Monday July 9th – RYK McINTYRE New Book Release! Plus! The Dog Days of Summer Challenge!

POETRY FEATURE: RYK McINTYRE has been a legendary presence on the New England poetry scene for decades. He has toured extensively around the continental United States and Canada, appearing at countless poetry venues, festivals and house parties. He has been published widely, most notably, in The Worcester Review, Off the Coast, Short Fuse- An Anthology of New Fusion Poets, and Aim for the Head – An Anthology of Zombie Poetry. His second full length collection of poetry, “The Man at the Door” (Broken Head Press) was recently released and this will serve as Worcester’s book release party! Ryk is breaking his own record for Dirty Gerund Features, and he never disappoints! Come thru!

BONUS RUCKUS: Dog Days of Summer Challenge: Earlier than usual, we’re feeling this heat and want to give gerunders the opportunity to rant at the thermometer like we know you can. Bring your best original poem about summer or dehydration or sun burns or gross portopoties at the music festival and let the rage fly! Best poem as decided by the audience get’s a cool beverage of wash down that fire!

SAMI WISELL will be our guest visual artist this Monday and will be bringing some art to showcase, so bring those art buying dollars! I believe someone volunteered snacks, but you know we forget, please remind us! More information soon about Dirty Gerund sponsoring a poetry slam team for FEMSLAM this fall! If you’re looking for a fun poetry field trip soon and want to support youth poets, the 2018 Brave New Voices Youth Poetry Slam Team will be competing against the House Slam Boston adult poetry slam team on July 14th at Makeshift Boston! Get tickets for SQUAD UP! and watch the brilliance! Road trip! Let’s go!!!!

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