Monday July 2nd! LULU HAWKES BONVOYAGE FEATURE! Plus Holiday Pie-klue Face Dunk Challenge!

LULAMA MOYO (aka LULU HAWKES) is a Clark alumni. She gained a B.A. in International Development and Social Change in 2016, and in 2017 she  graduated from the Accelerated Master’s Degree program where she studied Community Development and Planning. Using her academic career to explore her passion of education development, she focused on access advocacy, decolonizing the classroom and curriculum, and African Diasporic achievement. As a nationally competitive slam poet, and visual artist, Lulama has also utilized art as a vehicle for education and social change. She has had works published in newspapers, and academic journals such as the Journal of Progressive Human Services. Lulama has facilitated writing and performance workshops for elementary, middle school, and high school students in different parts of New England, focusing on art as a means of social justice. She has also run art expression workshops in Eastern Cape, South Africa. Lulama formerly worked at the Worcester Youth Center where she built curriculum and ran three major programs, one of which was a a social justice oriented arts workshops for youth ages 14-18. This experience was a source of light that motivates her to continue working hard for young people. She currently works more behind the scenes in education advocacy as a Grants Coordinator and Teacher Support Specialist for ASSISTments which is an organization operating under Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Lulama remains to be a diligent community organizer and activist dismantling the legacies of white supremacy. Her socially conscious writing style encompasses a longing for her home culture as well as a deep love letter to the diaspora. Bitter-sweetly, Lulu will be leaving Worcester to pursue new opportunities and we will miss her excellent words, so it’s doubly vital we hear them this Monday!

BONUS RUCKUS: Holiday Pie-Clue Face Plant Challenge! Is our excuse to get a little messy outside! America digs gluttony, so we thought we’d insert some dessert themed haikus at the bottom of pies. Contestants need to face plant, risk sugar comas and read their haiku out loud. We’ll time it. Whoever finishes fastest, get’s a drink on us to wash down all that shame, I mean, fame. Bring your own moist towelette! BENJAMIN DAVIS will be rocking the visual arts! We could use a snack volunteer! Worcester fire works will also be starting around show time, so , you know… finally. ALSO NOTE: We’re going to try to begin the open mic at 8:30pm as these mic lists have been filling up ever so quick! Be there at 8pm to assure yourself a spot! 

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