Monday October 15th! VOX-POP Indie Champ NICK SIMMONDS from Providence! Plus – Autumnal “Hai-clue” Challenge!

POETRY FEATURE: NICK SIMMONDS is a Providence-based writer, technical consultant, game designer, programmer, and recovering whiz-kid attempting to be a whiz-adult.  Nick is the 2018 VOX POP individual poetry slam champion and a staff member at the Providence Poetry Slam. You can find videos of his work at Slamfind, and his writing can be found at McSweeney’s, Drunk in a Midnight Choir, Dragon Magazine, Polyhedron, 3AM Facebook posts and

BONUS RUCKUS: (Part Deux) – Autumnal “Hai-Clue” Challenge! We forgot to do this a couple weeks ago. All the more time to hone our skills at configuring 17 syllable challenge haikus that raise awareness for the seasonal changes that we’re all dealing with at the moment. There’s only about seven changes that happen during autumn that most people notice, so, this should not be terrible difficult. First to guess three correctly get’s a drink on us! Woot!

Open mic, live art and live music – all to be had for the price of… whatever you can throw in the bucket. Get your hoodies ready, we’re hoping for one more outdoor show. (there’s another rock show upstairs this Monday, let’s make more noise them them regardless!) woooot!

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