Monday! Feb 11th! WAYNE HENRY from Dallas Texas! Plus “Prompt & Circumstance” Challenge!

POETRY FEATURE: Raised in South Central Los Angeles, poet WAYNE HENRY was exposed to a melting pot of different cultures which allows for him to have a broad canvas for his work. Wayne Henry moved to Dallas TX in 2008 and has become a passionate poet who writes each line to watch it come alive through poetry. Apart from poetry, working with the youth has been what he feels is his crowning achievement. Accolades include:
Ranked 5th at Individual World Poetry Slam Finals in 2018 and two time member of the Dallas Poetry Slam team, which is currently ranked 5th at the National Poetry Slam.

BONUS RUCKUS: Return of the “Prompt & Circumstance” Writing Challenge! The random-ass object you select by chance turns into BOTH your writing prompt AND writing surface! Winner gets a drink on us! Everyone gets to keep their object! Most of us will have fun!

The boys from MEAN SPIRIT are back to shine the back up band shine! HALEY ELIZABETH LINNET is back providing the live visual arts! We’ll be back providing the sound equipment necessary for hosting such amazing work! And we might crack a few jokes and tip a few glasses while we’re at it!

Is it Monday yet?

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