Monday November 6th, DEXTER GARCIA CASTRO Book Release! Plus! Leftover Candy Hai-clue Challenge & ANA SOL Paints!

DEXTER CASTRO GARCIA is an afro-latina poet who explores love and how it intersects with other topics such as family, race, pain, and magic. She prides herself on being a poet who speaks of passion and real life experiences. She is the author of For Blackmail: A Compilation of Love Poems and has released her first full length work P.S. I Too Am Magic in early October of 2017. Her newly released book centers mainly around the magic of the black woman and how she spreads it in every facet of her life. Dexter is very active within the Boston poetry community but never forgets her roots in the small city of Lynn, MA. She has recently run workshops with RAW Artworks’ Spoken Word division. She is developing a series of workshops which, with the help of a few local teachers, she hopes to bring to the Lynn public schools. Overall Dexter is just a poet who cares a lot about spreading love and living out loud in a way she had never been able to do until she found poetry.

BONUS RUCKUS: The leftover Halloween Candy Hai-clue Challenge! Nobody came through and grabbed candy from our house this year (I mean, sure, we weren’t there, but still). We’ve got oodles of leftover fun size candy bars and we’re going bard on them, developing 17 syllable odes to tooth decay to share with you this Monday. Competitor’s job is to guess which classic candy we’re talking about. First to guess three correct, gets a big bag of corn syrup and a frosty cold drink to wash them down! Skittles! You can share with your friend! GUEST VISUAL ARTIST: ANA SOL is back doing what she does best, bring them auction dollars! More music, more open mic, more snacks! Come kick it with us!

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