Monday, Jan 14th! NARK LIZARD features! Plus 2018 Ruckusee awards (we mean it this time!)

POETRY FEATURE: 2017 Ruckuteer of the year award winner, NARK LIZARD is a nonbinary performer who hails from ruckus encompassing seven hills of Worcester, Massachusetts. They are a Capricorn, listen to too many podcasts, and will be your hype man. Lizard is a graduate of the Visual Arts Magnet at Burncoat Senior High School, with a background in photography and multimedia art. They have been given awards from METG (Massachusetts Educational Theatre Guild) in set and costume design. New to the scene of performance poetry they also stepped in as the captain of the FEMS Slam Team representing The Dirty Gerund in 2018.

Bonus Ruckus: The Ruckusee Awards. If you did something cool at our show last year, we’re probably gonna honor it with an award, red carpet style! Logistics forced us to delay a couple weeks. But we’ll have awards, (or push to next week again, darn printer on the fritz!)

Live art, live music, all the beer and burgers you could ask for!

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