Monday 3/20 – DEONTE OSAYANDE from Detroit! Plus! Nick’s B-DAY Quiz Challenge!

POETRY FEATURE: DEONTE OSAYANDE is a former track and field sprinter turned writer from Detroit, Mich. He writes nonfiction essays and his poems have been nominated for the Best of the Net Anthology, a Pushcart Prize and published in over 40 different publications. He has represented Detroit at multiple National Poetry Slam competitions and is currently the SlamMaster of Freshwater Wordsmiths. He’s a professor of English at Wayne County Community College, and teaches youth through the Inside Out Detroit Literary Arts Program. His first full collection of poems, entitled Class, will be available from Urban Farmhouse Press in 2017.

BONUS RUCKUS: It’s Nick’s Birthday Week! Let’s guess what the hell he’s poem-ing about challenge! He can’t take any more roasting TBH, so let’s pay a little (read: “little”) homage to the entire bruised body of NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS‘ poetry career! We’ll deliver lines from classic Nick poems, then we’ll give you three guesses as to what that poem’s actually about. Guess correct, get a point, get three points, you get a drink (one of Nick’s even). Let’s deconstruct his work, cause really, no poetry professor ever will 😉 THE REAL PARTY IS FRIDAY, MARCH 24th at Electric Haze with NICK (joined by DG house band DEADSTICK & HAMBONE and FRIENDS) plus an absurd cast of Worcester talent will be celebrating the man’s birthday in real time, while also celebrating the release of his new album! Meanwhile, this Monday! All hail new IRON POET CHAMP (JACKIE MORRILL), thanks to FAITH COLE for stepping in last Monday for snacks, CATERED BY EMILEE should be back at it this Monday. LIVE VISUAL ARTS BY SHANNON DONNELLY! YOSH, MIKEY & DORIAN got you for pretty much anything else you’d need at Ralphs Diner, even if it’s a gentle suggestion that maybe you’ve had enough already…

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