Monday, December 4th! PAULIE LIPMAN returns from DENVER! Plus! Iron Poet Qualifier!

POETRY FEATURE: PAULIE LIPMAN is a Jewish/Queer/Writer out of Denver, CO. He has toured the U.S. extensively (and a little bit of Canada) performing poetry. He is the voice of Neal Cassady in the documentary ‘Neal Cassidy: The Denver Years’, is a two time National Poetry Slam finalist, has had work appear in The Legendary, Radius, Borderline, Drunk In A Midnight Choir, and pressure gauge, He has also appeared in the Write Bloody Publishing anthologies ‘The Good Things About America’ and’We Will Be Shelter’. and the University Of Hell anthology ‘We Can Make Your Life Better.” A 3-0-3 Mile Hight Poetry Slam Legend, Paulie spent much quality time in Worcester over the years, but it’ll be so amazing to catch some new work! Prepare to get rocked!

BONUS RUCKUS: IRON POET QUALIFIER – just who will be the first challenger to face the newly crowned IRON POET CHAMPION ASHLEY WONDER? Hit us up on facebook if you’re interested in competing this monday. You know the drill, create three original poetic concoctions based on one diabolical secret ingredient. Winner gets to challenge the champ in January! RICE CAKE ALERT – someone’s gotta reach out and volunteer snack time this Monday or it’s the dreaded rice cake! It’s getting cold but we’re just starting to heat up this winter!


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