Monday March 19th! REBECCA LYNN from Boston! Plus IRON POET CHAMPIONSHIPS!

POETRY FEATURE:  REBECCA LYNN is queer, black, and surviving in Boston. She enjoys rap music, philosophy, and her mom’s cooking. 
She is a Winter Tangerine workshop alumni as well as a 2017 Pink Door Fellow. Her artistic influences include Langston Hughes, Maya Angelou, and Frank Ocean. Her work has appeared in Maps For Teeth Magazine, Slam Chop, and Black Nerd Problems.

BONUS RUCKUS: Okay let’s try this again! IRON POET CHAMPIONSHIP “Wonder vs. Rogers” It’s time for defending champ ASHLEY WONDER‘s second title defense. WYATT ‘The Riot” ROGERS is taking his first shot at the title, having edged GABRIELLE ROSE in last month’s qualifier. Will this plucky young upstart have what it takes to take the trophy home? 3 rounds, 3 judges, 3 criteria, tons of points and one diabolical secret ingredient await!

Think we’re close to a rice cake alert! Talk to us this Monday to volunteer snack time soon! The band will be back, no snow in the forecast, “when will we be back outside?” is the question on most gerunder’s minds. The answer is “soon????” Let’s hope. In the meantime, join us for more visual arts, open mic, ruckus and more this Monday!

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