You can’t miss him. He’s the tallest Jew for miles.

BONUS RUCKUS: IRON POET QUALIFIER – we’re looking for two poets to compete for a chance to dethrone reigning champion ASHLEY WONDER next month for the Iron Poet Championship? What happens during this contest? Two poets received a special ingredient at the beginning of the show. Then they write 1. original haiku, 2. short free form poem and 3. incorporate the ingredient into a poem they’ve read before. After the first half of the show, poets battle. Three judges give points on taste, creativity and use of the secret ingredient. Trust us, it’s a hoot!

Newcomer MIKE has promised some songs and a plate of home baked cookies for snack time! We’ll have the house band and visual artist in two. Let’s hope for glorious weather, so we can bask in the patio glow (Disclaimer: Glow generated by artificial lights, and sometimes, the moon.). Rock with us!

Monday June 11th! LEWIS MORRIS “ALIVE” Worcester Album Release Party! Plus “Prose Cuddle” Challenge

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FEATURED ARTIST: LEWIS MORRIS is a Providence Based Poet, beat maker, teaching artist & rapper, dropping a third full album release this weekend, “Alive” is the highly anticipated new work and we’re incredibly grateful that our friend is premiering the work in Worcester this Monday! Lewis made a name for himself, bringing sharp, image rich, honest, verbally intricate work through Providence Poetry Slam, since then, he founded the Mass Art Poets Alliance, co-founded and toured extensively with Flatline Collective and performed his poems at conferences, schools and galleries across New England and beyond! Get ready to stand up and move!

BONUS RUCKUS: The “Prose Cuddle” is our response to the rap battle. Instead of rhyming and tearing apart your opponent, you just need to poetically compliment your opponent, winning “awwwws” from the audience! Whoever’s literally the “nicest” will win prize!

MOLLY ROSE is our guest visual artist! Expect music, open mic, visual arts and hopefully, some snacks (we need a volunteer, get at us through the FB event invite). If the weather’s decent, we’ll be back outside on the patio at Ralph’s!

Monday May 28th, OPEN CASH POETRY SLAM “Dirty Gerund Rules” – Plus! Guest House Band MEAN SPIRIT!

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(Due to unforseen circumstances, our scheduled feature from out of town needed to cancel and we’ll need to re-schedule them at a later date. That means, we’re turning the mic over to you!) OPEN CASH MONEY POETRY SLAM with special “Dirty Gerund” Rules will be in tap for this Monday Night. Bring your two best poems that run under 3 minutes in time. ROUND ONE – “Perform with the band, you may instruct the band on tone and feel, or leave it to fate, but you must perform with them backing you! ROUND TWO – “Nick’s bag of tricks” expect the unexpected. Nick might give you a prop, a stage direction, a random hype person, a blindfold, we don’t know, Nick’ll figure it out when he gets there! Winner of the two round slam will get $50, count em, $50 american dollars for their trouble!

Guest visual artist LAM NGUYEN is one of our favorites! MEAN SPIRIT is your guest house band and we hope to hear a few of their originals as well. We hope the weather cooperates, as outside patio shows are THE place to be this Spring into Summer! Anyone volunteering snacks? Nick has instituted a bag of random swag (books, cd’s, ephemera) while we literally sing your praises from stage! MARK LEIGHTON & MILO BOY WONDER’s new musical project THE LOVE GODS are making their debut this weekend at Ralph’s for MATTHEW FLYNN’s ThoughtBomb show featuring Bibbe Handon and Jacqueline Frances, and is sure to be a kick ass time!


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POETRY FEATURE: WHEELER LIGHT lives in Boulder, Colorado, where he writes and leads poetry workshops for Art From Ashes. A Pushcart Prize nominee and recipient of the Difficult Fruit Poetry Prize, he strives to create poetry in which trauma and healing can exist together. Light was a member of the 2017 Mercury Cafe National Poetry Slam team representing Denver and has featured at open mics across the country. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in Hobart Pulp, New Delta Review, The Meadow, and Pretty Owl Poetry, among others.

BONUS RUCKUS: IRONS POET CHAMPIONSHIP “Wonder vs. Killay” – It’s that time again, Iron Poet Champion ASHLEY WONDER defends her title vs. #1 contender JAKE KILLAY! Three rounds, three poetic concoctions, 3 judges giving points on three criteria and one diabolical secret ingredient! Can you stand the heat in this kitchen? Can you?

MARK LEIGHTON on the music stuff. MICHAEL MORLOCK will be our guest visual artist. Who’s got the snacks? We’ve had two weeks in a row outside, let’s root for that temperate weather, so we can be on the patio!

Monday, May 14th, JUNE MELBY features! Plus! 140 Character “Tweet Tweet” Writing Challenge!

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FEATURED ARTIST: JUNE MELBY is a poet, musician, and former standup comedian.  The author of My Family and Other Hazards (Holt, 2014), a memoir about growing up on a retro 1950s miniature golf course, which was a New York Times Bestseller. As a spoken word artist she has performed at literary festivals, national poetry slams, and in Europe. She is the voice of “Bang” one of the evil aliens in the movie Space Jam with Michael Jordan.  She has a album of spoken word and music with her band June Melby and Her Future Enemies, and received an MFA from the University of Iowa.  Currently June lives in a log cabin in the woods with her husband and a twenty-pound cat named Ferdinand Magellan.

BONUS RUCKUS: TWEET TWEET Writing Challenge! (rescheduled from last week) Think you can change the world in 140 characters? Most celebrities think they can! We’ll have a drink on the line for the performer who can best make us gasp with a poetic 140 characters (bonus points for hash-tagging something about us at the Dirty Gerund. CO-HOST ALEX CHARALAMBIDES will be back from work/then/illness sebatical and is ready for ruckus! Thanks to NARK LIZZARD for holding down the co-hosting slot! MARK LEIGHTON will hold it down musically. Think we’re in the market for snacks and visual arts, hit us up on the social medias, as NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS will probably be at the closest pond, lake, body of water cause it’s SPRINGTIME and we plan on being outside, weather permitting, from here on out! We out!


Monday May 7th! ANJIMILE sings the Gerund! Plus The “Tweet Tweet!” writing challenge!

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FEATURED ARTIST: ANJIMILE is a first-generation Malawian-American who grew up in the suburbs of Richardson, Texas. Their experiences with racism, homophobia and xenophobia in the deep south form the basis of their radical queer politics. The crux of their musical output is a gooey center of emotionality and tenderness informed by the power of their intersectional identities. A staple in the Boston indie music scene since their debut EP ‘In the Garden’ in 2012, Anjimile’s eclectic forays into ambient folk, indie rock and electro pop are bound together by an incredibly haunting and otherworldly singing voice. Anjimile is currently signed to Human Nature Records, a Boston-based independent label, and two tracks (“Golden Hands” and “To Meet You There”) from their most recent EP ‘Good Boy’ were featured in the independent film Anything (2017) starring John Carroll Lynch, Maura Tierney and Matt Bomer. Their musical influences include Sufjan Stevens, Lauryn Hill, Born Ruffians, Radiohead, TV on the Radio, and Real Estate.  Anjimile identifies as queer/trans/gender non-conforming and uses they/them or he/him pronouns. check out some tunes at

BONUS RUCKUS: “Tweet Tweet!” Writing Challenge! We stole this from NARK LIZZARD (thanks for stepping into host the last couple weeks, luv ya!), who, we believe, stole it from the internet! We got a lotta show for you this Monday, so let’s keep the ruckus short, like 140 characters short! Your job as contestant, write a life changing poem using 140 characters (includes exclamation points!!!! so be careful!). Bonus claps for hashtags involving some of your favorite gerundisms! Best tweet gets a neat prize (had to go with the rhyme scheme, the prize is a drink on us!). CHAD JULIAN is our favorite comic-book seller in town and a fine artist! He might totally capture your aura cartoon style! Buy ART! Rumor has it Alex will be back to host the first half (hooooooray….. i guess…) The band will be back, the weather might even allow us to return to the great outdoors! Patio anybody? Who’s got snacks?