Monday, July 16th! Northampton Poetry Slam Team visits! Plus! “Drunk Text or Poem?” Challenge!

POETRY FEATURE: The 2018 Northampton Poetry Slam Team will compete at the National Poetry Slam in Chicago, IL this August. They’re team consists of: Cori Stenning-Barnes, Huimin Wan, Rowan Indigo, and Tara Jean Bernier. Three of the four team members will be competing at NPS for the very first time, and we’re excited to hear some fine, new work from out west. Northampton Poetry Slam & open mic takes place every Tuesday Night. We strongly encourage you all to take a trip out some time!

BONUS RUCKUS: The “Wait, is that from a drunk text, or from a poem?” Listen & Guess Challenge! One of our favorites, Nick will cull the internet in search of dazzlingly (hiccup)! deep and prophetic lines, both from popular poems and from his own inbox, to share in his best spoken word delivery voice? We’ll take three competitors. Your job? Take a best guess and tell us whether that beautiful metaphor was penned by a poetic great, or screen shot from a n’er do well with a tmobile account and no friends to tell them to publish that ish! Guess correct. Get a point. Get three points, get a cold, frothy prize on us!

Shout out to JOE M for making snacks happen this past week! Great job to guest house band MEAN SPIRIT, you can catch them at Woochella festival this weekend. We’ll have more open mic (please sign up at 8pm, we’ve nearly doubled our open mic list size in recent weeks) as we’re trying to start this show at 8:30pm sharp! Join us on the patio!

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