Monday Sept 18th – BRANDON MELENDEZ from California! Plus! “Back to School” Slam Challenge!

POETRY FEATURE: BRANDON MELENDEZ is a Mexican American poet from California. He is a National Poetry Slam finalist, 2015 Rustbelt Poetry Slam Finalist, and two-time Berkeley Grand Slam Champion. He has poems in or forthcoming in Tinderbox, Friction, and Corridors. He is currently an MFA candidate at Emerson College. Most recently he competed at the National Poetry Slam in Denver Colorado, as a member of the Boston Poetry Slam (Cantab Lounge) Team.

BONUS RUCKUS: Back to School Rant Slam Challenge – bring us your best poem that reflects on your current or past school days. Poetry Slam rules apply (3 minutes in length, no props or music, no costumes). What was good back then, what’s good now? Wanna verbally clap back at that teacher who gave you a D in Physics? Got a gym horror story? Did you dominate wood shop? We wanna know about it! Welcome to teachers who wish to blow off some steam as well! $20 prize and a well deserved drink on us. One round only. We’ll let the crowd choose the winner!

LAINE BERRE will be returning to rock some visual arts! Been too long! Super thanks to M13 for jumping in to replace our drummer this past week with some serious beatboxing skills. THIRD MONDAY at the Gerund brings the return of “Third half of the open mic” that’s just for musicians to bring an extra song, collab with the house band, or hall of fame jam to make us dance at the end of the show, facilitated by ERIC FOURNIER. As we enter autumn, we’re on a week by week basis as far as how many more shows we can do outside. Stay tuned day of for the weather report! Otherwise, our open mics have rocked lately with vets and newbies bringing it every week. Don’t forget, stART on the Street Festival (the greatest non-monday event this City’s ever seen!) this Sunday, hope to have some fliers and friends to help spread the gospel of ruckus! Cheers! Now do your homework!

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