POETRY FEATURE: RUSHELLE FRAZIER is a permaculture designer, gardener, herbalist, teacher, spoken word and visual artist based in Worcester, MA. Born in Queens NY, Rushelle’s been involved with poetry since 2001, hosting readings, workshops and other cultural events throughout the East Coast. Members if the 2002 and 2015 Worcester Adult Slam Teams, she was voted best female poet at the 2006 Savannah Spoken Word Festival. Rushelle founded Savannah, GA’s Tongue! Open Mouth and Music Show, as well as Worcester MA’s Dirty Gerund Poetry Show. Currently, she is the host of the Hot Spot at Nine Dot Gallery in Worcester, MA. Rushelle has been facilitating permaculture workshops and teaching design courses, has published eight chapbooks and recorded one poetry CD. Ms. Frazier is president of the Worcester County Poetry Association.

BONUS RUCKUS: IRON POET CHAMPIONSHIP “MorrilL vs. Schlitzman!” Newly crowned Iron Poet Champ JACKIE MORRILL seeks to defend her crown vs. the irascible pun-ster MALT SCHLITZMAN. It’s sure to be an epic matchup! More music, more snacks, more visual arts, hoping we’re outside! Is it Monday yet?

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