Monday March 25th! JASON HENRY SIMON-BIERENBAUM from Philly! Plus Some Nick B-Day Shenanigans!

FEATURED ARTIST: JASON HENRY SIMON-BIERENBAUM first realized he could make people laugh at age 8 when his mom was upset with him and joking got him out of trouble. He tried that same material out on his classmates the next day to a unanimous response of “BeerBomb, you’re not funny.” He has since learned to broaden his target demographics beyond middle aged Jewish ladies who gave birth to him. Jason has fancy accolades and degrees in poetry that he now mainly uses as punchlines. Much to the dismay of comedy hosts everywhere, he only goes by his full obnoxiously long name. You probably didn’t seen him briefly introduce a 10am talk show one time when he was 18 and you probably didn’t see him when he was performing in Krakow Poland, please welcome….

BONUS RUCKUS: Something, something, It’s Nick’s Birthday or some day close to Nick’s Birthday Flattery Writing Challenge! Okay we get it. Nick is ten kinds of freak, but he also has his bad points and needs CONSTANT positive feedback to water his drinks with! Bring some of your kindest most generous words for the dude and you could win a drink on us to toast him with. Look, we’ve roasted the ever loving duck out of him, we gotta re-build! Also, Nick would love it if you attended his feature this SUNDAY at Listen Reading Series!

JACOB & NICHOLAS make some mean sandwiches during the day, then rock out with Mean Spirit most other times. Come get warm in their house band glow this Monday! KING OF THE WEIRD is rocking the guest visual arts! Happy Spring Ya’ll!

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