Monday, Jan 15th! Author KRYSTEN HILL from Boston! Plus the “State Your Business!” Writing Challenge!

POETRY FEATURE: KRYSTEN HILL is an educator, writer, and performer who has showcased her poetry on stage at The Massachusetts Poetry Festival, Blacksmith House, Cantab Lounge, Merrimack College, U35 Reading Series, and many others. (photo credit: Jonathan Beckley). She received her MFA in poetry from UMass Boston where she currently teaches. Her work can be found or is forthcoming in apt, Word Riot, The Baltimore ReviewB O D Y,  Muzzle,  PANK, Winter Tangerine Review,  Take Magazine and elsewhere. She is the recipient of the 2016 St. Botolph Club Foundation Emerging Artist Award. Her chapbook, How Her Spirit Got Out, received the 2017 Jean Pedrick Chapbook Prize. Her chapbook is available through Aforementioned Productions and can be purchased here. Or head over to

BONUS RUCKUS: The return of the “STATE YOUR BUSINESS” Palm Pilot Writing Challenge! Sometimes we’re about business! This is a more refined form of the prompt & circumstance writing challenge. Competitors will receive a really random business card at the start of the show. Your challenge? Write a VERY short poem on the back of that business card, with the occupation as your prompt. Best short poem performance at halftime wins a beverage on us! 2017 DG Visual artist of the year, LAM NGUYEN begins her 2018 reign by dropping some excellent visual arts on us this monday. RICE CAKE ALERT contact us by Sunday afternoon to volunteer snacktime, or there will be RICE CAKES on the HORIZON! DG House band leader MARK LEIGHTON is always on the lookout for a few good musicians. Hit us up if you’ve got the musical dexterity to keep up. KEEP UP with us on Facebook! 2018 has been good to us thus far and we expect to keep burning down the house all winter!

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