Monday Sept 25th! ADOBO-FISH-SAUCE flambays the Gerund! Plus “Prompt & Circumstance” Challenge!

POETRY FEATURE(s):  ADOBO-FISH-SAUCE: NOUN. An artist project comprised of (Lowell poetry royalty) ANTHONY FEBO and RICKY ORNG, a Puerto Rican and Cambodian duo that continuously practices discovery, healing, and self preservation through their relationship with food, culture, and heartbreak. VERB. An interactive multicultural cooking show using spoken word as a vital ingredient to create recipes for celebrations. A Puerto Rican and a Cambodian walk into a kitchen. The kitchen is your heart. The food is made with food. The food is sometimes poems. Either way you are fed. Adobo-Fish-Sauce is an active choice to celebrate in the face of bitterness. It is responding to “Go back to where you come from!” by bringing where they come from right to you. The show fuses spoken word, cooking, music, crying and laughing to create a one of a kind experience that can’t be found in any restaurant or open mic. Both of these artists have graced our stage multiple times, but never quite like this! We are so incredibly excited for this presentation! Check out for more info, videos and shine! 

BONUS RUCKUS: Return of the “PROMPT & CIRCUMSTANCE” Challenge – We’re cleaning out the house (and Nick’s car) for wonderfully weird objects which we will hand out randomly to competitors. This object is your writing prompt, as the surface on which your poem is written! It’s one of our favorites. Prizes and all that!

HOST NOTE: Please please please do your best to respect our 5 minute open mic slot time. Most of you do a really great job week after week, but preparation and choice of piece length is critical to ensuring our show does not run overtime. We’ve noticed some recent oversteps on this and it’s all good, it’s all love, we just wanted to drop a note to make sure we keep getting closer to being on that proverbial same page. That being said, we’ll have more music, more visual arts, more zaniness and hopefully one or two more excellent weather nights to do the show outside. Hope hope! Irregardless, the shiniest shows are coming our way, inside or out and we hope you’ll keep rocking with us all year!

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