Monday Nov 26th! “Nobody Likes Us…” Tour w/ Nate Mask & Ryan J from Atlanta, GA!

POETRY FEATURE: The “NOBODY LIKES US BUT WE’RE HERE ANYWAY” Tour! NATE MASK and RYAN J are nationally touring spoken word artists based out of Atlanta, GA. Both have competed and found success in the Slam community at national, regional, and local levels, and whose poems have received over 35,000 views on YouTube and Facebook. They are tolerated in their local scene because their poems are somewhat entertaining, but nobody actually likes either of them. Ryan J. , a spoken word artist based in Atlanta and self-proclaimed lover of all things Spider-Man and time travel related, brings fresh perspective to slam poetry. As 2015 CUPSI semi-finalist, 2017 Java Monkey Slam Team Representative, and the founder of HomeGrown Poetry, Ryan focuses on social issues and narratives that often exist in the blind spots of marginalized communities in his work. Whether it be through breakup voicemails from the Earth to the United States or class action lawsuits from black people to Food Network, Ryan challenges his audience to open their eyes and ears to a new perspective on the ideas and narratives that we so often miss. In 2016, Ryan published his first chapbook of poetry, “Go Home Ryan,” and is currently working on his second, “In Spite of Years of Silence.” Nate Mask is a spoken word artist who spends his days playing basketball, and trying not to swear in front of children or take himself too seriously. He has been a member of the Java Monkey and Art Amok Slam Teams in Atlanta, and has competed and performed on National and Local Stages, such as the National Poetry Slam, Southern Fried Poetry Festival, Creative Loafing’s Best of Atlanta Show, Write Club Atlanta, and the Decatur Book Festival. Nate’s writing touches on everything from relationships and mental health, to dogshit and misplacing his keys. If he seems awkward in person, it’s because he is. Nate has self-published two chapbooks: “Well, This is Awkward…” and “Love is For Suckers.

Bonus Ruckus, Live Music, Live Art, open mic and all the rest! Have the best Turkey Day and we’ll see you Monday!

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