Monday! Jan 8th! CHARLOTTE ABOTSI from Prov Slam! Plus! “I Re-solve” Hai-Clue Guess Challenge!

POETRY FEATURE: A former Providence RI Youth Grand Slam Champion, CHARLOTTE ABOTSI has taken on a directorship role at her home  venue, the Providence Poetry Slam. There, she serves as a youth director, booking coordinator, and slam master. She has competed in several international slams, and placed in the top 20 at the 2016 Women of the World Poetry Slam. Charlotte is a 2017 Feminine Empowerment Movement Slam winner. She 1/2 of The Rush Hour Poetry Tour Collective, a collective demanding intersectionality at every avenue. Her poems have been written about in The Huffington Post and She is a poet and writer who lives in Providence.

BONUS RUCKUS: “Yeah, Resolutions are kinda cool,” Hai-Clue Guess Challenge! To be honest, we’ve already broken any possible resolutions that we’d even pay lip service to making, so let’s fake it up real nice and glib. We’ll have a whole new slew of 17 syllable clues about the things that most functional people do to try to make the new year, uhm, not as garbage as the last one! Your job, take a guess at what we’re talking about, win a point, first to three will win the heralded “drink on us” and up their game in the running for Ruckuteer of the Year 2018!

Expect MARK LEIGHTON to be back at the live band helm! GABRIELLE ROSE promises to bring the best in mandala live visual arts! Word has it there’ll be a Vinco holiday party upstairs, so things should be extra lively at the show this Monday! Stay warm(ish), as in, stay inside, until Monday that is! You may even receive that ruckusee award you won last week, but failed to appear to accept it. Failure! I can change the name on that certificate

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