Monday October 2nd! LEON LEGACY storms the Gerund! Plus! MALT SCHLITZMAN’s PUN BASH!

FEATURED PERFORMER: Things like popularity and a sense of belonging were a flight a fancy for a young Leon navigating his way through the urban backdrop of Worcester, MA. Three music projects, two tours, and thousands of fans later he has finally cemented his place in the world. Put simply, Rapper/ Producer LEON LEGACY Is super strange dude who likes to make songs for people. However he’s no stranger at all to ear catching word play and anthemic hooks. Bringing together the intense energy and presence of Indie rock, with the lyrical depth and swagger of your favorite hip hop gods, He has been gracing the north east with his own brand of heartfelt, impactful, and original music for the past six years. With stints ranging the 2013 vans warped tour, to opening for cash moneys, Caskey. Amassing a fan base across different generational gaps and social groups as he goes. One fan, one stage, on city at a time.

Check out the newest video! Word is there’s a new album in the works, and we’re all about to get AWARE!

BONUS RUCKUS: Central Mass PUN BASH w/ MALT SCHLITZMAN: A speed round sample of head to head punny lunacy facilitated by IRON POET CHAMPION MALT SCHLITZMAN! We’re giving him ten minutes and ten dollars to reward the gerunder with the deepest pun pockets. JOSEF MOGUL will be handling the visual arts. MARK LEIGHTON will be handling the band (if you want to check Mark’s other musical project this Sunday, you can check him out with SHANE HALL at Goodstuff Smokehouse at 12:30pm, then with CHRIS MacNAMARA at Thirsty Lab from 4-7pm, hardest working man in showbiz style! Buy local!

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