Monday July 3rd! ALI ZAGAME features! Plus “Drunk Text or Poem?” Challenge!

POETRY FEATURE: Whether it’s through personal experiences, vivid dreams, or stepping into another’s shoes, ALI ZAGAME writes storytelling poems that are known for their honesty. Her work allows the reader or listener to connect with another’s perspective, to feel another’s pain and, albeit occasionally, joy. Ali’s poems, as well as song lyrics, have been featured in the woman’s magazine 45 and her CD ‘Speak Up, Speak Out’ has been sponsored by BARCC (Boston Area Rape Crisis Center). She is currently based in Worcester, MA. Ali’s also a gifted songwriter, check out some stuff at

BONUS RUCKUS: We’re bringing back the “Wait! Is that a drunk text, or line from a poem?” Guessing Challenge! Pretty self evident! First to guess three correct gets a cold one on us! Guest Visual Artist LUKAS THERIAN just launched a line of products at Worcester Wares and will be doing it up live at the show! Snacks, open mic, house band and all the rest of the zesty best! We’ll probably rock some sparklers as well!

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