Monday! Feb 18th! MYLES BULLEN from Portland! Plus! “Sweet & Sour” Valentine Challenge!

FEATURED PERFORMER: MYLES BULLEN is a Native American, Indie Rapper and Performance Poet who when not touring, is gallivanting around Portland, Maine . His music and poetry shed light on Addiction,  Depression, and the struggle of being positive and creative in a self destructive society. His art is influenced by indie rappers, singer-songwriters, and spoken word poets. Myles performs in a wide range of environments including educational spaces, community arts venues, juvenile prisons, rehabilitation centers, music festivals, poetry cafes, indie rap basement shows, backyards and house concerts. Myles’ language art has led him to travel through 45 states to Perform and lead Workshops. myles has shared stage w/: Milo, Astronautalis, Mr. Lif, MC Lars, Hopsin, Spose, PROF, Ceschi, Handmade Moments, God.Damn.Chan and Dominque Christine.

BONUS RUCKUS: The first ever “SWEET & SOUR” Post-Valentine’s Day Challenge: Eat an Umeboshi Plum, then read a valentine poem written by Esther Howland credited with being the “Mother of Valentines” who lived right here IN Worcester MA! Visual arts being handled by EMMI P! House band led by the incredible MARIKA! We’ve got an instagram now! (welcome to 2014!) “follow” us, cause that sounds so much cooler than “liking” us!

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