Monday Sept 10th! Dirty Gerund Celebrates 9 years! Feature DEVIN DIVINE from Spokane, WA! Plus FEMS SLAM FINAL!

Anniversary! That’s 9 years of faking, shaking, goodness saking and taking our own breaths away with incredible performances and art party madcappery! We usually pull out some stops with the anniversary… dang we been doing this for a long time, like what more could you want from us?

POETRY FEATURE: DEVIN DIVINE is a writer, comedian, and performer from Spokane, Washington. Former host of Spokane’s weekly poetry reading Broken Mic, as well as a member of Spokane’s 2015 & 2017 & 2018 National Poetry Slam Teams. She is one of the current slam masters and hosts of Spokane Poetry Slam. She laughs and writes her way through issues of trauma, addiction, mental health, and sexuality. She is the author of three self-published chapbooks ‘Feral Empathy,’ ‘Crying on the Toilet,’ and her most recent ‘Domestic & Fowl. She also writes and self-publishes a crime series called ‘Kiss the Messenger’ with partner and co-author Tony Russell. This fall she will be pursuing her MFA in Poetry at Eastern Washington University.

BONUS RUCKUS: FEMS FINAL POETRY SLAM – we will have the top 8 scoring poets from the two qualifier poetry slams we hosted this summer, to put together a team of 4 poets, who will represent our community at the 2nd annual FEMS POETRY SLAM TOURNAMENT taking place in Cambridge this October! Two rounds of poetic competition!

LUKAS THERIAN will be handling the visual arts! MARK LEIGHTON will lead the band! We will have a special snack. NOTE: to accommodate the poetry slam, we will be hosting a shortened open mic, welcome our guest feature for one set, and do our best to run on time. If you want to read in the open mic, please be at Ralph’s at 8pm to sign up. We will do our best, but cannot guarantee you a slot if you arrive late. If you’re so moved, you may bring us presents, even though we mostly want your presence. Get it? Good!

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