Monday, Feb 5th, MARSHALL “GRIPP” GILLSON from House Slam Boston! Plus! Winter Olympics Hai-clue Guess Challenge!

POETRY FEATURE: MARSHALL “Gripp” GILLSON is a nerd by day and an artist by day also. He has been active as a spoken word artist since 2008, representing six different venues in four different states in national competition. In 2016 and 2017, as a member of the House Slam team, he appeared on back-to-back National Poetry Slam final stages and won back-to-back Vox Pop slam tournaments. He also placed 15th in the 2014 Individual World Poetry Slam. His work has appeared in several self-published chapbooks and electronic art installations as well as being featured by Button Poetry, SlamFind, Everyday Feminism, and SlamChop. In 2011, Marshall officially founded glassEyeballs, an artist services company. Under the brand, he provides workshops, poetry shows, and technical artist services, including overseeing the web-based scoring systems for six national poetry tournaments. In his spare time, he enjoys shuffling awkwardly, hiding from his problems, and writing biographies in the third person.
BONUS RUCKUS: OLYMPICS IN WINTER? OKAY! Hai-clue Guess Quiz Show Challenge! So, apparently there are “winter” sports. Who knew? Oh, you did? Great, don’t know why you need to make us feel bad about it. Like, they should advertise that? We figured we’d help get the word out and offer original 17 syllable, poetic clues that describe the various events. Your job? Take a guess at what we’re talking about, win a point, first to three points gets a drink on us! Top shelf! THERE WILL BE SNACKS, LIVE BAND, VISUAL ARTS, OPEN MIC, and references to the big Sunday game and adjacent commercials! Watch us not sell out this Monday! Big announcement soon regarding our upcoming 500th show! Like us on social media platforms to make sure you’re in the know, you know?

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