Monday November 13th! Write Bloody Author NICOLE HOMER from New Jersey! Plus! IRON POET CHAMPIONSHIP!

POETRY FEATURE: NICOLE HOMER is a full-time faculty member at Mercer County Community College in NJ, with an MFA from Rutgers-Newark. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in MuzzleThe OffingWinter TangerineRattleThe Collagistand elsewhere. A fellow at The Watering Hole and Callaloo, Nicole serves as Editor and regular contributor at BlackNerdProblems, writing critique of media and pop culture, and as faculty at the Pink Door Writing Retreat for Women and Gender Non-conforming Writers of Color. Her first full-length collection of poems, Pecking Order, was published in spring of 2017 by Write Bloody Press. Nicole Homer’s first full-length poetry collection, Pecking Order, is an unflinching look at how race and gender politics play out in the domestic sphere. Homer challenges the notion of family by forcing the reader to examine how race, race performance, and colorism impact motherhood immediately and from generation to generation. In a world where race and color often determine treatment, the home should be sanctuary, but often is not. Homer’s poems question the construction of racial identity and how familial love can both challenge and bolster that construction. Her poems range from the intimate details of motherhood to the universal experiences of parenting; the dynamics of multiracial families to parenting black children; and the ingrained social hierarchy which places the black mother at the bottom. Homer forces us to reckon with the truth that no one―not even the mother―is unbiased. She can be found online at or @realnicolehomer on twitter and other things.

BONUS RUCKUS: IRON POET CHAMPIONSHIP “Schlitzman vs. Wonder” – they were once poetry slam teammates, now the gauntlet has been thrown down as defending champion MALT SCHLITZMAN attempts to hold off challenger ASHLEY WONDER. Two competitors, three poetic concoctions, three judges scoring on three criteria, plus one diabolical secret ingredient from chairman YOSH SHARTIN. Snacks, visual arts, open mic, live music from the duct tape band and more! This show PROMISES to smash atoms, just in time for a world where nuclear de-escalation is preferred! (insert “Krusty the Clown ughhhhhh” here.)

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