Monday June 5th! MissAnaSoL! Features! Plus return of SHATNER-IZE MY CUMMINGS impersonation challenge!

POETRY FEATURE: MissAnaSoL, was born 1975 in Isabela, Puerto Rico. She has been a Worcester resident since June 1983 and began her artistic pursuit at age 4. She has been described as being both hippie and gangstress, big hearted and a loner but her talent managed to pull her into a whole new level. She is currently working on publishing her first poetry book and, a new line of artistic denim wear, hostess to some of the most pristine underground poetry and music festivities, also a visual artist and entrepreneur. Her artwork has been displayed all over the New England area, including New York City and Philadelphia. MissAnaSoL is now the featured visual artist at 4 locations between Worcester, Ma and Providence RI.

BONUS RUCKUS: “SHATNER-IZE MY CUMMINGS” this is a fun little game where we provide contestants with well known verse from ee cummings, the twist? you’ve got to bring your best celebrity impersonation into the mix to give these words a modern update! Prizes for winners!

“Can we be outside Monday?” the answer is a resounding…. “uhm, maybe?” Either way, this night’s gonna be amazing!

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