Monday, October 1st – LEON LEGACY farewell feature! Plus! Autumnal Hai-Clue Challenge!

FEATURED ARTIST: From a scrappy kid with a notebook and a dream to young man fighting to find his place, LEON LEGACY‘s knack for creativity and out of the box thinking are both a gift and a curse. While gifting him with a unique artistic insight to make creative music with depth and though provoking lyrics that often challenge the statues quo of cool; it simultaneously leaves him to battle the throws of severe depression and anxiety, as he searches for comfort and acceptance in a world all to quick try to and hammer down those who stand out. While at times his music is littered with the dark undertones of a man who gets carried away by his own thoughts, his lyrics are often insightful, And inspirational, speaking to his belief that regardless of where you are from, with enough heart, you can become anything you want, Challenging all who doubt the trajectory of the hardworking young man, who was once just a Scrappy kid with a dream and a notebook. With stints ranging from opening for Cash Moneys, Caskey, as well as Bishop Nehru (Famed MF Doom collaborator, and signee to Nas’s Mass Appeal records), to playing several dates on the 2013 Vans Warped tour, and the recent release of his Self Produced Debut Album Falling with Style, Leon is Amassing a massive and dedicated fan base across different generational gaps and social groups as he goes. One fan, one stage, on song at a time. We’ve just learned that Leon’s been invited to become part of an arts collective in Atlanta and is taking the plunge to follow his path! We wish him all the best, hopes he visits often and look forward to the day when we can say, we remember back when…. check out

BONUS RUCKUS: Autumnal Hai-Clue Guess Challenge – ya, we know… seasons right? We’ll write up some 17 syllable clues, you buzz in and guess what autumnal tradition, event or experience we’re talking about and win a point. First to three points, get’s something with pumpkin in it.

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