Monday, April 16th, MUGGS FOGARTY from Prov Slam! Plus! Iron Poet Qualifier!

FEATURED POET: MUGGS FOGARTY is a writer, performer, and vocalist local to Providence, Rhode Island. Muggs has represented Providence  in national poetry slam competition eight times respectively and is a 2017 FEMS Slam champion, a National Poetry Slam semi-finalist, and a Brave New Voices champion. Muggs has been a co-director of the award-winning Providence Poetry Slam and ProvSlam Youth since 2015, and has coached several youth and collegiate level slam teams, particularly through UCONN, Brown Univsersity, and RISD. Muggs has also worked as an arts mentor with local organizations such as New Urban Arts, CityArts, and PASA, and has recieved awards from the Rhode Island State Council on The Arts. Muggs is the author of Unburn (Ghost Hum Arts 2016) and can also be found fronting the local darkpop band, Lookers, as well as their own solo loop pedal project, Sweetpea Pumpkin. Muggs is a resident at the non-profit community arts space, AS220, and also practices bodywork as an LMT in Providence. Follow Muggs on Insta @sweetpeapumpkin – We’re so excited to welcome Muggs back to our stage!!!!

BONUS RUCKUS: IRON POET QUALIFIER: IRON POET CHAMPION ASHLEY WONDER is awaiting her next opponent. We’re looking for two local word-crafters to do battle in this verbal clash, unique to the Gerund. Two competitors receive a visual prompt at the beginning of the night, the “secret ingredient” if you will. They have the first half of the show to produce an original haiku, an original short poem and incorporate the ingredient into a piece they’ve performed on our stage. Top scorer, faces Ashley for the title in May! Word has it we’ll have a three piece band this Monday! Don’t forget, LOUDER THAN A BOMB MASSACHUSETTS YOUTH POETRY SLAM takes place this weekend at Suffolk University in Boston. Alex spends 90% of his life (he takes a break to hang with ya’ll on Monday nights) dedicated to working on expanding opportunities for the Gerunders of the future, the least you can do is take a road trip, hear some amazing poems, and maybe judge a poetry slam, here’s a LINK and you can sign up and lend your feedback, so we can have a tournament!

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