Monday 8/20! 2nd OPEN QUALIFIER – FEMS SLAM – Rep Worcester at FEMS Festival this October!

POETRY FEATURE: Second OPEN QUALIFYING POETRY SLAM for FEMININE EMPOWERMENT MOVEMENT NATIONAL FESTIVAL! FEMS is a community based, grassroots initiative that aims to be radically accessible. Radical accessibility looks like welcoming people of all ages, incomes, using venues that are wheelchair accessible, creating affinity space, using language that is gender inclusive and engaging with our community to make our spaces better. We aim to provide financial accommodations for any team that cannot afford the fees. As a grassroots initiative we rely on our community for support and hope that you will consider sponsoring a team today! This slam is being organized by queer femmes of color and accepting help lovingly from non-feminine people from the community. Check out the registration tab for volunteer and hosting forms.  Email us if you would like to be on our organizing team!

Who is this for? People who identify as feminine including but not limited to Queer femmes, GNC femmes, two spirit individuals, trans femmes, trans women and cis women who identify as feminine and all the other identities feminine people hold at intersections. We do not prescribe what feminine means or subscribe to the narrow definitions of what a feminine person looks like. See our FAQs for more info and feel free to email us questions you have! More than just a tournament this is a festival, a movement. Before, during and after the tournament we are creating space for feminine voices by holding slams, writing workshops and socials for people who want to find teammates and community. Like us on Facebook  for information about our local events!

Email us for questions: or learn more at the website

This year THE DIRTY GERUND POETRY SHOW is sponsoring a Worcester team to represent our community at the Festival, happening in Cambridge, October 19th-21st. We will pay registration fees, cover travel and offer poetry slam coaching sessions, if the team selected team chooses to accept that support. Poets who identify as femme, bring two poems, 3 minutes in length, (no props, costumes, or musical accompaniment. Top 4 poets will qualify for finals in early September. 

We humbly ask that competing poets do not sign up for the open mic this night, as we may be hosting the open mic in it’s entirety, followed by the poetry slam competition.

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