Monday Jan 28th! Iron Poet Champ ASHLEY WONDER! Plus Iron Poet Qualifier!

POETRY FEATURE: ASHLEY WONDER has been writing for over ten years. Performing professionally for the past five with dynamic passion to give hope to her audiences. She became apart of the Slam Community in 2014. Repping Worcester her hometown, in Oakland 2015, Decatur, GA 2016. Earned Iron Poet Champion held in Worcester, MA at Ralph’s Diner. She has featured in Troy, New York at Poetic Vibe, all around MA, Boston (Hard Rock Cafe), RI including many colleges and universities such as Holy Cross, Wheelock among others. She enjoys teaching poetry workshops to youth of all ages to show how fun and interactive Spoken Word can be. She also believes in the power of tea and naps.

BONUS RUCKUS: IRON POET QUALIFIER well we’ve got to find a competitor for our champ! We’ve called on VESPER MOORE who’s returned after some time off the mic, and JOY POND, one of our hungriest poet newcomers, as they both take the Iron Poet Stage for the first time! What will the diabolical secret ingredient be? Let’s find out!

KING OF THE WEIRD is back at the paints! We’ve got some new stickers and art coming your way, designed by our new Visual Arts Director! MEAN SPIRIT is in the house as the house band! See you Monday!

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