Monday April 2nd! JACKIE MORRILL chapbook release for “Us, Hounds” – PLUS! “April’s Fools, Gold!” Challenge!

POETRY FEATURE: JACKIE MORRILL is another Dirty Gerund legend, returning to our stage for a Worcester Chap-Book Release party for her new collection, “Us, Hounds.” Jackie holds a Masters of Fine Arts Degree from Sarah Lawrence, currently teaches writing at Worcester State University, Clark University and Nichols College. Jackie holds the distinction of being both the very first Iron Poet Champion and the very first Ms. Dirty Gerund, can silence a room with her tone, imagery and razor sharp craft! It’s about to be literary AF this Monday! Our feature will also be providing SNACKTIME this evening, so we feel you’ll be predisposed to loving her before she even takes the stage!

BONUS RUCKUS: The April Fool’s Gold Challenge – why stop playing pranks the day AFTER April Fool’s Day. We’ll concoct hai-clues that tell the poetic truth or will leave you choking on our foolish dust. Guess correct, get a point, get three points, win a beverage on us! Live house band, open mic, visual arts and all the zesty best at the show this Monday, we’ve been packed lately to be sure to sign up by 8:30pm to get your shot!   

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