Monday December 3rd! NEIEL ISRAEL from Boston! Plus! Prompt & Circumstance Challenge!

POETRY FEATURE: NEIEL ISRAEL is a Poet, Artist, Educator, Humanitarian, Eight-Time National Slam Poet, and Talented Big-Mouth.  Graduated with  honors from the University of Massachusetts, Boston; is a fan of love, karma, music, bike riding, the beach, sunbathing, and babies that leap out of their parent’s arms in her direction to make her more attentive as well as sharpen her reflexes.  [Neiel has secretly been avoiding marriage because she thinks it would be awful, but knows someday she’ll be delightfully persuaded to marry for the fun of it] She enjoys dinner parties but doesn’t like cooking, and has been known to make people laugh hysterically without trying. Neiel has written a chapbook (that she is finally willing to share) with pantoums, sonnets, and other forms titled: “The Dead Sing Better than You” poems written in loving memory of Aretha Franklin, James Brown, Marvin Gaye, Prince and other greats.  You may be one of the fortunate few, to get your hands on a copy before she changes her mind and possibly decides not to share the chapbook at all.

BONUS RUCKUS: The Prompt & Circumstance Writing Challenge! We’re back at it, bringing the most randomnest objects to stimulate new poems into the world. You pick a number between 1 and 6. You receive an object, which will become your writing prompt AND writing surface (hence the circumstance).

Open mic, visual arts, live house band music and the best burgers and drink prices around! Is it Monday yet?

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