Monday July 17! Get HIP w/ HIPSTORY Collective! Plus! “PROSE CUDDLE” Compliment Challenge!

FEATURE: HIPSTORY is a Boston Based community collective & media brand responsible fohipstoryr creating unique, memorable, and inspiring art while maintaining a vivid connection to the artist and external influences that inspired its inception. Our mission is to build a platform and community for artists to cultivate stories through artwork that sustain over time, raise collective consciousness, and reestablish diversity within music. In short, we believe in: Redefining the Future History of Hip-Hop! Transforming music and film into engaging and moving experiences giving audiences a collection of diverse art addressing topics such as depression, relationships, blackness, sexual identity, racism, police brutality, marginalization, and an overall love for all things Hip-Hop. In 2016 HipStory produced and endorsed six Mixtapes/EP’s, was accepted into the Harvard RAP program, and curated seven HipStory House Parties giving 25+ local Boston artists a platform to perform and engage with a dope audience. Continuing into 2017, we have released two short films – Vitiligo and Art of Being Haunted – which has been screened at colleges all around Boston and New England. HipStory was also accepted in the Epicenter Social Venture Accelerator, and has 5 album releases planned for the year. The HipStoric Tour is an opportunity to build our brand, engage with amazing people, and share the incredible art of its artists. Worcester! We’re the final stop!

BONUS RUCKUS: THE PROSE CUDDLE is the OPPOSITE of a rap battle, as in, you gotta be nice! Real nice… to your opponent. And you don’t need to rhyme. Actually rhymes are kinda discouraged. Prizes for the nicest, the ones who make the crowd go “awww” instead of “OHHHH!”

Guest Visual Artist: One of the best in the local biz ANA SOL will be returning on oils and canvas! Old pal AMRITA has promised a snack! Open Mic has been jammed lately, so get to Ralph’s by 8:30pm to assure yourself a slot. We may have to start the show earlier to accommodate all! IS IT MONDAY YET?

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