POETRY FEATURE: A 2016 Jack Straw Fellow, Artist Trust Fellow, and nominee for a Stranger Genius Award, ROBERT LASHLEY has had poems published in such journals as Feminete, Seattle Review of Books, NAILED, Gramma, Drunk in a Midnight Choir, and The Cascadia Review. His work was also featured in Many Trails to the Summit, an anthology of Northwest form and lyric poetry, and It Was Written, an anthology of poetry inspired by hip hop. His full-length book, The Homeboy Songs, was published by Small Doggies Press in April 2014. He’s on tour in support of his new book, Up South! ROBERT ABSOLUTELY BLEW US ALL THE WAY APART WHEN HE FEATURED HERE LAST TIME. DO.NOT.MISS.THIS.POET!

Visual arts by JOSEF MOGUL! Snacks by EMILEE! Music by DEADSTICK & HAMBONE! Bonus Ruckus TBD. Yosh, Mikey & Dorian appreciate tips and so do we!

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