Monday, June 18th! ERIC SIROTA from Chicago! Plus Iron Poet Qualifier!

FEATURED POET: ERIC SIROTA is a spoken word poet, author, and do-gooder lawyer residing in Champaign, Illinois by way of Chicago. He is a two-time Grand Slam Champion – of Chicago’s Mental Graffiti in 2013 and Chicago’s Lethal Poetry in 2014. In 2013, his team competed in semi-finals at the National Poetry Slam in Boston. Eric was the 2015 co-Champion of the Great Plains Poetry Pile-up. His work has been widely featured on Button Poetry, gaining him the number 1 Best of Button spot in January 2016 for his poem “Written in Real-Time” and the number 2 Best of Button spot for multiple weeks as well as on the Best of Button August 2016 album for his poem “Virginity, Lost.” Eric‘s notable page publications include his recent chapbook, Holy Days, was recently published as an ebook by FreezeRay Press. His poems about Chanukah, Cookie Monster, and The Lion King were also published in FreezeRay. He has two poems featured in the Not Our President anthology recently published by ThoughtCrimes Press. Eric was the winner of the 2015 Springfield Writer’s Guild Humorous Poetry prize for his poem about Cookie Monster. Eric is a proud member of the Midwest Interfaith Poets. Eric currently supervises students who provide free representation to borrowers in foreclosure at the University of Illinois College of Law. You can’t miss him. He’s the tallest Jew for miles.

BONUS RUCKUS: IRON POET QUALIFIER – we’re looking for two poets to compete for a chance to dethrone reigning champion ASHLEY WONDER next month for the Iron Poet Championship? What happens during this contest? Two poets received a special ingredient at the beginning of the show. Then they write 1. original haiku, 2. short free form poem and 3. incorporate the ingredient into a poem they’ve read before. After the first half of the show, poets battle. Three judges give points on taste, creativity and use of the secret ingredient. Trust us, it’s a hoot!

Newcomer MIKE has promised some songs and a plate of home baked cookies for snack time! We’ll have the house band and visual artist in two. Let’s hope for glorious weather, so we can bask in the patio glow (Disclaimer: Glow generated by artificial lights, and sometimes, the moon.). Rock with us!

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