Monday! Jan 7th! WYATT ROGERS book release feature! Plus JOKER’S WILD Challenge!

POETRY FEATURE: WYATT ROGERS is a poet from Warren, Massachusetts. Taking inspiration from Victorian and Modernist writing, as well as the intensity found in hardcore music, Wyatt’s works emphasize the darker spectrum of human emotion and experience, accompanied by heartfelt and cathartic performances. Wyatt has recently created three poetry collections: Lonely In My Dreams, Of Love & Loss//In Love & Longing, and Learning To Leave In December. He is currently pursuing a career in education as a high school English teacher. Aside from writing, Wyatt’s hobbies include Gunplay, retro video games, and guitar. Wyatt made an immediate impression on us when he first started on our mic and we’ve been super impressed with his output, passion and all around word wizardry! He’s known as “Quiet Riot” Rogers around these parts!

BONUS RUCKUS: Something Nick is calling the “JOKER’S WILD” challenge! Could be a prompt, could be a guessing show, could be something entirely new! Whatever it is, bet that co-host NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS is gonna make you work for that free drink on us!

Appreciate all who came out the past two weeks to rock with us on successive holidays! We look forward to marching in the funkiest steps towards our ten year anniversary this September! Woooooot!

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