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Monday Nov 28th! GABRIEL RAMIREZ from NYC! Plus super secret bonus ruckus!

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POETRY FEATURE: GABRIEL RAMIREZ is a Afro-Latinx poet, ramirezactivist, and teaching artist. Gabriel is a youth mentor at Urban Word NYC and has received fellowships from The Watering Hole, Willow Books and Callaloo. Gabriel has performed on Broadway at the New Amsterdam Theatre, United Nations, Lincoln Center, Apollo Theatre and other venues & universities around the nation. Gabriel was featured in Huffington Post, VIBE Magazine, Blavity, Upworthy, The Flama and at a TEDxYouth Conference.  Gabriel has gone on to represent New York City at the National Poetry Slam festival on teams ranking top 10 in 2014 and 2015. You can find his work in various spaces, including Youtube, and in publications like The Volta, Jasper, VINYL and forthcoming in The Offing, African Voices and Afro-Latino Poetry Anthology (Arte Público Press 2016).

Super secret bonus ruckus (that and we haven’t figured out what it is yet due to holiday turkey binges). We’ll have visual arts and snacks I promise! Hope to see you there!

Monday Nov 21st! CHRYSANTHEMUM TRAN from Providence! Plus Give Thanks(?) Hai-clue Challenge!

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POETRY FEATURE: CHRYSANTHEMUM TRAN is an emerging queer chrysand trans Vietnamese American poet, performer & teaching artist based in Providence, RI. In 2016, they became the first transfeminine poet to ever reach finals stage at the Women of the World Poetry Slam, ranking 12th among women slam poets. They are a three-time semifinalist at the College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational, where they were awarded “Best Poet,” “Best Poem,” and “Best Writing By A Team” in 2016, and “Pushing the Art Forward” in 2015. They were also a member of the champion team for the 2016 Rustbelt Regional Poetry Slam. Representing Providence Poetry Slam, they were a semifinalist at the 2015 National Poetry Slam. Above all, they constantly dream of Southeast Asian and southern fried cooking.

BONUS RUCKUS: Give robbin’ banks of thanks hai-clue guess dgchallenge! Even though it feels like there’s almost nothing to be thankful about these days, even though we lost so much this past year, incredible artists, our collective mind, our national dignity, even though the upcoming holiday is painful for so many and founded on myths that hide the real history of atrocity towards native americans and the continued challenges to hold on to basic human rights amidst the corporate power grab… we at the Gerund wish to articulate the things we are still trying to find the words to be thankful for, even if it’s just a new reader on the mic, the energy to keep fighting and organizing, the comfort of friendship! We’ll spit 17 syllable hai-clues, you guess at what we’re talking about  and get a point, the first to three points wins a drink on us!

We’ll be back with the band, the visual artists (get at Nick if you’re interested) a yummers snack from Ms. EMILEE (thanks for hooking us up last week Todd!) open mic and the best in surly chat from staff YOSH, MIKEY & DORIAN! If you can’t wait for some good times at Ralph’s, check out Gerunder MATTHEW FLYNN’s THOUGHT BOMB SHOW this Saturday at Ralph’s! Really eclectic talent coming through! Until then….

Monday Nov 14th – TIM HALL visits the DG! Plus SUPER MOON Poem Guess Challenge!

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POETRY FEATURE: TIM HALL is an educator, artist, and entrepreneur, timhall from Detroit, MI. He began playing music at the age of 10, and found poetry in college as a way to share his thoughts on paper. After college Tim joined a poetry collective called Wisdom Beyond Words where he crafted his bold stage presence and vibrant imagery. Tim Hall draws inspiration from his lived experiences, charting the nuances of blackness, masculinity, and the beauties of life. He has performed in spaces all around the Midwest and Greater Boston areas, and has opened for artists such as Neiel Israel, Regie Gibson, the Asia Project of BET’s Def Poetry Jam, and soul singer Lalah Hathaway. Tim Hall has a Masters in Education and currently serves as a resident director at Berklee College of Music using his skills to create programming, workshops, and curriculum as a way to help others on their journey to living a fulfilling life. He is also a member of the Society of Urban Poetry, and a Co-Founder/Artist with HipStory music label. He is thankful for every opportunity to share his art and connect with others.

BONUS RUCKUS: The SUPER MOON poem guess challenge! “Lookmoon in the sky? Is it a super moon, or a super intense metaphor for how I feel about that special someone?!!!” That’s right, the TV meteorologists have given us the heads up, way up on a SUPER MOON coming this way Monday night, (biggest since 1948) instead of howling (in addition to howling) we’re going to bring snippets of poems about the moon, and poems about love! We’re gonna select three contestants to play a guessing game. You tell us is these stanzas are about the moon or love, get a point, first to three wins a frothy prize to wash down all that astronaut ice cream!

Dirty Gerund regular SHANNON DONNELLY will be rocking the visual arts cavnas this Monday! RICE CAKE ALERT has been averted thanks to the culinary talents and volunteer efforts of TODD DEAL! House band activate! This country is feeling topsy turvy right now, on behalf of the Dirty Gerund poetry show, we promise to keep things as weird as we’ve ever kept them, we got hugs on tap! Just sayin!


Monday Nov 7th! ERICH HAYGUN returns! Plus PROMPT & CIRCUMSTANCE! Plus ANA SOL arts!

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POETRY FEATURE: ERICH HAYGUN breaks the 5 time feature-clubhaygun this Monday with his rapid fire, impassioned delivery and expertly crafted words! Erich was a member of the 2015 House Slam Boston, National Poetry Slam winning team! He’s repped his home town of Boston, Vancouver BC and Providence on the national scene and currently curates the incredible CHEAP SEATS series in Cambridge, serves as Executive Director of Somerville Non-Profit BOOKS OF HOPE, and wrecks shop at JP’s WHITEHAUS FAMILY RECORD DIY Community! Uncompromising, loud and electric, this cat is always a house favorite at the DG!

BONUS RUCKUS: Return of the ever popular “PROMPT & writeCIRCUMSTANCE” writing challenge! Ever get chastised for writing on other people’s stuff? We feel you. Feel you so much in fact, that we’re going to let you write original poems all over our stuff. We’re bringing back this challenge, bringing an array of esoteric items which will serve both as your random poem prompt, as well as your super random writing surface! Best piece gets a drink on us. You also get to keep your poem! Honestly we respect the copyrite laws and really don’t want to put that stuff back in Nick’s car.

ANA SOL is burning up the Worcester Art World, phoenix style and we’re anaso humbled that she’s willing to visit us once again to rock the canvas! People are paying crazeee dollars for her work on display around town, this is your chance to invest in your financial future while getting to brag that you own an original! EMILEE “SNACKTIME QUEEN” MORREALE set the bar high last week with her mummified jalapeno poppers! Let’s peep what she brings to our taste buds this week! ANDREW, ALEX & MATT are ready to rock the tines! YOSH, MIKEY & DORIAN are ready to rock the best in surly customer service! Last Gerund before the election! Can you say Xanax?

Monday! Oct 31st! SPOOKY GERUND w/ RYK McINTYRE & CHRISTIAN DRAKE! Plus Halloween Persona Challenge!

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This year halloween fell on a Monday! No we’re not going to take your candy bag! We’re going to invite you to dress up as yourself or someone or dgdoublefeaturesomething else and join us for a holiday party that actually lands on the day it’s celebrating! POETRY FEATURE(S): RYK McINTYRE & CHRISTIAN DRAKE are two of the most highly decorated performance poets in the NorthBeast Region and they’ve promised to bring something extra beasty for a double bill that’s gonna creature double poetry feature you to the max! Combined, they’ve represented 17,000 poetry slam teams, have toured throughout multiple galaxies and been published more often than the Gospel according to Luke. These guys got brainsssss……

BONUS RUCKUS: THE COSTUME PERSONA POEM CHALLENGE – tired of being yourself? We definitely hear that! Now’s your chance to be franksomeone or something else. both figuratively AND literally! Dress up and bring a poem from the point of view of your costume! Special prizes for the poet who best embodies their costume! TODD DEAL splattering some paint on canvas for your auction bidding dollar! (Scream) Queen of Snacks EMILEE MORREALE will be back at it after LOUISE NORMYN stepped into snack us this past Monday! The band will be in play and playing! Me and Nick are struggle busing some costumes as we speak! We’ll also bring all the candy that didn’t get passed out to the neighborhood kids, because we’re jerks like that. Come to the show and chastise us. We can take it! YOSH, MIKEY & DORIAN will provide the best in burgers, chili, drinks and bouncing arts! Be safe out there, and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!! don’t wear racist costumes. Like, really. Google that!

Monday Oct 24th! RACHEL KANN returns from LA! Plus Thed EDGAR ALLEN POPPERS Challenge!

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POETRY FEATURE: TEDx Poet RACHEL KANN is a modern-day rachmystic: irreverently reverent and exuberantly human. Her most recent work, The Upward Spiral, (a spoken word album with ambient electronica music,) is a collaboration with music producer Jaz 1 on the M87 record label. She’s a Write Club Los Angeles champ and resident writer for Hevria, where she is also featured as a performing artist on The Hevria Sessions. Her poetry has been featured on Morning Becomes Eclectic on NPR and as The Weather on the podcast phenomenon, Welcome to Night Vale. Her poetry and short story collection, 10 For Everything, is available from Orange Ocean Press. Her writing (poetry and fiction) also appears in journals such as Eclipse, Permafrost, Coe Review, Sou’wester, GW Review, Quiddity, and Lalitamba. You can find her work in anthologies including A Poet’s Haggadah, Word Warriors from Seal Press, His Rib from Penmanship Press, and Knocking at the Door from Birch Bench Press. She has three albums, The Upward Spiral, Ptolemaic Complex & Word to the WHY?s, and collaborates with producers such as Jaz 1, End.User, Tack-Fu, and conductor/composer Gee Gee Gallegos. To learn more or check out some work, get at

BONUS RUCKUS: THE EDGAR ALLEN POPPERS Performance Challenge! Why mess with the sauce when you can go right to the source! poeWe don’t have a fryalator at Ralphs Diner and as the creepy autumn time approaches on many Gerunder’s favorite holiday, we figured we explore soe work from one of the original gothic voices, EDGAR ALLEN POE, and are asking our contestants to read short snippets of his work. The creepy twist, you have to down a raw hot pepper before you do so! Now you can spit hot fire and some seeds. We’re probably gonna up the ante on prize this week! Bring the pathos!

LOS CRETIN from Factory of Terror Fame will be rocking some canvas arts for us this Monday! The band will be on point and we may be wearing extra layers if this weather keeps creepin! See you so sooon!

Monday! Oct 17th! KALEIGH O’KEEFE returns! Plus “Are you LISTENing?” Challenge

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POETRY FEATURE: KALEIGH O’KEEFE is a queer poet, visual artist, musician, photographer, designer, educator, and the only performer in Boston to host a series of open mics while wearing footy pajakaleighmas. During a three year tenure as President of The OFFICIAL MassArt Poetry Alliance (2013-2015), Kaleigh organized and hosted open mics, poetry slams, and special events, including Louder Than A Bomb Massachusetts. After receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts with Academic and Departmental Honors, Kaleigh moved on to become a founding member of Strength of Doves Productions, an agency that represents activist spoken word artists and educators. As a multidimensional artist, Kaleigh consistently merges a love of poetry and visual arts in groundbreaking projects, such as organizing the first poetry showcase in The Bakalar and Paine Art Gallery, and creating art installation open mics at venues on the oceanfront and in the deep woods of Maine. Kaleigh’s work has been published in Oddball Magazine and Radius Lit Mag, and is forthcoming in University of Hell Press. Across mediums, Kaleigh finds meaning in the mundane, and confronts topics of gender and sexual identity, family, coping with loss in the modern world, sexual assault, and feminism, using a unique satirical humor that places life’s intricacies under a microscopic lens. When not behind a mic, you can probably find Kaleigh reading radical feminist comic books, or hanging out with cats.

BONUS RUCKUS: Bringing back the “Are You LISTENing?” well, uhm, listening challenge. We’ll write questions about the first half of the show. You ring in, answer them for points and win a beverage on us! More snacks from CATERED by EMILEE! Visual arts to be had, open mic to be had, house band to be rad! YOSH, MIKEY (especially this week, I’ll explain) and DORIAN, not to be had for the price of a cocktail. (I’ll buy a beer for anyone who get’s that movie reference tomorrow). Yay!