Monday Jan 1st! Ring in 2018 w/ JAKE KILLAY book release! Plus the annual RUCKASEE AWARDS!

POETRY FEATURE: Local wordsmith JAKE KILLAY, middle name Quin, initials of the face cards was born in 1993 in Athol Massachusetts the same year that Sad Sappy Sucker by Modest Mouse came out. In high school, he studied writing under the wicked famous Lori Lamothe to whom he caused much grief but is convinced that she secretly loves him. Went on to drop out of community college after 3 semesters. His poems have appeared in such publications as “non-existent” and “get it?” magazine. His new book Howard’s Soul Bleeds Red is actually an attempt to summon the devil who Jake believes resides in heaven and has been “dodging” him. The first draft of this book only managed to summon rain but it is his hope that this revised version will “do the trick”. His poems were once (one time) compared to Charles Bukowski, Mark Strand, Frank O’hara and Jim Morisson but Jake would rather not be compared to anyone (although he understands how references are useful in this context). Each piece, every line was strategically placed during the countless hours of the typing process where the author would get belligerently drunk to cope with his hatred of typing and scavenge through stacks of mangled notebooks and scrap pieces of paper while playing a $1 cassette of Roy Orbison’s Mystery Girl over and over again in the vacant room of a slum in Main-South Worcester Massachusetts. BONUS RUCKUS: The annual RUCKUSEE AWARDS! Who’ll be Ruckuteer of the Year? That and many other questions will be resolved as we bestow tiny plastic participation trophies on those we love and fear. Return of MARK LEIGHTON to House band? let’s hope! Fun, music, open mic and hangover stories a plenty this Monday night!

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