Monday April 10th NORMY CHAPLIN BOOK(s) RELEASE(s)!!!

POETRY FEATURE: NORMY CHAPLIN is a (Dirty Gerund Poetry Show RUCKUSY) Award Winning poet and writer currently residing in Orange Mass! Author of books Shitty Boyfriends and their new books Vignette and Mister (both of which will be available this Monday) that’s right TWO books! Normy’s raw, poetry noir was been gracing the musical landscape at the DG for over a year now! This is their first feature, so you know you’re gonna want to be able to say you were there!

check the FACEBOOK INVITE  expect live art, snacks, bonus ruckus and an open mic that tries damn hard! Short post this week! If you want to hear some amazing poems before Monday, head to Boston for Louder than a Bomb Youth Poetry Slam 2017 and watch these young people put adults to shame! Or if you gotta stay local, you gotta hit up EM’s EASTER EGG HUNT for grown ups! which promises to be the party of the year!

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