Monday, Nov. 19th! Local songster MARIKA blesses the DG! Bonus Ruckus TBD!

FEATURED PERFORMER: MARIKA has been lighting the Worcester scene up with their incredible vocals and song writing prowess combining elements of R&B, hip-hop and more. Get on the ground floor and see them perform before pop culture catches up! For more info on the artist check out their soundcloud!

BONUS RUCKUS; The Amazing TBD challenge! Wow! It could be, like, anything! We have not decided what our extra special challenge is going to be yet, so we’ve written up this snazzy placeholder to keep folks guessing? Food challenge? Writing challenge? Hai-clue Guess Challenge? We, uhm, I guess we’ll think of something.

Last week’s open mic was STACKED with talent, new performers and luv! Please make sure to arrive by 8:30pm to assure yourself a spot! It’s a holiday week, so let’s keep the energy going! We’ll have some more visual arts auctioning, more live band action and style for daze!

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