Monday May 28th, OPEN CASH POETRY SLAM “Dirty Gerund Rules” – Plus! Guest House Band MEAN SPIRIT!

(Due to unforseen circumstances, our scheduled feature from out of town needed to cancel and we’ll need to re-schedule them at a later date. That means, we’re turning the mic over to you!) OPEN CASH MONEY POETRY SLAM with special “Dirty Gerund” Rules will be in tap for this Monday Night. Bring your two best poems that run under 3 minutes in time. ROUND ONE – “Perform with the band, you may instruct the band on tone and feel, or leave it to fate, but you must perform with them backing you! ROUND TWO – “Nick’s bag of tricks” expect the unexpected. Nick might give you a prop, a stage direction, a random hype person, a blindfold, we don’t know, Nick’ll figure it out when he gets there! Winner of the two round slam will get $50, count em, $50 american dollars for their trouble!

Guest visual artist LAM NGUYEN is one of our favorites! MEAN SPIRIT is your guest house band and we hope to hear a few of their originals as well. We hope the weather cooperates, as outside patio shows are THE place to be this Spring into Summer! Anyone volunteering snacks? Nick has instituted a bag of random swag (books, cd’s, ephemera) while we literally sing your praises from stage! MARK LEIGHTON & MILO BOY WONDER’s new musical project THE LOVE GODS are making their debut this weekend at Ralph’s for MATTHEW FLYNN’s ThoughtBomb show featuring Bibbe Handon and Jacqueline Frances, and is sure to be a kick ass time!

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