Monday! July 31st! OLIVIA GATWOOD features! Plus The “OUTLANDISH TOUR RIDER” Challenge!

POETRY FEATURE: Originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico, OLIVIA GATWOOD has received national recognition for her poetry, writing workshops, and work as a Title IX Compliant educator in sexual assault prevention and recovery. As a finalist at Brave New Voices, Women of the World and the National Poetry Slam, Olivia is an active member of the slam poetry community and has been featured on HBO, Verses & Flow, Button Poetry and Huffington Post, among others. Olivia has traveled nationally to perform and teach workshops on gender equality, sexuality, and social justice at over 70 colleges and 30 high schools nationwide. She is a former member and co-founder of SPEAK LIKE A GIRL and was an Artist in Residence at the Chatham School for girls, alongside celebrated leaders such as Venus Williams and Gloria Steinem. Online, her videos, including Manic Pixie Dream Girl and Ode to My Bitch Face have gained over 3 million views collectively. Olivia believes in girl-power. She currently lives in New York City.

BONUS RUCKUS: The overwhelmingly outlandish “TOUR RIDER” poem writing prompt challenge! We’ve heard that celebrities and rock stars have huge demands for local promoters when they tour, aside from a local famous burger from Ralph’s, and sometimes a couch to crash on, traveling poets don’t usually don’t have much more that they need to perform for our crowds. Let’s play with that in a fun writing prompt! You’re the poetry super star on a world tour, if you could have anything ANYTHING you wanted, what would you ask for! BRETT KELLEY returns to do the live art! MARK LEIGHTON and friends will serenade our mic with sweet sounds, catered by EMILEE on the snacks! OPEN MIC WILL BEGIN EARLIER THAN 9 IF LIST IS FULL AND WEATHER’S NICE, ARRIVE EARLY TO GUARANTEE A SPOT ON THE MIC. THANKS

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