Monday May 29th – Hip Hop Feature! GHOST of the MACHINE! Plus! Prompt & Circumstance Challenge!

Featured Guests: GHOST OF THE MACHINE Its been a while since we had a featured musical guest and oh boy do we have a doozy. Ghost of the Machine is 1/3 of Mastermind Alliance and 1/2 of The Verbal Vizion. Mastermind Alliance is a blue collar indie HipHop group from Upstate NY and Central Mass that was formed in 2012 whose members include Ghost of the Machine, James Green, Jay Bernard, Fredo Crespo and Death Over Simplicity. Ghost of the Machine’s music paints a picture of activism, struggles, and the day to day triumphs of his life over gritty boom bap beats. Ghost of the Machine harnesses sharp lyricism in every song to contradict what is lacking in the current state of this medium of HipHop.

Gaining a great response from the local scene and the respect of many musicians from his region, Ghost of the Machine began working with Mastermind Alliance on their debut album “Lost Generation” in 2013. All throughout the album’s creative process, they worked hard to maintain their reputation of brandishing a heavy arsenal of lyricism while continuing to be a representation of the roots of Hip-Hop in a time in history where the media often misses the mark on what HipHop truly is. Lost Generation is currently on iTunes and online stores everywhere and has features from Reks and Termanology. Ghost of the Machine is currently working on a solo project with production from Cyrus Tha Great, James Green, ILLa Truth and Jon Glass. And features from Red Pill (Ugly Hero’s) and Death Over Simplicity (Mastermind Alliance).
check em out at

Bonus Ruckus: Prompt and Circumstance Challange
The return of a favorite game of ours and it seems pretty simple. Contestants get an object and must use it as their prompt for a poem plus the writing surface for their poem. Winner gets prize!

Visual Artist: Deanna Marie Degon
its been a while since this great artist graced us so bring them auction bucks and take home something incredible

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