Monday April 8th! RICHARD FOX features! Plus IRON POET QUALIFIER!

POETRY FEATURE: RICHARD FOX dreams three-decker rainbows encircling The Woo. When not writing about rock ’n roll or youthful transgressions, his poems focus on cancer from the patient’s point of view drawing on hope, humor, and unforeseen gifts. He is the author of three poetry collections: Time Bomb (2013), wandering in puzzle boxes (2015), You’re my favorite horse (2017) and a chapbook: The Complete Uncle Louie Poems (2017). The winner of the 2017 Frank O’Hara Prize, he seconds Stanley Kunitz’ motion that people in Worcester are “provoked to poetry.”

We love Richard. He’s a great community spirit and we can’t wait to feature his work on our stage! If you can’t wait, check out some work on his site, or directly here:  “It was one of us”

BONUS RUCKUS: IRON POET QUALIFIER – we’re cooking up a super challenge with super challengers to see just who has the chops to challenge long reigning champion, ASHLEY WONDER! We’ll let you know in the next couple days who we’re pitting against one another. Will it be you?

More live music and open mic (which have been packed and wonderful lately!) Shout-out to NARK LIZZARD who repped the DG’s honor at last weekend’s Midnight Cabaret Show! Word has it JOY POND will be visual art-ing again while bringing the snack time joy into our lives! Will this Monday be the first outdoor show of the year?! TOMA will be on hand to make us all youtube (in)famous!


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