Monday Nov 5th! CATHERINE WEISS w/ a new book! PLUS! Holiday “Leftover” Frankenpoem Challenge!

POETRY FEATURE: CATHERINE WEISS is a poet based in Western Massachusetts. They were the 2017 Grand Slam Champion and the 2018 WOWPS rep of Northampton Poetry. Their work has been published in Freezeray Poetry, Gravel Mag, Voicemail Poems, Jersey Devil Press, Drunk in a Midnight Choir, Buck Off Mag, Noble/Gas Quarterly, Slamfind, and elsewhere. Their favorite hobbies include crying (Cancer Sun), starting unrealistic projects (Capricorn Moon), and complaining—usually in the form of memes and subtweets (Scorpio Rising). Catherine writes about stuff like mental illness, fatness, trauma, sexuality, and adolescence. Sometimes their poems are funny.

BONUS RUCKUS: Holiday Times Leftover “Frankenpoem” Challenge! Do you think it’s worth going through the tedious tasks of preparing an entire thanksgiving meal JUST so you can rock the turkey samiches the next day? Then you’re into leftovers, so are we! Nick Davis is going to scrap together word fragments from magazines, classic poems, recipes, court ord… I mean, other documents and hand you a smattering of clips. Your job, take them and frankenpoem a new piece to be read at halftime. Gerunder who does it the best, get’s a drink on us!

TODD GALVIN will be rocking some “Yes on 3” live art on the eve of the election! Still time to finish line VOLUNTEER this weekend! We’ll have live music, live art, open mic and all the zesty best for you as we enter November with a-plumb (aploom?) We don’t know and frankly, aren’t concerning ourselves! Yay!

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