Monday Feb 4th! EBO BARTON from Seattle Washington! Plus! Poem or Wrestling Promo? Guess Quiz Show!

POETRY FEATURE: EBO BARTON is a Black and Filipino, Transgender and Non-Binary, poet and educator. Currently residing in Seattle, Washington (by way of Los Angeles, California) wondering what the f*!# snow even is.  As a representative of Seattle, they’ve been on 4 National Slam Teams and participated at 3 Individual World Poetry Slams.  Their most notable poetry slam accolade is placing 5th in the world in 2016.  Ebo curated and directed, How to Love THIS Queer Body of Color: An Unapology and wrote and directed the award-winning play, Rising Up.  You may have seen Ebo’s work in Adrienne: A Poetry Journal by Sibling Rivalry Press, SlamFind, Write About Now, Button Poetry and All Def Poetry.  They and their work have been featured in Seattle WeeklySeattle Gay NewsSeattle Review of Books, and Crosscut. Their work touches on political issues from a personal point of view and often is birthed from the struggles of living in the identities that they are. Ebo believes in the power of language and art as a tool for revolution.

BONUS RUCKUS: Hey, is that from a poem or a wrestling promo? Guess Quiz Show Challenge! We’ll buy a drink for the Gerunder who enjoys all the meats of our cultural stew! Think you can discern the wisdom from luminaries like Langston Hughes, or Ric Flair? Was that a Sapho quote, or something the Macho Man yelled into Mean Gene’s Mic. Yeah, it might be a stretch, but what the heck!

More open mic, live music, live art from LAM NGUYEN and all the rest of the best! Dirty Gerund is trying to prepare for it’s role as being the local GOAT after the Patriots’s Super Bowl Run is over. Come be the GOAT with us!

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