Monday December 25th! We’re open! ALEX CHARALAMBIDES features for a cause! Plus! RUCKUSY AWARDS 2017!

RALPH’S OPEN’S AT 7 pm on Christmas! Had enough nog? Good. Head on down to the Gerund. 

POETRY FEATURE: ALEX CHARALAMBIDES, well you know who he is (we hope). Worcester Arts Council Fellow, multiple poetry slam teams, albums, chapbooks and tour stops to his credit! Alex is going to do two sets of work that you haven’t always seen at the Gerund before. Some old stuff, b-sides, maybe a cover and some new stuff thrown in for good measure! Bonus, all proceeds from the bucket will be donated to the 501(c)3 youth arts organization he co-founded and manages, Mass LEAP! Bring a few holiday dollars to throw into the pot to make sure young voices in Massachusetts will have more opportunities to shine in 2018!

BONUS RUCKUS: The annual “RUCKUSY AWARDS” – who will be Rucketeer of the year? Best new comer on the mic? Best shoe game? Chances are if you’ve attended a lot of Gerunds this year and brought something to our community, you’re a contender for a special award!

Will NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS find a ride from family x-mas dinner in Rhode Island to host the show, or will Alex have to introduce himself? Visual arts, house band, snacks by MIDNIGHT MUNCHIES, open mic and all the rest! Come sleigh some bells with us! Sleigh!

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