Monday! March 26th – Dirty Gerund Celebrates NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS’ Birthday w/ feature AMBER TORTERELLI

POETRY FEATURE: AMBER TORTORELLI is a bonafide Dirty Gerund Poetry Show LEGEND. Whether painting faces, spinning well crafted macabre tales on the mic with a voice that haunts, rocking Mango Princess or Sapling style on the mic, taking doll heads off dolls n’ making visual arts out of em, rocking theramin with the band, smashing the patriarchy or participating in any number of bonus ruckuses (especially adept at costume themed ruckuses), Amber is a true original and we couldn’t imagine our community without this multi-talented individual & multiple time winner of the DG “No Fux Given” Ruckusee Award. Nick Davis gets a special wish on his birthday, we’ll give him his own feature, or roast him, or ask him who he’d like to hear multiple sets of art from. When asked, he said, ” I want the Clown Princess…(hiccup)” Clown Princess it is! Expect a most unexpected feature! There may be props. There may be glitter. There will be some awesome poems. There may be surprise guests. There may be surprised guests. We’re pretty sure art will be destroyed, then saved this night! We can’t wait! We don’t always feature local acts, but when we do, mwahahahaha!

BONUS RUCKUS: The twice jinxed, now absurdly long anticipated showdown. IRON POET CHAMPIONSHIPS “Winder vs. Rogers” – First Ashley had a back injury two weeks ago, then Wyatt got plagued with the plague last week, not this Monday, we expect both champion and challenger to be healthy enough to resume poet activities. Two poets, 3 poetic concoctions, 3 judges, 3 criteria, plus one diabolical secret ingredient makes this the zaniest poetry game in town! Visual artist TBD (I love their early work) MARK LEIGHTON leads the band and we HAVE AN OFFICIAL RICE CAKE ALERT. I don’t care who’s birthday it is! Someone volunteer on our facebook page by 12pm Monday, or there will be rice cakes, and Nick can have his birthday yodel back channel!

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