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Monday Jan 16th, LIV McKEE from Albany NY! Plus!

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FEATURED POET: LIV McKEE is a queer spoken word artist and slam livmckeepoet, dancer, musician, farmer, and activist born and raised in New Paltz, NY. She has been moving up and down the Hudson River ever since, studying at Skidmore College, and settling recently in Troy, NY. Writing and speaking her poetry for the last 6 years, her poetry touches on topics of healing self and community, dismantling white supremacist heteropatriarchy, the immaculate beauty of landscape, and radical self love. Liv has featured her poetry at open mics all over NY, and in 2012 took 1st place at a Nuyorican Poet’s Cafe slam. She currently competes with Albany’s Nitty Gritty Slam Team in competitions across the US. This year she helped the team take first place in the 2016 NorthBeast Slam in Amherst, MA in September and placed 33rd out of 100 poets at the 2016 Individual World Poetry Slam in Flagstaff, AZ. Apart from (or wildly integrated within) writing and performing poetry, in her free time you may find Liv organizing with local activist groups, swimming, singing with a guitar, mountain climbing, having conversations with the moon, and playing old time fiddle music.

BONUS RUCKUS: First PROMPT & CIRCUMSTANCE of 2017 – you know the deal, we bring objects, you get one at random. That kooky object serves as both your poem prompt and writing surface! MARK & CHRIUS should be back at full(ish) band splendor! JESSICA LOVINA will be rocking some visual arts this week! RICE CAKE ALERT if somebody doesn’t offer up some good snack noms for week after next (like, tell us at the show) we’re gonna go rice cake on you the following week! There will be no upstairs crazy bashing your head noise upstairs next week, promise! YOSH, MIKEY & DORIAN will bring you the best in getting served, like serivce.

Monday Jan 9th! DC poet FRANCISCO-LUIS WHITE! Plus Ruckus by Malt Schlitzman!

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FRANCISCO-LUIS WHITE is an Afro-Latinx poet and storyteller franciscoresiding in Washington, District of Columbia. Francisco has presented at OutWrite, Fire & Ink, Carolina Conference on Queer Youth, and the United States Conference on AIDS.The poet has featured at Busboys and Poets’ Sparkle Open Mic and the You Can’t Kill A Poet Reading Series (Philadelphia). In 2013, they were endorsed by Dr. Jill Stein and the Massachusetts Green Party as a candidate for Boston City Council. In May 2016, White released their debut chapbook Found Them and is currently working on a larger collection of poems. The book Found Them is available on Amazon.

BONUS RUCKUS: The Malt Schlitsiest Bonus Ruckus Game: It’s pretty pretty rare that Nick and I hand over the bonus ruckus to someone else without an exhaustive vetting process, but hey, sometimes a rucketeer of the year award winner comes to us and is like “I got this…” So MALT SCHLITZMAN is bringing a game with words that you can play and win! I guess it qualifies as super somewhat secret (if only because a lot was lost in translation as he explained it to Nick and Nick explained it to me) my basic understanding is, is that the game won’t hurt you. Ruckus help us! SORANA GATEZ returns to paint! DEADSTICK & HAMBONE are getting into the flow of their house band residency. YOSH, MICKEY & DORIAN and all the staff at Ralph’s would like you to know there’ll be abother rock show upstairs this Monday, but it should not change much at all about our show set up, the price of pork bellies, or the weather. Rock out with us! You know we get louder than any upstairs show!

Monday Jan 2nd! SARAH ST. GEORGE!!! Plus New Year’s Hai-clue challenge! AARON WHITE PAINTS!

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First show of the year!!!

POETRY FEATURE: SARAH ST. GEORGE is a poet turning up the sarahvolume in the quiet corner of Connecticut. Since second grade she has been writing to cope with loss, unravel life’s enigmas, and make exes infamous. Her work has been featured in a number of journals and anthologies including Hybrid, Vext Magazine, and Alabaster and Mercury Volume 3. In addition to writing and performing poetry, she enjoys spending time with her kids, attempting to play the guitar, making jewelry, learning, belting out Tom Waits tunes in the shower, and bringing her sloth puppet to social events. She is currently working as a high school teacher’s assistant and studying to become an English teacher. One of our absolute favorite open mic performers of all time, her irascible wit and rascally rants have riveted us for years! First time visiting us at the feature! Get psyched!

BONUS RUCKUS: NEW YEAR’S RESOLVE THIS! HAI-CLUE GUESS GAME: About the only resolution Nick and I ever keep is to keep showing up every Monday, plugging in the mics and praying for ruckus. There’s probably a ton more things on our list that we SHOULD be doing (kale salads anybody?). Whether it’s getting healthy or learning Yiddish, we’ll write a slew of new new years resolutions in hai-clue form. Your job? Guess what it is we’re trying to accomplish in 2017, grab a point for your efforts. Be the first to collect three points and win a drink on us! (so you can break your very first resolution amongst non-judgmental friends! Expect DEADSTICK & HAMBONE back for more music! PLUS: Expect AARON WHITE to swashbuckle some paints across canvases. Expect EMILEE to be back at the snack time helm! All this and more! YOSH & MIKEY AND DORIAN expect to see ya’lls faces!

Monday Dec 26th! Music from SARAH FRENCH! Plus 2016 RUCKUS Awards! Plus, you know, it’s your co-host’s birthday

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Obligatory, “if you only attend one show this year… (haha, stress cry)

FEATURED GUEST: SARAH FRENCH (photo by Artrocity sarahfrench( is a New England based folk singer and songwriter. With her band ‘Iza Jane, she presents a soulful mix of folk, blues, and country roots. ‘Iza Jane‘s debut release (Dirty Hands, 2013) received warm praise and critical acclaim: “…a vibrant mix of guitars, banjos and soulful singing…”(Pulse Magazine). French is also the co-founder of Women of Worcester Productions, an organization dedicated to celebrating, inspiring, and encouraging women in Worcester County through music, art, and leadership. Sarah continues to write new music and collaborate with the regions most talented artists and musicians. Her career as an environmentalist supports her close relationship with nature and is a fundamental source of inspiration. For more information on her projects check out: and

BONUS RUCKUS: The 2nd ever annual Dirty Gerund “RUCKUSY” Awards – celebrating the best of what our community has to offer, your stalwart co-hosts will be recognizing the esoteric contributions made my Gerunders this past year… in little plastic “participation style” trophy form! Now if Nick can only stop by the envelope store, I’ll be able to say, “Nick, the envelope please…..” PLUS: New house band mamber jambers MARK LEIGHTON & CHRIS MacNAMARA will continue to bring that music twang to our lives this Monday! ALEX CHARALAMBIDES turns an ungodly age this Friday, but chooses to celebrate at the DG cause it’s the only party worth going to! In lieu of gifts, if you’d like to support his non-profit youth arts organization Mass LEAP, well that would be more than fine (especially for those looking to get some money off the books before tax season starts). No kidding, he’d love to make February payroll. YOSH, MIKEY & DORIAN are bringing the post holiday near-cheer!

Monday Dec 19th, Comedian DAVE CHILD! Plus “Prompt & Circumstance” Challenge

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FEATURED GUEST: LA Comedian DAVE CHILD is a large man who moves childsurprisingly well. He’s a storyteller and a Moth grand-slam winner. He’s performed stand-up at the Bridgetown Comedy Festival, the Boston Comedy Festival, Hell Yes Fest in New Orleans, as well as several weird bars and weirder comedy clubs. Including some of Los Angeles’s top comedy shows like The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail, Put Your Hands Together, Hot Tub with Kurt and Kristen, and more. He’s in a comedy dance troupe called Liquid Feet, who do earnest boogies to TV theme songs and whatever they want. They were featured on ABC’s Dance Battle America and TBS’s Angie-Tribeca-Binge-Athon. He’s a National AirSex Champion, which is a real thing. His dirty pantomime comedy can be seen in the film AIRSEX: THE MOVIE. Child’s moves can also be seen in several music videos for bands like Katie Herzig, The Behaviors, and Lil’ Dicky. He’s also a very good hugger.

BONUS RUCKUS: Return of the “PROMPT & CURCUMSTANCE” writeWriting Challenge Holiday Edition – ya’ll know how this one plays… we bring a bunch of RANDOM stuff to the Gerund. Your job? Take the object you’re given and write about it, and…. write ON it! Best presentation wins a sweet prize! Couple more weeks till the end of the year and the Ruckusy awards. We’re keeping our ears open for nominations, both for winners and categories? “Best slurred performance?”, “Best Ghosting of the year?” you know. Visual arts, and snacks and music and all the best that YOSH, MIKEY & DORIAN can bring to your table, or the lap you spill your food on!

Monday Dec 12! OOMP WILL (Worcester) Album Release! Plus! ANA SOL! Plus Nick’s got a thing!

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FEATURED ARTIST: Lakiyra (Oompa) Williams is a slam poet and oomphip-hop artist from Roxbury who is now a resident of Cambridge (don’t tell anybody). She is hood, queer, black, womynist, orphan, auntie, sister, friend, and teacher. She is a member of the 2016 Haley House National Poetry Slam Team (that placed third nationally at NPS last summer!) and Flatline Poetry. Her work grapples with the intersections and implications of her many identities, and the hope is that people can feel her story and find their own. She has been featured at places like Bucknell University, Boston University, Boston College, Mass. College of Art, and Berklee College of Music, as well as a number of different venues in the NorthBeast region. Oomp Will just released her debut album “Nov 3rd” last month and we are psyched to host this Worcester release!

BONUS RUCKUS: Hey, Nick’s got a thing! Erasure Challenge! Your nick indefatigable co-host NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS got some pre-holiday props from Worcester Wares Store, purveyors of everything Worcester, who’ve taken a quote from Nick’s piece “Talking Worcester Blues,” commissioned Worcester Visual Artist EAMON GILLEN to create an original painting capturing the spirit of “Triple Decker Decadance” and have created a line of tee shirts and ephemera that you can flash to share your civic pride! In celebration of the release, Local eatery DEADHORSE HILL TAVERN is featuring Nick’s entire poem on the backs of their menu this month! In honor of all this honor, we’re going to work out an on the spot erasure challenge, featuring Nick’s incredible accomplishment! Woot!

Not enough? Fine! Live painting by ANA SOL! Original snacks by EMILEE MORREALE! Live music from the boys in the band! YOSH, MIKEY & DORIAN got all your holiday cheer right here! Bring them drink and auction dollars with you this this monday! Dirty Gerund got your triple decker ruckus right here!

Monday December 5th! JEFF TAYLOR from Boston! Plus super special secret bonus ruckus part deux!

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POETRY FEATURE: JEFF TAYLOR writes and performs poetry when he image1isn’t running cables along a wall or telling his kids not to paint on each other. Jeff has a chapbook of poems Heroes Make Better Sandwiches Than People, published on broken pencils press where he is editor. Jeff’s poems are published or are forthcoming in Word Riot, Boston Poetry Slam: 20 years at The Cantab Lounge and Maps For Teeth.

Your inexhaustible (well kind of exhausted) co-host has been away all weekend. We promise to have an awesome bonus ruckus, visual artist and snack for you tomorrow night! It could be an eating challenge, a writing challenge, a guessing challenge. We don’t know yet, but we’re gonna have fun figuring it out, promise! YOSH & MIKEY & DORIAN are shaking their collective heads in anticipation!